Early Bird Special

Hey Bloggies! I know I have been a little absent the past few days but I am back in full force.  This morning I was feeling something savory so I cooked up on of my favorites: Cheezy Grits!

At work I had a horrible K-Cup of Chai Tea which I shouldn’t be surprised as to how bad it was.  I was being optimistic though but it was a huge FAIL.

For my lunch I brought some trail mix, a banana and a Vega Shake & Go…..which also turned out to be an epic fail.  I really wanted to like the Vega Shake but it just was too sweet and had a funny taste.  I just couldn’t get into it so I am thinking that it might go okay will unsweetened almond milk, spinach and banana but this defeats the purpose of shake & go.

After work I met my Momma for an iced tea and to pick up some camping chairs for our guest.

Since lunch was a pretty huge fail I was so hungry after my tea that I called the hubby and told him I’d be home in 40 minutes so he better the rice on and steam up a few sweet potatoes. When I got home I poured myself a nice glass of wine and prepared our Early Bird dinner.  For dinner we had brown rice, sweet potato, garlic broccoli and cashews and caramelized onions topped with nama shoyu, gomasio and sriracha.  Now we’ll be off to shuffle board and then it’s into bed by 7.

Actually I am working on finding the motivation to make cupcakes and pack for camping.

Curry Sandwich

Good Morning! We have friends coming on Friday so I have tons to do this morning to get ready for this visit. I started off with a bagel with curry on top. I know sounds strange right but it’s delicious.

Alright sorry about the short post but this morning is going to pass by quickly and I have tons to do! I’ll check in with you all later.

5:30am and Already in the Kitchen

This morning I felt great and jumped out of bed as soon as the alarm went of at 5:30am and headed directly to the kitchen.  I had a bunch of root veggies calling my name and a recipe in my mind so I went right to work (look out for a post this evening with recipe included).  I love cooking in the morning before I go to work because it means when I get home from work all I have to do is heat it up and cook up some grains and steam up veggies for sides.

This morning instead of starting with a cup of coffee I had .5L of water and then a mug of sencha tea from LeafSpa– it was really nice and made me feel calm and awake.

I was feeling like something fruity this morning so I went with a smoothie for breakfast.

  • 1 banana
  • 5 strawberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen peaches
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 2T vanilla hemp protein powder

Blend these all together and enjoy!

I also got my lunch together for the day which will be a green juice (romaine, cucumber, apple and carrot), passion mango coconut yogurt, and some Mountain Mambo train mix.

and an gala apple

Until work I am hanging out at the coffee shop working on some blog posts and enjoying a cup of organic English breakfast tea. I have decided that I really need to cut back on the coffee since I went from 1 cup a week to 1-3 cups a day lately- I blame it on this darn coffee shop! Oh well now I’m moving myself back to tea and I love it.

Q: Are you a coffee drinker or a tea? or neither?


As you may have noticed Cooking For a Vegan Lover is taking on a number of changes; the appearance and features are slowing being updated and are in stage one of this process.  However the most notable change that has occurred is the name change to Cook. Vegan. Lover.

My blog started out as a blog to document my experiences in the kitchen cooking for my vegan lover, my now husband. When we started dating I was a vegetarian and had been for many years.  I did practice a vegan diet for a few months in high school but was not responsible or healthy in my approach so I went back to a vegetarian diet.  When my husband and I got together I was in University still and money was tight; we also lived in New Brunswick where vegan options were limited so I cooked we cooked everything at home.  This is where the name Cooking For a Vegan Lover came from- I cooked for my vegan lover.  After about 2 months of dating I noticed how little I ate dairy, eggs, honey and products that included these as ingredients and finally decided a month later that I would take on a vegan diet myself.

For the next two years – can you believe I have been blogging since 2006?- I wrote mainly about what I cooked so Cooking For  a Vegan Lover was still fitting.  In the last 6 months my blog has evolved into a site that features vegan and eco friendly products, lifestyle posts, recipe post and more recently nutrition & wellness posts.  The last addition to this blog is a result of my decision to go back to school to become a certified holistic health counselor. With all these changes it only seemed appropriate to update the blog title to Cook. Vegan. Lover., however for now the URL will stay http://cookingforaveganlover.com for now (I hope to be able to change this in the future as well). After reading this post the husband has created a domain for http://cookveganlover.com but don’t worry http://cookingforaveganlover.com still works!

Cook. Vegan. Lover. embodies what this blog is all about:

Cook: recipes, experiences in the kitchen, what I am eating

Vegan: products, lifestyle, travel, tips

Lover: this one isn’t just about my Hubz although he is included but it also is about loving life, yourself, and others. To love others you have to love yourself and part of this is being healthy, so this is where the healthy lifestyle and wellness comes in.

As part of my blog transformation I took a poll to see what readers would like to see more of.  The top three items were: recipes, tips for health & well being, and summary of my days. I am in the process of incorporating more of this into my blog.  The transformation in process and I hope to be into a more consistent routine by July.  You can look forward to seeing more post throughout the day, new recipes and frequent nutrition and health posts.  I will still have posts that include products, lifestyle and travel as well.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and for all your feed back on what you’d like to see more of. Please stay tuned for more improvements over the next few months.