Blog 365 // Day 15 // #TBT Moving to PDX


We have officially lived in Oregon for two years now. It seems like forever (in a good way) and yet two years is such a short time. I laugh when I see this picture now because we were just so excited for vegan Voodoo Doughnut’s and now I’d tell you if you came to visit that they aren’t worth the hype and send you towards the Hawthorne Street Blue Star Donuts. It’s funny I always thought I would be an East Coast girl and in many ways I still think I am but I sure love the PNW and have no plans on leaving.


@Foodie | 12 Healthy Quick Meals

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Foodie. All opinions are my own.

Happy Wednesday Friends! I haven’t done a Foodie round up post in a few months so I thought why not? I know that many of you, like myself, are trying to clean up our diets and have set out to eat healthier in 2015. While we all have good intentions sometimes life gets in the way or frankly we usually just get in our own way. To help make eating healthier a little bit easier I have rounded up 12 of my favorite recipes for quick and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinners. Check them out below.

Check out 12 Healthy Quick Meals

by Lindsay at

  • Breakfast Cookies: Obviously you want to make these because cookies, duh. These things are so good (I have made them) and they are packed full of nutrients. These are a favorite of mine and Edith’s, my toddler. 
  • Yotam Ottolenghi: Have you checked out any of his cookbooks yet? Seriously amazing and my library is hating me right now because it’s (way) past due. Anyways if you haven’t here is your chance this butternut squash recipe is to die for. 
  • Cannelini Bean Stew: If you don’t know by now I’ll tell you that I a. LOVE Deliciously Ella and b. love cannelini beans. This recipe is so quick and so easy you’ll be making it all the time. 

What are you favorite quick, easy and healthy recipes? 

Blog 365 // Day 13 // We Keep Running

 Nike Run

There is a local musician that my daughter has seen a few times and he has as song that goes something like “run, run, run, run, we keep running” and lately I find myself getting the song stuck in my head. The thing is although it just becomes obnoxious and after the thousandth time of singing it to myself I’m screaming “GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAD” (p.s. this is the only line of the song I know) I do find it is a constant reminder that I need to get get out and run and to keep on it. 

I just started back up running consistently and I’m at that point where I am not yet in a routine so it doesn’t feel weird if I skip a run. I am working on changing that and now that I have a training schedule to follow I am finding the constant reminder a good thing. My training officially started last week and it is going well so far. I am starting out slow, no like real slow, but that’s okay because at least I am getting out there. I’m a week in and I’m already feeling stronger and excited to run. I’m three training runs down 47 to go! 

Who else is training for a race? What keeps you motivated?

Blog 365 // Day 12 // December Favorites

December feels so long ago by now but I still wanted to share a few of my December Favorites with you. My favorites range from food to fitness to self care items (beauty and skincare). These items are ones that I found myself going back to over and over again all December and I’m still […]

Blog 365 // Day 10 // Two Week Menu Plan

The past year has been a big experiment when it comes to menu planning. I have tried weekly menu planning, monthly menu planning, bi-weekly menu planning and not planning at all. In the end I found weekly planning to be too much work, monthly menu planning to be to ambitious, not planning at all to […]

Blog 365 // Day 9 // Fitness Friday + Workout

Happy Friday!  This is one of those weeks where I am thrilled that it’s Friday and the weekend is here. We didn’t have a bad week, more of just an off week and I’m ready to recharge and start next week fresh. It always seems the first week after a vacation (Neil was off for […]