12 Days of Giveaways – Suzanne's Ricemellow


Result:16- The Winner is Lisa of Cravin’ Veggies


One of the fondest memories of my childhood was making fluffernutter sandwiches with my dad.  Once I went vegetarian this was all crushed because of the gelatin used in marshmellows to make the fluff.  I was pleasntly surprised to find Suzanne’s RiceMellow in a local natural food store a few years ago.  I have been a big fan ever since (and can enjoy fluffernutter sandwiches again).  Now it’s your chance to win your own container of Ricemellow.  Leave a comment by 8pm tonight December 10, 2009 for your chance to win. Sorry this giveaway is only open to US residence.

Blogger Disclosure: Cooking For a Vegan Lover purchased these items for this giveaway.

12 Days of Giveways – Vegan Bars

Result:9 The Winner is JAX


Are you an energy/health food bar fan?  Well I have 5 bars to give to 1 lucky winner today.  The bars include:

 1.Bora Bora Tribal Cinnamon Oatmeal  (I haven’t tried this one but the others I have tried are delicious) this bar has: 

Rolled Oats have been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce blood-sugar spikes and promote general health. Raisins are known for their unique phenol content, which has antioxidant activity. Raisins are thought to promote better bone health and may protect against macular degeneration.Peanuts are thought to promote healthy cholesterol levels, are a good source of essential fats and minerals and are rich in antioxidants.”

2. Amazing Grass Green Superfood- this great bar is Raw, Cold Processed, Alkaline, Gluten Free, Fair Trade, Dairy Free andVegan – oh and did I mention it taste great!

3. MacroBar  these bars are delicious and honestly one of my favorites ever. 

“MacroBars are macrobiotic, vegan, energy and protein bars that are made fresh daily on a rural farm in S.W. Wisconsin. Minimally processed and certified organic, the bars utilize simple healthy ingredients to boost your immune system and help provide your body with essential nutrients.”

4. Prana Bar  I have pretty much tried every flavor of these bars and loved them all. However apple pie is my favorite so that is why I am including it in this giveaway.  All Prana Bars are vegan and almost raw.

5. Lastly is Vega Vibrancy Bar which is delicious and I have review for you back a few weeks ago- check it here.

So now that you know more about the goods here is your chance to win some by answering this question: If you could make your own energy bar what would be included in it?  Please enter by December 10 at 8pm. Sorry this giveaway is only open to US residence.

Blogger Disclosure: Cooking For a Vegan Lover purchased these items for this giveaway.

Eating Vegan & Avoiding Highly Processed Foods

I was recently asked by a reader about strategies for eating vegan but staying away from high processed foods.  I find that one of the biggest issues that face vegans (especially new vegans) is changing eating habits from a meat based to a plant based diets.  Many times it is easier to turn to meat analogues, faux cheeses, and other processed vegan or by chance vegan products that are familiar. 

 I know from my own experience of going vegetarian at a young age that many times I turned to veggie burgers as my protein or main dish and ate the vegetable or starch sides my mom made.  As I grew up and became more aware of nutrition and what is good and bad for you body I began to change my diet.  My husband is a good example of change from junk food vegan to healthy vegan.  When we first started dating his daily food intake was that of pop, chips and veggie burgers, all vegan and all highly processed junk foods. Today my husband’s usual day is oatmeal, a variety of fruits, steamed veggies, whole grain and tofu or beans.  This is not to say that he and I are perfect and only eat a high whole foods diet but at home we try to 75% of the time. 

For us 75% of our food intake is fresh fruits and veggies, beans and brown rice.  About 10% of our diet consist of lightly processed foods such as sprouted grain bread, sprouted tofu, and tempeh.  I classify foods with 5 or less ingredients as lightly processed and the ingredients have to be recognizable I shouldn’t have to turn to my dictionary to find out what it is.  The last 5% of our diet is alcohol (mostly red wine, gin and beer), and highly processed foods such as faux cheese, meat analogues, crackers and fried foods. 

I think it is important to recognize what you are putting in your body.  Go take a look at those yummy veggie burgers you have stashed in your freezer- do they contain for than 5-7 ingredients? Can you recognize them all without having to pull out the dictionary?  If you answered yes then great they are an okay choice.  However know that the better choice might be to grab some beans, spices, diced up veggies and bread crumbs and make your own yummy veggie burgers. 

A good starting point when shopping is to avoid the inside aisle of your market- you know the ones with all the processed foods like chips and pop.  Fill your at least 2/3 of your basket with fruits and veggies, the remaining 1/3 should be filled with beans, lightly processed foods, whole grains and a few more highly processed (but only a few).  Make sure to check labels- if you don’t recognize an ingredient put it down it’s not for you (I would like to note some healthy ingredients may be new to you so focus more on chemical sounding ingredients and artificial colours to start).

Here are some great resources for living a more whole food vegan lifestyle:




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