Organic Pizza: Quick & Healthy Cooking

I love pizza.  I mean really what American person doesn’t have at least a small love for pizza? I couldn’t eat it every day but once a week and I’d be a happy girl. Neil is a pizza crust making (wannabe) master so he often is cooking us up some delicious pizzas but it takes

Dining Locally: American Flatbread

Our pizza from the last post was actually inspired by a visit to American Flatbread a few weeks ago where we sipped the best beer and ate the most delicious pizza. This is one of our go to restaurants because they have amazing flatbread that is made from local and/or organic ingredients.  Plus they keep

Pantry Challenge Update

So I have been working on this pantry challenge and have come to realize it’s a fail.  I evaluated the contents of my cupboards and well I basically have tomatoes, tomato sauce, pasta and grains…no beans, no other fun pantry items.  My freezer is pretty sparse as well – only gin, bananas, edamame and sweet peas.  I