Fourth Annual Care Package Swap

It’s that time of year again I am rolling out the Fourth Annual Care Package Swap. This swap gives participants a chance to connect with other bloggers by the exchange of goods. The care package that you create can be filled with homemade or store bought items and can include any items you like such as food, clothes, health living items, ect.  If you are a blogger and are interested please comment here and send me a note to please fill out the form below or email me ( and include the following:

Some of the items from Neil’s 2009 Care Package

Or you can e-mail me the following information

– Name
– Location
– Blog URL
– Twitter Handle (optional)
– Where you are willing to ship (USA, USA & Canada or International)
– Type of items you would like receive only vegan, vegetarian or do you have no preference (including non-veg items)

Please do not send me your address. I will match people together, give each other your e-mail addresses and then you can go on to exchange mailing addresses.

Please expect to spend around $20-25 on goods, if you would like to spend more if you would like, you can discuss this more with your partner. FYI you do not have to be vegan to participate in this swap however you do need to have a blog. People will be paired based on the shipping and dietary preferences.

Please enter to participate by August 27, 2012 at 1:30PM EST. I will match people up and let them know their pairs by September 1, 2012. You will have one month to gather your items and mail them out- so all packages should be mailed by September 28, 2012. Once you receive your package please photograph the contents and make a post to your blog detailing what is in your package, link to your partners blog and a link to this posting.

*Disclaimer: Please remember that this swap is based on trust and only for those who are serious about participating and will follow through.
My Past Care Package:

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