1. Oh my goodness, that sounds fabulous! I tried to get into a winter CSA last year, but it was so popular there were no spots left! Lucky you, brussels sprouts!

  2. In Wisconsin we belonged to a CSA that went from May to Jan. and I loved the winter veggies like celery root, sweet potatoes and turnips. Here in Seattle there are farmers markets that go year round, and I’m curious to see what they offer in winter.

  3. That all sounds marvelous :) I love that variety you receive. And do you find that, between two people, you finish all the food? My family (total of three people) has been debating on whether we should get these food baskets, but we worry we won’t finish it.

  4. cookingforaveganlover

    I am not sure – we haven’t done this one yet but I think because it is only every 2 weeks we will do okay- we also juice a lot so greens will go fast and it’s nice that hearty veggies like potatoes and squash and cabbage last a bit longer. It really depends though on where you are and how much produce is available to the CSA- I know last year we split a share that was every week and I went through it really fast – if you are interetsted i’d find a CSA near you and ask the farm what you can expect.

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