Postpartum Update: 2 Weeks

I promise I won’t start every postpartum post this way but give me a break this is all still new so let me just say it- I can’t believe that Edith is now 17 days old! Time is passing so quick and everyday she is getting growing and changing more and more.  Neil and I are getting more confident as parents and are getting used to (as much as one can) to the lack of sleep.

How I am healing: I am still healing but feeling better everyday.  I had my two week postpartum appointment on Monday and my midwife checked and everything is healing really well.  My stomach muscles are growing stronger and my uterus is almost completely back where it’s supposed to be.

Activity: My activity level has increased over the past week and I am excited to say that I have gone on a number of walks around 20-25 minutes each.  I have been doing my kegels and working on my abs.  Today I did plank, girly pushups, crunches and leg lifts with Edie. I am looking forward to starting up postnatal yoga in a few weeks and increasing my walks.

Weight: This week there has been no weight change but I definitely feel like I have seen changes in my body shape especially around the middle. I am not overly concerned with losing the baby weight right now, it took me nine months to put it on and I can’t expect to loose all of it right now.

Breastfeeding: I was really worried that this was going to be an issue and that I would face latching issues or some other breastfeeding related issue but so far (knock on wood) things have been going really well. I mean it is a little challenging because sometimes you just don’t want to be stuck on the couch nursing for hours or having to wake up at night to nurse, but it’s totally worth it.  There is really nothing like breastfeeding and although frustrating and challenging at times it is so rewarding.  I think the most challenging part of breastfeeding is that Neil can’t. There are times when all Edie wants to do is nurse and otherwise she will fuss and Neil doesn’t have the goods to help the situation and for him it’s frustrating that he can’t help in that way.  Instead he fills my water bottle, brings me snacks if I need them and cooks dinner.

Eating my placenta: As I explained over on Naturally Family I had my placenta encapsulated and I have been taking my placenta pills daily since day 4.  Now I am not sure if they really work but I have been feeling great- no dips in my mood, my milk came in quickly and if nothing else I am getting a good daily dose of iron. I have about 10-15 days worth left and I plan on continuing to take them until they are all gone.  You might be wondering so was it worth the expense? I would have to say yes.  I mean I have no idea if they are really helping to prevent postpartum depression or if my milk came in quickly because of the pills and I guess I never will know but I’d rather believe that they are helping and if nothing else they are providing the placebo effect and a good amount of iron.

Now for the hot topic of debate today at our house

do you think Sam the Eagle (from the Muppets) and Edie could be related?

Have a question about my pregnancy, labor and birth, or something postpartum related? E-mail me and I will cover it next week in my postpartum update.

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  1. Wow. I thought she looked just like you in the first few photos you posted, but she looks so much like Neil (and Sam the Eagle — ha!) in that picture.

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