Monday Link Up: March 18


What we did this weekend…

We kept things pretty tame over here this weekend and didn’t do anything too crazy or busy.  Friday late afternoon we headed to the Eastside and walked around Hawthorne St. for a bit stopping for coffee, window shopping and enjoying dinner out at TarBoush. Saturday we slept in and then headed to the Portland Farmers Market and then out to The Container Store and Native Foods. Sunday was pretty laid back with just a little early morning shopping at Target and Trader Joes. In the afternoon we walked around and then went for a family run.

What I’ve Been Watching…

I have been overwhelmed with a sick, teething baby and have been using this drama as my outlet.

Neil and I have watched a few good movies together over the past week including Sleep Walk With Me and The Giant Mechanical Man. I have watched 17 Girls (a movie about girls wanting to grow up too fast) and First Position (a movie about amazingly talented kids who have grown up too fast).

Recipes I want to make….

I died when I saw these two bite vegan cheesecakes.

I am craving Ethiopian so I might just have to have Neil make me some of this bread. (yeah he’s the bread man)

I also think this quinoa dish looks pretty amazing.

Yoga Challenge Inspiration….

Struggling with plank? Try these variations.

Soothe your sciatica with these poses.

Over on Naturally Family…

Take a look at what we did last weekend

Edith is eight months (okay closer to 8.5)

Curious about our approach to solids? Check out part 1.


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