Getting Back to Normal

I felt like eating something new this week!

I felt like eating something new this week!

Tomorrow is Neil’s birthday and it is also his last day of vacation which means he’s back to work full-time and it’s just me and E all day. While I LOVE having Neil home (he was off for two weeks) I am ready to get back into our normal routine. I feel like since Thanksgiving our schedule has been a bit off due to the holidays, Neil’s vacation, my parents visit and oh yeah the morning sickness.

Now that I’m feeling better(!!) I am so ready to get back into our normal morning, day, evening and weekend routine. I really never knew how much I loved a routine until suddenly ours was thrown off for such a long period. I am ready to get back to consistent workouts and to try out my new prenatal workout video.  Speaking of workouts we joined the local community center gym which means we have access to the pool, weights and cardio equipment. I’m so excited to be a gym member once again and to take Edith swimming a few days per week.

I am also feeling better which means back to regular blogging. I really have missed blogging but sitting in front of a computer screen has just added to my nausea so I have been trying to do it in short spurts but it hasn’t been very successful. Also since I’m feeling better that means I have been doing more composed meals and I am hoping to share some new recipes with you soon! I’m also taking recipe requests.

Side note I won’t be sharing my weekly pregnancy updates here this time but I will be sharing them over on Naturally Family and I recently shared some answers to readers questions regarding baby #2 if you are interested you can check them out here.

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