A Minted New Year

If you are a Naturally Family reader you know how much I love Minted. We used Minted for our birth announcements and New Years cards (p.s. I’m sending them out today). We also gifted my grandmother the Vermont photo art print for Christmas this year and ordered ourselves Naturally Family business cards. As you can see I’m just in love. I love the designs, the customer service and the selection of products. 


The newest addition to my Minted collection are their notebooks and planners. If you know me you know how obsessed with notebooks I am. I love the feeling of putting pen to paper (pen must have the cap on the end of course or it cannot be used) and just writing down anything I am thinking. My best blog posts are the ones that I put down on paper first. I make notes regarding blog ideas, recipe ideas, menu planning, homeschool planning or just simply anything that I am thinking at the moment. While I obviously love using my blog to write and share I first love to brainstorm and/or outline on paper first. I am also that way when it comes to planners. 


Planners are another item you could say I collect; I usually have at least three going at one time. I like to have a planner for both of my blogs and one that is for our family and my workouts. I have tried to convince myself that online planners or iPad apps work just as well but for me they just don’t. Just like with blogging I like to put things down on paper first. That being said if it is an important task or event I will also put it in my Google Calendar so that I get an alert but first it always goes in my paper planner. There is just something about seeing everything laid out on paper. 

One new thing I am doing this year is taking daily notes of what we did or a little anecdote from the day and recording it in my planner. I also have two notes books one for each of the kids to take notes about their year so that they will have it when they get older and can go back and see what they were doing or a funny quote they said.


I credit the idea of daily journaling to my grandmother for this idea because for as long as I can remember she has written in her journal everyday. It’s not a dear diary type of journal but more of a line of the day style where she records notes from the day such as what she did that day or who came over to visit. Often when we visit she will pull it out to tell us what was going on that same day the year before or if we are trying to remember when something occurred she can pull out her little journal planner and tell us. I love this about her and I have decided that I want to continue this practice myself. 

Well ‘cheers’ to the new year and to new notebooks and planners. Is there anyone else out there that also shares my love for the handwritten word? Also if you love planners and/or journals you can get Enjoy 20% off all day planners, notebooks, and address books. Code: DAY20 but the promo code ends today January 5th so take advantage! 

Also….I know that this is a big year for weddings and lots of friends are getting engaged (Congrats to our friends Laura and Aaron) so you or a loved one might be on the looking to send Save The Dates; while we are far beyond that point I can’t help but lust after the beautiful options on Minted

Disclaimer: Minted provided me with a store credit in exchange for posting my honest opinions. I would like to note that I loved Minted and shop the site often regardless of any store credit. Seriously I have an obsession. 

Blog 365 // Day 4 // Out With A Bang


Good evening! This post is coming later than I had planned but it’s only 9pm PST so I am coming in just under the wire. We have been out partying the afternoon/night away and by partying I mean spending time with friends enjoying drinks and sweets and laughs. 

Neil turns 34 tomorrow and in honour of his big day I decided to plan a surprise get together with a group of our friends. I worked out a plan with friends of ours to invite us for beers and burritos, a dinner date we had already discussed doing, in order to hopefully spare any suspicion Neil might have. So our friends invited us and I secretly invited a bunch of other friends to join us. Unfortunately the Mexican food truck we had hoped to have dinner at closed so we changed the time to an afternoon event of beer/drinks and cake (and fries for those who were lucky enough to indulge). 

Neil was suspicious because it’s not a huge surprise that I like to throw him surprise birthday parties – side note this is the third or maybe fourth surprise party that I have thrown and on the years I didn’t throw one we have been on a mini vacation. Anyways he had his suspicions and of course he was right but that didn’t matter because we still had a great time chatting with friends, enjoying beers (just one for me), eating vegan chocolate mousse cake from Whole Foods and watching our girls play together (the boys are 5 and 6 months old so they just hung out). 

After the gathering we decided to head out for dinner for Neil’s birthday and we ended up getting Bamboo Sushi <– so good and then Neil and Edith wanted Salt & Straw so we indulged and shared some vegan ice cream as well. I can tell you right now I am stuffed, exhausted and happy. I am however dreading going downstairs to weigh in and take my photos for my DietBet game that I am participating in that starts tomorrow (more on that tomorrow). And now this is where I quickly have Neil take my photos and I go to bed because tomorrow is the first day back to the grind and mama needs her sleep. 

The birthday boy and his boy.

The birthday boy and his little man

Goals for the day: Successfully pull off Neil’s birthday party. Check. 

Eats of the day: Bamboo Sushi- yummmmm. Chocolate Mousse Cake – double yum.  

Quote of the day: Success is like reaching an important birthday and finding you’re exactly the same. – Audrey Hepburn

Blog 365 // Day 3 // Zone Out & Clean


I woke up this morning feeling kind of crabby. It hit me like a pile of bricks that today is Saturday and that means it’s the weekend and that Neil heads back to work on Monday. It also means only two days to get as much checked off the long list of household ‘to dos’ that we haven’t tended to the past 10 days. I know I shouldn’t be crabby because we have had an amazing time but I can’t believe we haven’t accomplished anything on our list (yet). 

Today I had to take a point from a girlfriend of mine who was telling me the other night after hosting our New Years Eve party that she sometimes likes a little mess because it means sending her husband to the other room with their toddler to play while she just zones out and clean. This is not something I often do but today I knew I needed to make myself a cup of tea, put Alder down for a nap and send Edith and Neil upstairs to play (which was easy because Edith asked Neil to go upstairs before I had a chance to send them) and then just zone out and clean.

While I didn’t make as big of a dent in my tasks as I had hoped I was able to bake a batch of banana bread, do a load of dishes, organize the pantry and clean up the coffee station before Alder woke up. It was so nice to just focus on the task at hand and not my little ones and in the end I cleaned up (a little) and my mood brightened. Now it’s time for a lunch and The Good Wife break with the hubz before getting back to my ‘to do’ list. 

Goals for the day: complete at least three tasks on my ‘to do’ list. 

Eats of the day: Chopped Salad with Berbere Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Tahini Sauce and Zatar. 

Quote of the day: cleaning-the-house-funny-quotes



Blog 365 // Day 2 // What Day Of The Week Is It?

Pass the coffee. I swear for the past week I have thought it was Sunday. I actually woke up yesterday and groaned because I thought it was Monday which meant Neil was back to work but alas it was on Thursday. Today I woke up thinking it was Sunday again….seriously it’s like Ground Hog Day […]

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

STRONG & KIND Bars: These are the perfect stocking stuffer for the person who is really into savory foods or for someone who loves a sweet and salty combination. We received a box of these bars to try (thank you KIND) and I have been loving (most) of them. These bars include pea protein making […]