Product Review: WineTime Nutrition Bars

WineTime Nutrition Bar

When these bars first arrived from WineTime, I had assumed that they were chocolate bars that were meant to be eaten with wine. Neil was quick to point out that these bars are named as such for having over 50 wine glasses worth of reservatrol in them, the heart-protective, life-extending element found in grapes. Each WineTime bar also contains dates, almonds and seven different super fruits making these a somewhat healthier and lower calorie alternative to your regular chocolate bars.

The bars came in two flavors, Chocolate Raspberry and Dates & Almonds. The consistency of the bars kind of reminded me of an energy bar, with a chocolate coating and a dense sort of filling. The bars were both rich without being too sweet and had a great fruity flavor with the taste of the dates really coming through. The raspberry in the Chocolate Raspberry bar added just the right amount of tartness to balance the sweetness of the bar. Our favorite however was the Date & Almond. This may have something to do with the date kick we are on right now, but I also loved the crunch of the almond in each bite.   You can eat these bars on their own or use them in a smoothie or to top your cereal or yogurt with.

The WineTime website is a great resource as well.  They have all the nutritional information for their bars as well as information on the history and benefits of reservatrol, recipes, and of course a way to order their bars.  These bars were both great, and we’ll be sure to get them again.