Another Get Off The Couch Update

I have never spent so much time sitting on my ass in my life it’s crazy.  Having a baby takes up so much of my time and this little girl loves to eat so we spend about 70% of the day on the couch or in bed nursing (also in that 70% is my time sleeping and eating).  So what about the other 30% of the day-and this is all just a guess because I haven’t totally tracked it- maybe I should?

During the 30% of the day that I’m not sleeping or nursing or eating myself I am trying to focus on doing more things that get me moving.  I really hate just sitting on the couch especially when I have to because it’s where E likes to nurse but it’s like quick sand once you sit down you just sink in and it’s really hard to get back up (yes we have tried nursing in the carrier and it’s okay but not my or her favorite place). One of the greatest things I have done for myself is sing up for the Best Body Bootcamp, it’s keeping me motivated to workout and not only am I working out 5 days per week I am also finding myself being more active in other ways.

Not only am I getting consistent workouts in I am also getting out a few days a week with E for playgroup and baby yoga and we get out almost daily for walks. Beyond playgroup, baby yoga and walks I have been spending a lot more time babywearing at home so that I can move around hands free with E and we are spending a lot more time on the floor together working on her rolling and tummy time and more time on my feet dancing with her. It seems to be working out well for both of us because I move more and E naps more because she gets tired out more easily. Now just to figure out how to convince her to sleep somewhere other than in my arms….

Q: New moms how do you get off the couch?

Q: Are you participating in BBB? What is your favorite move?

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