Pantry Challenge 2010

I have decided that it is time for a pantry challenge.  Basically I will only be allowed to buy $30 of fresh produce a week and non-dairy milk for the remainder of the month, we have a CSA that comes every 2 weeks so we will have this produce on top of the purchased. Also minimal going out to eat, this means only going out to eat once a week. I have a packed pantry but I always seem to be buying more.   This challenge will help me do a number of things:

1. create new recipes 

2. save money 

3. ensures not wasting food

I’m excited to see how well I do, while still eating healthy. Have you ever tried a pantry challenge? How well did it go for you?

Product Review: HimalaSalt


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My first introduction to Himalayan salt was when I started making raw food recipes many of which call for pink Himalayan salt. During my research I came across HimalaSalt which is ” the only Ethically Sourced, Artisan Made Pink Himalayan Sea Salt that is Kosher Certified, Green-e Certified (made by 100% renewable wind and solar energy), sustainably packaged, with 5% of profits going to the environment and back to the source community (source).”   

HimalaSalt sent me a great package of their products which included a shaker of the HimalaSalt, salt grinder, garlic salt, salt and pepper (great travel size ones) and my favorite the HimalaSalt Zen Cube.  You’re probably wondering ‘what do you do with this giant cube of salt?'; I wondered the same thing and HimalaSalt has a page on their website devoted just to answering this:

What I’ve Used It For… 

Grating finely over edamame, ice cream, caramel, salads, finishing off grilled fish, watermelon, chocolate ganache, grilled vegetables, rice, beans, cucumbers and raw veggies with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, it’s like a meditation or a moment to pause and be grateful for the abundance and blessings I have, to be able to eat the best organic natural foods available, and especially to be able to feed those to my children and friends. (source)

I haven’t yet tried the Zen Cube but I am looking forward to trying it on my next batch of edamame that I steam up.  

I honestly can’t say enough how much I love this salt and since trying it there is no way I am going back to any other salt.  The flavor is so distinct and tasty as well the product is eco-friendly.

Blogger Disclosure:  Cooking For A Vegan Lover received these products at no cost from the company for review.

Coffee Review: La Bean and the Perfect Cup

Today I finished the last of my La Bean Coffee, and it was a sad day as this was some great coffee.  I tired the Bali and the Dark Knight Blend (pictured below) both were great although I must say I preferred the Dark Knight Blend which is a rich dark blend.  

One of the great features on the La Bean website is how to brew the perfect cup which is easier than you might think.  I prefer to use a French Press over a drip as I find it has the best flavor, trust me switch from your old coffee maker to a french press and you’ll taste the different and love it.  Below is how La Bean suggests brewing their coffee to make the perfect cup:

“Brewing the perfect cup of coffee is not that difficult, in fact it is quite easy, it just requires the right ingredients and the right measurements.

Grind your coffee just before brewing and use filtered water.

We recommend using a French Press. It may seem like a hassle but we assure you it’s worth it. Use ½ cup of whole beans for a one liter press. Grind the entire ½ cup on a coarse setting. Use water that is just about to boil (never pour boiling water on coffee grinds) and steep for 4 minutes. Press and enjoy.

If you prepare your coffee in a Drip Coffee Maker, set the grinder to medium and use 2 large tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of water.

If you use a cone filter (pour over) grind your coffee fine and use the same ratio of 2 large tablespoons per 6 ounces of water. ” Source

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Blogger Disclosure: Cooking For A Vegan Lover received these products at no cost from the company for review.

Review: Green Smoothie Revolution

In the past 2 years I have really gotten into the raw foods diet and although I do not practice it as much in the winter I still try to get in at least one raw meal a day (we live in VT and produce is not so great in the winter).  Somedays this means […]

Disney World Part 5: Whispering Canyon, Sanaa & Boma

The Quinoa Cakes were good but the meal was missing something so we were still hungry after we left.   Part of the fun of Whispering Canyon is that it is loud, rambunctious, and they waitstaff pics on you to know end.  So when Neil ordered his cola they brought it out in the largest […]

Disney World Part 4: Magic Kingdom

Our day at Magic Kingdom was pretty boring for food.  Neil and I picked up bread at the food court at our resort and made PB&J sandwiches for breakfast which we snacked on throughout the morning.  For lunch we went to Cosmic Ray’s and got veggie burgers with fries- not the best choice and we […]