Product Review: Upton’s Naturals

Upton’s Naturals sent me a variety of their products to try out.  Upton’s Naturals is know for seitan with wonderful flavor and great texture and dedicate themselves to unprocessed nutrition.

Q: So, it’s fake meat?
A: At Upton’s Naturals we like to think of our vegetarian sausage as real food; a real alternative to meat, made from real ingredients.

Q: Is it made from soy?
A: Upton’s Naturals seitan does contain a small amount of soy sauce, but unlike other meat alternatives that rely on isolated, defatted and extruded soy protein, our products are made from whole ingredients. Just wheat, soy sauce, water and spices. Quality ingredients and a little ingenuity means we do not rely on laboratory processes or chemical flavors.

A few important things to know about our products:

  • low in fat
  • high in protein
  • low in carbs
  • cholesterol free
  • all natural ingredients
  • no animal by-products
  • 100% vegan/vegetarian
  • certified Kosher by the CRC *excluding the Tamales

I really had a great time trying out their products which included:

  • Chorizo-Style Seitan tamale con mole: I thought that the tamales were just okay. I found them to have really good flavor but they were extremely dry.
  • Ground Beef-style Seitan: I really enjoyed this type of seitan; I used it to make a cheezy “burger” quiona bake and in the vegan chili for a potluck that we had at our home.
  • Italian Sausage-style seitan: Out of all of the seitan this was my favorite.  The flavor was so delicious and I cooked it up with cabbage and onions and with pasta sauce and served over spaghetti.
  • Chorizo Style Seitan: This was another favorite of mine and was used to make yummy tacos and potato skins.
  • Traditional Seitan: I also thought that the traditional seitan was wonderful as well and was used to make Appetite For Reducition’s Seitan Pepper and Mushroom Stew.

Overall I really enjoyed this seitan.  I did find that it got a bit chewy if it was cooked too look but it did really well when sauteed and served with sauce. Have you ever tried this seitan?