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I first started practicing yoga at home using DVD’s and podcasts and as I became more confident in my ability I started to attend classes. Nowadays, I find that the amount of time I spend on my practice goes in waves. Sometimes I practice every day of the week and other times it’s only once per week. When I was pregnant with Edith I had the most consistent practice and not only did it keep me active while pregnant but it gave me confidence in my body, strength, and a sense of community. 


While I didn’t practice as much yoga during my pregnancy with Alder I have returned to a regular yoga routine, especially gentle yoga for post run stretching. The problem is, and this may be TMI for some of you so if it is skip to the next paragraph, but as a postpartum mama sometimes in the early months you just need a little extra security so I’m thankful for the creation of things such as  Stayfree® pads, kegels and pelvic floor physical therapy. Luckily yoga has also helped me to strengthen up all of those muscles I forgot I had when I was pregnant and hopefully I won’t need to use anything for extra security, of course until that time of the month makes its impending return. 


These days making it to the yoga studio isn’t the easiest but I have a few times since Alder was born and hope to get out more as the months go by and he gets to be a bit older. While I can’t make it to the studio that doesn’t mean that I’m not practicing, it’s actually quite the opposite. I have been using My Yoga on Gaiam TV for going on four months now to get my dose of yoga in each week. Some days I do a longer practice and most days I go for a quick post run stretch. I am thankful I am able to find time to quiet my mind and relax my body even if it’s just 15 minutes at home in between building block castles and changing diapers.  


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Fitness Friday | Race Training: The Plan


I have been promising this post for a month now and here I am finally posting! I am 13 weeks out from my first postpartum race and it’s time to start training. I am running the Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon (6.55 miles) and this is actually the first postpartum race that I ran after having Edith so it only seemed fitting to do it again. I have been struggling to commit to a race plan but finally I have settled into a plan and I am excited for it. 

Lands End - BOB - Family RUnSince I have lost a little bit of my running stamina and am basically starting at the bottom again I am going with a run/walk plan. In the past I have done Couch to 5K and when I trained for this race back in 2013 I did a plan on my RunKeeper app. While I liked both this time I decided to spend the $3.99 and download the Jeff Galloway 10K plan app. While my race is a little longer than 10K the training plan will work because my longest training run is actually 7 miles. 

I started the plan a few weeks ago but decided after a week of missing two of my runs that I would start it over again. So I am not a week in and have 12 more weeks of the training app to go which means I’ll just end up adding two of the regular short runs the week of my race to finish off the week. So here is the plan:

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 8.56.26 PM

I am hoping to fit in at least one 5k race but I haven’t come across ones that fit my plan yet- if you live in the Portland area and can suggest any that are coming up in March/April let me know. 

I have to say I am loving the 10K app because it allows you to customize your run/walk intervals and Jeff Galloway talks to you the entire time. It’s a little weird to hear his voice but he shares some tips, some words of motivation and tells you when “it’s time to run”. So far I am loving it and I am doing a 30sec/45sec interval with hopes of running a 6min/1min interval by race time. 

So there it is, my plan! I’ll update you throughout the upcoming weeks. 

Who else is training for a race? What is your favorite race plan? 

Self Care | The Before

35 Weeks pregnant with Edith and self care routine in place.

35 Weeks pregnant with Edith and self care routine in place.

I have always loved makeover shows especially What Not To Wear. I would sit there and think oh how I would love to do that but at the same time how embarrassing it would be to actually be picked for the show. I promised myself that I would never get myself to a point where my friends and family or random people would see me on the street and say that lady needs to go on a makeover show. However after becoming a mother I feel like that is exactly what I need.

As a mother I have really fallen into the stereotype of that women who puts her family first and herself last the majority of the time. Until recently I hadn’t put any effort into my clothes, my hair, my skincare, make up or anything. The only thing I have been doing for myself, and even with this I slack at times, is getting in my workouts and attempting to eat healthfully. 

8 months postpartum and ...yeah.

8 months postpartum and …yeah.

I would say a big part of this was a result of postpartum body the first time around (you can read about that here). It is really a challenge to wrap your head around a postpartum body because it’s so foreign and such a huge shock. I mean as women we spend nine months growing a human being and then all of a sudden the baby Earth side and we are left with this foreign body. We don’t know how to dress this new body and on top of that we are dealing with swollen, leaky boobs, a baby who needs our attention, a lack of sleep and basically we are trying to figure out how to navigate our new life.

I wore maternity clothes until I was basically a year postpartum and even then I only bought clothes that were as cheap as I could find and then when I was ready to actually invest in new clothes I found myself back in maternity ones. I rarely took a shower that was longer than 10 minutes. I had no skincare routine and makeup ….what’s that? Oh and hair? I have had my haircut a total of three times in the past two years. I basically did nothing that made me feel good. I spent my days in yoga pants, sans make up (not that I think you need make up to feel/look good), I couldn’t even be bothered to wash my face and doing anything more than throwing my hair up in a pony tail was considered fancy. Basically I didn’t do anything to make me feel mentally or physically beautiful. Until now. 

I’ll end this post here and next week I’ll return with the now. 

What does self care mean to you?

For mamas or anyone who has experienced big changes in body image or even just lifestyle how have you focused on your self care? What challenges have you faced and how have your/are you working to over come them? 

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