Happy New Year! I know things have been a little quiet on the blog front but life has been unexpectedly challenging these past few weeks; if you don’t know what I am referring to head on over to Naturally Family for all the details. I thought I’d kick off this new year with the top posts of 2015 along with all the Portland because this year just been the year of exploring PDX.

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Healthy Snack Ideas for the New Year | Featuring Blue Diamond Almonds

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.-3

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you but these past few weeks I have been eating out more, indulging in a few extra sweets and I surely haven’t had enough water. I know it might be a bit cliche but I’m ready to get back on track for the new year. We have so many exciting plans this year from a potential bigger trip, hopefully a new addition to the family (TTC #3) and living a more minimalist and conscious life. For me a big part of living a more conscious life is being more aware of the food I put in my body and eating as healthy as possible but also leaving room for some more indulgent treats and meals along the way. 

I have spent the past few weeks evaluating what I eat and how it makes me feel as well as things I could improve upon. I have noticed that I have been doing a lot less snacking which might work for some people but I just end up ravenous come meal time and end up eating a lot larger meals which in the end makes me feel full and a bit tired. To keep my energy levels up so I can chase two little ones I am working on incorporating more snacks and smaller meals into my day.

When it comes to snacking you won’t find me eating a rice cake and three carrot sticks. My requirements for snacks are that they must be satisfying, quick, easy and taste good. One snack I have been really into these days are apple rounds with a spread of nut butter and toppings such as nuts, seeds, dried fruit, coconut flakes and chocolate chips.  My favorite combo right now is Blue Diamond Honey Roasted Almonds, tart dried cherries and maple vanilla almond butter.


When I am on the go I need quick and easy snacks that I can just toss in a bag and eat while out at a playdate, running errands or on a hike. For me this is often an apple, banana or orange and some nuts. Because I like to have a little chocolate everyday I enjoy incorporating it into a daily snack. Since mandarins are in season right now I have been enjoying a few of those, a handful of lightly salted Blue Diamond Almonds and a square of chocolate. There is something about orange and chocolate that I just absolutely love; reminds me of the chocolate oranges I used to get as a child. I also love a big bowl of berries and almonds during berry season, add a piece of dark chocolate and you’ve got the perfect snack. This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.-4

Having easy to go to snacks like these have been great lately. I know we are only a few days into the new year but I am already feeling like I am on a healthier path and that 2016 is going to be an amazing year. I am still working on my goals for the new year but plan to share them with you soon. Until then share some of your goals and/or your favorite healthy snacks in the comments below. Would love some additional inspiration!

Currently | 12.21.15

Ingalls-Fairweather 2015-114

Doing: Recovering. Last Wednesday the kids and I were driving home from going to see a local kids musician and we were stopped at a red light when someone rear ended us. Luckily, we had no major car damage and the kids and are okay. As a result of the accident I have been dealing with a lot of pain on my right side and all need chiropractic work. On top of that the kids are having some trouble sleeping since the accident. Long story short life has been thrown a little off track. I had intentions of getting out a fun report on my latest body composition exam and a few gift guides which just haven’t happened. Hoping to get life back on track this week.

Thinking about: All that we have to deal with regarding this accident. The holidays coming and how messy our house is. 

Watching: I have been finishing up NCIS lately and watching a variety of YouTube channels. 

Looking forward to: Neil being off work for 10 whole days! Getting back to normal life, workouts and feeling better. 

Reading: I am currently (still) reading Yell Less, Love More

Loving: Coffee. 

What are you currently doing, thinking about, watching, looking forward to, reading and/or loving?

As always this post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

[Lifestyle] Why I Choose To Wear Makeup

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 8.55.17 PM

When I was a pre-teen through my teenage years I was all about wearing makeup for special occasions like a school dance or party. In the earliest of days, makeup was a whole lot of glitter and those metallic lipsticks that were popular in the 90’s and seem to be making a bit of a comeback now. As I grew older I did my makeup on occasion and it was usually dark, moody and included purple liquid eyeliner that I had picked up one time at Sephora. Then something happened and I just stopped wearing makeup unless it was for a holiday party or an event. Add in two kids and my focus on myself has been lacking so makeup was on the bottom of my list.

Over the past year it has been a goal of mine to put more time and effort into myself. While I still struggle with this I have started to focus on doing things for myself that make me feel more confident, motivated, and just plain good. For me that has been purchasing new clothes that fit and fit my style and also focusing more on skincare and makeup. 

For me, makeup is something that makes me feel put together and makes me feel more confident. I don’t wear makeup to be someone else or to alter the way I look but rather to enhance the way I look and because it is fun. I love the way it feels to spend 5-10 minutes on myself. I like the way I look when I wear a little mascara and concealer and yes I am concealing the dark circles under my eyes not because I don’t want you to see the results of a sleepless night but because it is something I use to help me feel more awake and put together. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 8.53.46 PM

Makeup helps to make me feel more powerful and more compose. And when I feel these two things I also feel more productive. When I get dressed and spend a few minutes on myself I find that I get much more done in the day and my day is usually a bit better. Feeling good about how I look on the outside and doing it for myself makes me feel better about life and I come to realize how truly important it is for me. 

How do you feel when you spend a few minutes on yourself in the morning? Does it change how your day goes? I could easily stay in yoga pants with crazy hair all day and some days I do but when I really want to feel motivated, put together and ready to take on the world I take 5-10 minutes to really put myself together even if that means just putting on a clean pair of jeans, a t-shirt and swiping on some mascara. 

[Natural Skincare] Luxe de Mer Hot and Cold Clay Mask

luxe de mer

Luxe de Mer is a natural and organic skincare line who’s tagline is “skincare with no secrets”. I was drawn to their beautiful packaging, dedication to chemical free skincare and a curiosity to how well they really work. I tried a few of their cleansers, a toner, a facial oil and my absolute favorite their Hot and Cold Clay Mask

It wasn’t until a few months ago that I really got into using face masks but now I am obsessed and try to do at least one per week. Lately I just keep reaching for the Luxe de Mer Hot and Cold Clay Mask

The clay for this mask is so finely milled and mixed that it takes just a few drops of water to make a beautiful mask. This mask helps to minimize pores, brighten your skin and has anti-aging properties. I love the way my skin feels after I remove the mask, smooth and refreshed. 

Sadly my face won’t be enjoying this mask for a while because I just finished my bottle. I plan to purchase a new one soon but I’m trying to use up a few products right now and will have to wait until I finish up a few other face masks. 

What are you favorite face masks? How often do you take time to use one? 

Disclaimer: Luxe de Mer sent me a few samples of their products to try. I was not obligated to post and I received no compensation for this post.