1. I started buying Pirates when my kids begged me for a certain Cheetah’s finger staining snacks ;)… I happily convinced them that Pirate snacks were SO much better!! I’ve never seen all the new flavors… hopefully they’ll *pop* up soon 😉 My kiddos favs are the original Pirate’s Booty… my daughter especially LOVES the Smart Puffs… she says they make her “smart” ;)…maybe they do… b/c it’s certainly smarter to eat Pirate’s than the aforementioned orange product 😉

  2. Fun review! I have never tried them, but ive seen them for sale and they sound tasty! The only thing holding me back is that they are a bit pricey for one bag.

  3. Carrie

    My kidlets love Veggie Booty, I love Tings. We all loved and miss Fruity Booty!! I saw a new sea salt and vinegar flavor the other day, I didn’t check the ingredients, and many salt/vinegar snacks contain dairy. I hope these are vegan!!

    • cookingforaveganlover

      The salt and vinegar aren’t vegan there is dairy in them boo! The only vegan products are the 4 I listed at the bottom of my post. I wish they had more vegan flavors!

  4. Thanks for this post. I’ve seen those products countless times, but I never cared to check the ingredients as I assumed they were not vegan. I’ll have to try them now, yay!

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