Why I choose to do reviews and giveaways on my blog.  I think that by providing you with my opinion of a product, whether good or bad, is a fun way of introducing you to new products.  Personal experiences and accounts of products is what draws me to try new things and I hope to introduce you to new and exciting things as well.

To let you know when a product is a sample I also put a disclaimer on my posts and/or make not in my post when an item has been provided to me as a sample and these are the bylaws that I follow:

  • I try to review products that are in line with what my blog is all about: vegan, cooking/kitchen, healthy living, eco-friendly and part of an active lifestyle.  Products may embody one or more of these traits but will always be relevant to my blog.
  • As I said above I always make sure to mention when a product has been sent to me to review and I put a disclaimer at the bottom, however when additional posts are made about the item it is assumed that you have already read the first post and are aware that the item has been provided as a sample.
  • I will not write a good review for an item that I do not love just because it was free- my reviews are always mine or the Hubz opinion (you’ll see that he guest post at times).  I also make sure companies are aware that my reviews are based on honest opinion, which may not always be positive.
  • I do not accept payment to write positive reviews- if the review is positive it is because I really like the item.
  • I will not do a giveaway for an item that I do not like even when a giveaway is offered.

After reading this I hope this clears up any of your questions and if you have any additional ones please let me know!