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I have been wanting to share this book with your for awhile now but honestly have just dropped the ball a bit when it comes to regular blogging due to pregnancy, birth and now moving (we move in 9 days!!).  I have a moment this morning while Neil is our running, Edith is watching an alphabet show and Alder is napping in my arms so I wanted to share one of my new favorite books Plant-Powered for Life: Eat Your Way to Lasting Health with 52 Simple Steps and 125 Delicious by Sharon Palmer.

I received an advanced copy of this book to check out and to feature on the blog if I so chose (<–disclaimer). I often receive books and don’t end up featuring them because they just aren’t ones that I love or ones that I think you will be interested in but this book has easily become one of my favorites and is feature worthy. That being said if I didn’t own it already I would buy it for myself and I see it being a perfect gift this holiday season for family and friends.

This book is NOT about becoming a vegetarian or vegan but rather about incorporating more plants into your diet whatever that may be. The aim is simple: to show how anyone, from meat-loving omnivore to junk-food vegan, can benefit by making room in their diet for more whole plant foods.

Delicious Arugula Pizza recipe that I made - so good!

Delicious Arugula Salad Pizza recipe that I made – so good!

The book is laid out so that there are 52 different steps that one can take to become more plant powered.  Along with tips on how to incorporate more plants into your diet each step includes 2-3 recipes that go along with the theme of that step.  One idea that I think would be great is to use this book as a jumping off point to add more plants to your diet by following one step and the recipes in that step each week for one year.  It would be a great way to transition your diet to a more plant powered one without becoming too overwhelmed. Now I don’t know if that is why there are 52 steps but I think it would be a great plan and of course you can go in any order you’d like, although I would do step one first because it has you set a goal such as you want to go 100% vegan, you’d like to become a more plant focused vegetarian or a plant powered omnivore.

The steps are really inspiring and even though I would consider myself a plant powered veg I could always use room for improvement because it really is easy to become a junk food veg or slip into that at times especially when life gets chaotic.

So what about the recipes? I have been cooking up lots of the recipes in this book because they all just sound so good. I also love how easy most of them are to put together.  There are a few more time consuming recipes or recipes that I have had a difficult time finding the ingredients for but the majority of the recipes are healthy, easy and tasty. The book also includes great photos for most of the recipes, tips and side notes and nutritional facts.

So far my favorite recipes are the Arugula Salad Pizza, Tofu Ratatouille and Neil and Edith love the Black Bean Brownies with Walnuts (recipe below). Have you read this book yet? If you do or if you try this recipe come back and let me know what you think!

Plant Powered for Life - brownie photo

Plant Powered for Life brownie recipe Plant Powered for Life – Black Bean Brownie Recipe – PDF

Credit line: Recipe from Plant-Powered for Life: Eat Your Way to Lasting Health with 52 Simple Steps and 125 Delicious Recipes, copyright © Sharon Palmer, 2014. Reprinted by permission of the publisher, The Experiment. Available wherever books are sold. Photo credit: © Heather Poire

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Pancakes & Clean-Up Confessions

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Life has been a little crazy the past few days since adding in a new baby to the mix but we are all adjusting to the changes as well as one could imagine. I have been spending a lot of time hanging out on the couch trying to heal and nursing Alder.  That being said, most of the cooking has been taken on by Neil (and Edith).  


PancakeLearningTower While this pancake breakfast occurred a few weeks ago now this is just a sample of the fun times in the kitchen that Neil and Edith have together. While they are making delicious meals for me I have been thankful for easy clean up afterwards. 

To help make the clean up process easier I like to fill the sink with hot soapy water so I can just drop the dirty dishes in as I go along or I make sure the dishwasher is empty and leave it open so I can just place dirty dishes in as I go along. I also make sure to wipe up the counter as soon as I am done so that we start and end with clean counters. 

PAM-CoconutOil-EasyCleanUp-spray PAM-CoconutOil-EasyCleanUp PAM-CoconutOil-EasyCleanUp-flip

PAM coconut oil spray has also been great for easy clean up especially for our pancake breakfasts because it keeps our pancakes from sticking and makes cleaning the pan super easy. Plus PAM’s 99% less residue formula helps to keep me from spending extra time scrubbing pans when I’d rather be spending that time with my family. 

Pancakes- Pouring Maple Syrup Pancake tops

What do you do to make cleaning up after cooking meals easier? 

Leaving up to 99% less residue, PAM is your ally in the kitchen and allows you to save time during prep and clean up.

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Currently 8.4.14

AlderBirth-Born crop

Doing: A whole lot of sitting/laying around and nursing because well thats what one does at 3.5 days postpartum! If you didn’t already know I gave birth to a nice big baby boy on Friday morning and you can read his birth story here. Besides taking it easy I have also been trying to balance life with a newborn who needs me to feed him and a toddler whose world has just been changed overnight – any transition tips would be great! We or rather Neil is also working on finishing packing because we move in 12 days (!!!!).

Thinking about: Everything we need to do in the next 12 weeks and wondering how E will do with the move. Unfortunately we had little control over the timing of all this and of course it all happens at once.

Watching: We have been watching Cover Affairs which I love but we haven’t really found another show that we are into right now. Neil and I also watched Divergent the other night and it was seriously the first time in months that both of us stayed awake from start to finish … too bad the movie was just okay.

Looking forward to: Being healed! I hate not being able to be up and doing things like playing with Edith or cooking or helping pack but right now I know its best I take it easy so I heal more quickly. Also looking forward to moving and getting settled in to life as a family of 4.

Reading: Nada. Besides children’s books.

Loving: Neil <– seriously amazing husband, father and partner. Also loving our two kids (crazy to type that). And loving all the kind words and support via FB, IG and Twitter regarding Alder’s birth. 

As always this post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

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