RANT ALERT and Dinner Out

Just as we were arriving home we received a call that the lady who was supposed to view our apartment an hour earlier had pushed the time back.  We said it was fine that she went in that we would hang out on the bench in the front yard so that she could have a chance to check the place out.  It was a nice treat for our indoor kitty because we let her come out and rub her face in the grass- she was in heaven.  Everything was going fine and about a half hour later we decided that it was time to bring the kitty inside and we expected that by then the lady would have seen enough and be leaving. BOY WERE WE WRONG!

She proceed to tell the rental agent about 30 things that she would like improved or changed if she were to move in.  My husband and I were sitting in the living room going ARE YOU SERIOUS! Anyways this went on for another 30 minutes and then finally the Hubz told them that they just had to go…but they didn’t go far they hung out in the yard for another 20 minutes. Maybe I’m too rigid but I think after 30minutes of viewing an apartment that the potential renter had already viewed the week before is just rude.

Okay rant over.  Since the viewing ended up going way longer than we expected I just wasn’t feeling like putting together dinner so the Hubz took me out to the Skinny Pancake for vegan crepes; I had the vegan crepedilla and the Hubz had a vegan monster and a Harpoon brew.

After a delicious dinner we came home to enjoy a little Netflix and I had a Pomegranate Seltzer Mocktail and the Hubz had a sour beer.

Q: When you look at a new place to rent how long do you generally spend looking? Do you make certain demands/request before you agree to take the rental space?


I know I have been M.I.A. for the past few days but I’m around just really busy! I have been sticking to my June 2010 Pantry Challenge and it has been a lot of fun. This week was made slightly easier because the Hubz has been working off-site so all his lunches the past few days have been supplied- which means less food I have to make. I honestly haven’t been eating anything very interesting which has given me a lack of motivation to blog about it, on top of the fact that we are crazy busy with work, Hubz softball and oh yeah that whole packing thing because we move in 3 WEEKS! EEK! Anyways I just wanted to check in and let you know I’m still here! This weekend we will be out of town and I am interested in having a few guest bloggers so if you are a healthy living, vegan and/or eco-friendly blogger please e-mail me lindsay{at}cookingforaveganlover{dot}com with why you’d like to be a guest blogger and what your entry would be about.

Random Kitty Shot

Lazy Sunday

Today has been a fairly lazy Sunday and it feels great! We woke up to rain and I knew that meant it would be the perfect day to relax on the couch with the fur baby and Hubz. It hasn’t been a totally lazy day though as I made kale and zucchini chips this morning which are still in the dehydrator getting all crispy and we did get ourselves out for a walk once the rain let up a bit.

I started my morning out with something I haven’t had in forever OATMEAL! I used to eat it daily but it’s been a few weeks since I have had myself a nice bowl of warm creamy oats with chia seeds, cinnamon, stevia, flax meal and a banana of course.

For lunch I cooked up some brown rice and topped it with leftover sliced Korean BBQ tempeh, 5 Spiced Garnet Yams and some soy glazed brussels sprouts all topped with sriracha of course!

Hubz and I are now off to watch a movie- Q: What are you up to today?

Anniversary Weekend, Portland ME: Part 3

We had a pretty quiet night on Saturday, after our relaxing soak and dinner at Whole Foods we went back to our room where we enjoyed a few yummy vegan chocolates from Whole Foods. We split a Health Crunch and A Chocolate Salted Caramel Cup both of which were delicious.

We headed home on Sunday morning but not before stopping in at Whole Foods for an iced coffee and bagel with cream cheese.

After we ate our breakfast we spent a good 45 minutes roaming the aisles of the store picking up a number of goodies such as donut peaches, kale, apricots and coconut milk yogurt. Luckily I brought our cooler bag which I filled with ice from the hotel so that we could get some refrigerated items to bring home with us. Once we finally got on the road we decided to stop in York, ME at Stonewall Kitchen so that we could try all the hot sauce, jam and mustards that they have there, who doesn’t love free samples? The place was insanely busy and there were tons of rude people who kept pushing and shoving so the hubz and I made this a quick trip and got out of there before we were trampled.

From there we headed to Kittery ME to visit the outlets. We also picked up lunch for the road which we ate in Kittery after our disappointing trip to the outlets there. When did the Kittery outlets become so horrible?

After Kittery we decided to take the “scenic” way home and headed on Route 4 to Concord and to our delight we spotted Redhook Ale Brewery and decided to stop in and take a tour. When we arrived we had about an hour to wait before the next tour was to occur and since we were in no rush we decided to wait and get a sampler of their beer to try. We also had some chips and salsa because I only finished half my salad and I knew without a little food in my belly all that beer was going to have quiet the effect on me.

I finished all of the IPA and ESB but only took a few sips of the Slim Chance doesn’t exist it’s now the Blonde, the seasonal and the limited release (oatmeal stout).  I also snacked on some chips but tried not to eat too many.

Finally the hour passed and it was time for our tour, which we almost didn’t stay for.  We are glad we stayed though because for only $1 each we had a very informative tour and received a Redhook tasting glass as well as 4+ samples. It is one of the best tour deals I’ve ever seen.

We finished our trip in Concord NH where we stopped at Boloco to get something to eat for dinner.  I was excited to see that Boloco has bowls instead of wraps now (I know my husband said it’s been like that for awhile), anyways I was pumped and decided to get a Goloco Bowl.  Goloco is basically putting whatever you want in a bowl or wrap; for mine I had brown rice, organic tofu, fajita veggies, cucumber, corn salsa, tomatoes, scallions, balsamic and black bean hummus.  The hubby got a wrap and we shared an unsweetened ice tea.

We had the best time in Portland – great city and I can’t wait to go back again.