Unintentional Mini Blog Break

Happy Thursday Friends!

I realized this morning that it has been 9 days since my last blog post and honestly I think that is the longest I have gone without blogging in years! It was really an unintentional mini break and was a result of life just taking over.

Last week we had some friends in from out of town so we spent a few nights meeting up with them after Neil got out of work. This resulted in late nights for Edith and the following days were long for me. I know you all know about the importance of sleep and well with a toddler it’s even more important!

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 8.25.36 AM

This past weekend we were busy, busy, busy with Saturday morning family time and then a birthday party and then a dinner party (yes all on Saturday) and we pretty much ran ourselves down on Saturday. Sunday while a little more laid back we spent most of it trying to catch up on chores from the week, grocery shopping and swim lessons.

After a crazy busy weekend Monday came and so did my summer cold. I blame it on the weather as we went from 80′s to 50′s back to 80′s and whenever that happens I tend to get a cold especially when I’m already tired out. I sometimes forget that I am 35 week pregnant and that I need to slow down a little; which is really hard when you have a toddler and it’s summer.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 8.25.46 AM

Finally it’s Thursday, my cold is starting to clear up and I know a semi relaxing weekend is on it’s way. We or rather I don’t have a ton of plans this weekend besides meeting up with friends for happy hour/dinner. Neil has plans go hiking and to take E to her swim lessons but otherwise we both plan on laying low, maybe hitting up a park and a farmers market. What are your weekend plans?


Lady Talk | My ParaGard IUD Experience

I have talked very briefly about my experience with the ParaGard IUD and I am finally sitting down to share a little bit more indepth! Pregnant with edith Towards the end of my pregnancy with Edith we were exploring our birth control options and to be honest we were leaning towards going the snip snip route because me + hormonal birth control do not mix. Seriously my experience with hormonal birth control is a whole other story in itself and if you’d like me to share it just let me know! When it came time to discuss birth control with the midwives we said we were thinking of going snip route and she said well unless you are 110% sure you don’t want more children that maybe a better route would be the ParaGard IUD a non-hormonal birth control. This was the first time I had heard of the ParaGard and was very interested to learn more. fammethod When we got pregnant with Edith we had been loosely practicing the FAM method for about two years. However, I knew going back to the  FAM method wasn’t something I wanted to do just because of the potential risk of getting pregnant again before we were ready and the fact that it’s hard to follow this method until your period has returned and as a breastfeeding mom who knows when that would occur. So it seemed that since hormonal birth control was out,  FAM method wasn’t ideal and we were only 90% sure we were one and done that the ParaGard was the (only) way to go.

At eight weeks postpartum I had the ParaGard IUD inserted and had no immediate issues with it. Within a month of having the ParaGard I found myself back up to my pregnancy weight, after having lost 15 of the 25 pounds I put on. While I can say that nursing, diet and lifestyle may have also factored into weight gain I continue to be unable to lose any of the weight even when improving diet and lifestyle. iud_crop At around six months postpartum my period returned and the first month was on the lighter side but come the second month I was experiencing a heavier flow which I attributed to a postpartum period.  I also had incredibly painful cramping to the point of nausea. I figured it was just my body getting back into things and that eventually I would get back to “normal”. Well that just wasn’t the case at all. Every month I experienced the same heavy flow and extremely painful, nauseating cramps.

I really didn’t know what to do though because we just were not ready to even consider having baby #2 and we were not ready to rule it out either. I decided to do some further research on my “symptoms” and found that it is very common for women to have pain and increased bleeding during the first year of having the ParaGard IUD and it’s actually one of the top reasons women get it removed.  I also read that things usually common down after a year of having the ParaGard IUD so I decided to wait it out and see if things changed after a year.

Well nothing changed and that’s when I finally said I’M DONE. I discussed things with Neil and while we were not ready to have #2 we both agreed that getting my IUD out was the best choice for me and my body. We had planned to go back to the FAM method and while we were not officially ready for #2 yet we were okay if it happened. I set up an appointment with a naturopathic doctor/midwife and went in to discuss my IUD and having it removed.

At my appointment we discussed my issues with the IUD and one thing she pointed out is that the copper in the ParaGard IUD is there to irritate the uterus and work as a spermicide and all this can cause inflammation in the body. Inflammation in the body can cause an increase in appetite and weight gain.  This is when I went DUH! I know this but why didn’t I just put this all together? So while we were supposed to just have a conversation about the IUD and my issues with it my doctor said she could take it out right then if I wanted her to and without thinking twice I had her take it out. Well I should have made note of the fact that Neil and I had been intimate the days before because I ended up ovulating that night and since sperm can live up to 72 hours we ended up pregnant with baby #2 (this is just a side note for those who are thinking about getting their IUD removed).

So that all being said I will not be going back on the ParaGard IUD after baby #2 arrives instead Neil is going to take one for the team because we are two and DONE.

I thought I would also include some other people experiences with the ParaGard IUD: Friend #1: She also got the ParaGard IUD after her daughter was born and found it challenging to lose the baby weight until after about a year of having the IUD. She didn’t experience any other issues and is still currently using the ParaGard IUD.

Friend #2: While she never experienced any issues with the ParaGard IUD she did end up with a surprise pregnancy after about 12 months of using the ParaGard IUD.  Now she is debating what to do next as she doesn’t plan to go back on the ParaGard after #2 is born (I mean why would you if you got pregnant on it the first time around!)

Naturally Family Facebook FriendI have a Paragard and it’s been fantastic for me. I got it one year postpartum (used a diaphragm first year postpartum for protection). It was terribly painful to insert (maybe because I had a c section). The cramping was awful and periods were awful for the first 6 months…but since then, things have completely stabilized. Normal periods, normal cramping (about a days worth every cycle). No weight gain or skin issues. Love that it’s non hormonal. I’m sorry to hear your experience wasn’t a good one! I am interested in reading about it.

Naturally Family Facebook Friend I had a horrible time with it and had it removed roughly 17 months after placement, thankfully your advice about abstaining the day before prevented us from an unexpected #2

What are you currently using for birth control and how is it working for you? For those of you who have tried the ParaGard IUD what has/was your experience like? 

Father’s Day Weekends at The Sou’Wester

IMG_8930 We didn’t really have much planned for Father’s Day weekend since we have been so busy and already took a mini coast trip back in May but at the very last minute (I’m talking Wednesday) I decided to see if The Sou’Wester had any open trailers for a night away. The Sou’Wester has become one of our favorite spots to visit and this was our second time as a family and Neil’s third visit (he went on a work retreat there last July).

IMG_8940 Anyways to my delight they had a few trailers still open so I asked Neil if he would want to go and of course he did so we decided to head to the Coast Friday afternoon just for the night. We would have liked to stay two nights but Neil had a Sunday Father’s Day 5k to get home to so one night it was.

IMG_8733 Sou'Wester- Spartan Masion

IMG_8715 Sou'Wester- Seaview Sou'Wester- Smiles with Daddy IMG_8868 IMG_8901

While the weather wasn’t really on our side (it was overcast and a little chilly) we still had a wonderful time “camping” out in Seaview at The Sou’Wester. We enjoyed a little family time without the distraction of our massive at home to do list and Neil and I were able to spend a little alone time chatting, drinking (root)beer, eating Earth Balance Sour Cream & Onion Chips and playing many hands of cribbage while Edith slept.

Check out more photos from our trip to The Sou’Wester, Astoria and the weekend over on Naturally Family today!

P.S. this post is not sponsored and we paid our own way to stay at The Sou’Wester we just love it there so I wanted to share.


Postpartum Weight Loss “Plan”

I’m not going to lie I am really hoping that I actually lose the baby weight this time around. With Edith I gained around 25-28lbs and within the first 8 weeks I lost 15 of those pounds. Then I got the Paraguard IUD and quickly the weight came back on. I will also admit the […]

Friday Favorites

Matcha Latte: I received a sample of Kiss Me Organics Matcha awhile ago but two little hands got a hold of the packet and hid it on me. I finally found it this past weekend and Monday morning aka the day Neil started a new job and stopped making my morning coffee I finally made […]

Happy National Running Day!

While I’m not out hitting the pavement right now I will be in a few short months (yeah this baby is coming soon!) I am thrilled to celebrate National Running Day on the sidelines and cheer all of my fellow wannabe runners (myself included) and runners on. Next weekend I’ll be out with Edith cheering […]