1. sweetie

    glad to hear they’re making improvements bc my impression was the same as your first impression. champs in bklyn is another place to check out and you gotta go to lula’s, candle 79, and wild ginger! let me know if you want more suggestions (e.g., you can skip curlys) and enjoy your visit to the big apple.

    • cookingforaveganlover

      We are actually back now- we liked Lula’s but I think Stogo is better. We haven’t been to Candle 79 yet- we were going to go this trip but they didn’t have any reservations open in time slots that worked for us. Wild Ginger is also on my list for another trip.

  2. Lauren

    I wasn’t a fan of their cupcakes either. Glad to hear the donuts are good–I’ve been eyeing their upcoming “classics” cookbook!

    • cookingforaveganlover

      I loved the donuts and the “mounds” bar they were both delicious- I haven’t tried the cupcakes again so I don’t know if they improved but hopefully they have. I have their cookbook and i love the recipes in it and I make the roasted apples and the apple pie all the time for special events

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