Postpartum Weight Loss “Plan”

Here I am at 31w3d pregnant with baby #2

Here I am at 31w3d pregnant with baby #2

I’m not going to lie I am really hoping that I actually lose the baby weight this time around. With Edith I gained around 25-28lbs and within the first 8 weeks I lost 15 of those pounds. Then I got the Paraguard IUD and quickly the weight came back on. I will also admit the Oh She Glows Chocolate Chip Cookies and the stress of moving didn’t help with my weight loss either. When we moved to Oregon I made an effort to get my diet back on track, started running 4 days per week and doing 1-2 days of strength training. Despite all of that I simply wasn’t (and didn’t) lose any of the baby weight.

1 Year Postpartum after having Edith

1 Year Postpartum after having Edith

Finally at 16 months postpartum I decided to have my IUD removed due to negative reactions to it (I’ll write more about that another time) and while I had it removed due to non-weight related reasons I was as little hopeful that I might start to see my weight go down. Well as you all know we are pregnant with #2 and due in 7ish weeks. So I never had a chance to test my theory. Also that means I started my pregnancy at the same weight I ended my last pregnancy and I have gained 20lbs so far and if you want to do the math that means I have between 45-50lbs to get back down to my baby #1 pre-pregnancy weight oh and on top of that I was already about 15lbs over my ideal weight when I got pregnant with Edith. So that is 60-65lbs to get down to my goal weight.

Summer 2011 before getting pregnant with Edith <-- also my goal weight

August before getting pregnant with Edith

Baby #2 Postpartum Weight Loss “Plan”:

  • I am not going back on birth control as we are two and done so birth control is officially all Neil *snip snip*.
  • My first priority is feeding baby #2 so for the 12 months my focus is to keep my milk supply up so I can feed my baby.
  • I plan to get back to running at around 9-12 weeks postpartum depending upon my healing this time around (with Edith it took me a lot longer to heal then I had hoped).
  • I plan to incorporate 2 days of strength training into my workout routine and light cardio once I am cleared to get back to normal activity.
  • I also plan to get back in a yoga routine since I have a 10 punch pass to a studio by our old house (and now by Neil’s new job) that I was lucky enough to get the expiration date extended until sometime in December.
  • Keep my eating in check! Postpartum/nursing hunger is no joke. Seriously when I first had Edith and was nursing non-stop I could have eaten everything in site.  This time around instead of lots of Oh She Glows cookies I’m focusing on keeping it healthy but also making sure not to be too hard on myself when it comes to having a treat here and there.
  • Drink lots of water! Nursing makes you crazy thirsty and staying hydrated helps to flush toxins out of the body and helps to prevent water weight (I know crazy right?).
  • Buy myself postpartum clothes in whatever size I have to buy. I wore maternity clothes until around 8 months postpartum with Edith because I was just waiting to lose the weight and didn’t want to spend the money on new clothes that I hopefully wouldn’t have to wear too long. The thing is that wearing maternity clothes after the first six weeks of being postpartum is just depressing. Wearing clothes that fit well and look nice is an incentive to keep with it! It’s motivating! Feeling confident in what I am wearing helps me feel good and keeps me on track so this time around I’m not going to be wearing maternity pants for months and months postpartum. I actually have been consigning maternity clothes as the seasons change so that they just won’t be in my closet ie. I won’t be tempted to wear them.

So that is my current plan. How did you deal with losing the baby weight?

Friday Favorites

Matcha Latte
Matcha Latte: I received a sample of Kiss Me Organics Matcha awhile ago but two little hands got a hold of the packet and hid it on me. I finally found it this past weekend and Monday morning aka the day Neil started a new job and stopped making my morning coffee I finally made my first homemade Matcha latte. Seriously I don’t know why anyone buys these out when you can make them so much cheaper at home with your own Matcha. My recipe is simply 8oz non-dairy milk, 8oz ice, 1 teaspoon Kiss Me Organics Matcha and 1 tablespoon honey (you could sub agave) and then I blend until smooth and creamy <– seriously so good!

Julep #1 Julep Maven Box: I have bought subscription boxes in the past but most of them are food/home products or children’s products.  Finally last week after reading about Julep on another blog I decided to treat myself to my first beauty box- Julep. Now I bought this box with my own money and am in no way sponsored to post about them. I did however get my box for “free” by using PROMO CODE: FREEBOX and by “free” I mean I paid $2.99 for shipping. I took their style profile test and was categorized as the “It Girl” which means I received three nail polishes and a few sponges.  While I love the nail polishes (going on day four and still no major chipping) I have decided for my next box that I want to change my profile and decided to go with “Class With A Twist” which gets you two nail polishes and a full-sized beauty product. Seriously so excited to get my next box. It feels great to get something special that is just for me. I don’t have to share anything in the box and I forgot how great it feels to wear nail polish. If you would like to order your free box and want to click my affiliate link that would be greatly appreciated! Let me know what you think of your Julep box!

Daily Burn Prenatal Yoga #bumpandburn Prenatal Yoga: When I was pregnant with Edith I regularly attended prenatal yoga classes however this pregnancy I haven’t even made it to one class. Unfortunately a toddler, lack of prenatal classes in my immediate neighborhood (or ones close by) and a husbands busy/new work schedule just hasn’t made yoga outside the home possible. That all being said I have been getting back to prenatal yoga at home with Daily Burn. I have been doing the Beautiful Belly program which has three prenatal yoga videos for each trimester and even has three postpartum videos.  I have been getting in practice at least twice per week and sometimes that means having Edith join me.

What are some of your favorites this Friday?

Happy National Running Day!

While I’m not out hitting the pavement right now I will be in a few short months (yeah this baby is coming soon!) I am thrilled to celebrate National Running Day on the sidelines and cheer all of my fellow wannabe runners (myself included) and runners on. Next weekend I’ll be out with Edith cheering Neil on at his first 5k of the year- so excited!

IRun2014blank Why do you run? I run to reach my goals, to keep myself active, because it feels good and for beer (obviously).

rnr montreal

Celebrate #runningday with @RunRockNRoll – sign up today for an RNR race and get $20 off registration!*

*this is in no way sponsored just me sharing the love!

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