Hot Child In The ……Country?

Hope you are enjoying your evening and that you got a chance to check out Shop 4 A Cause where there a bunch of great items to bid on including 2 that I donated.

It has been insanely hot here in the country….Vermont and I am not lovin’ it; 90F in Vermont is gross because it’s humid and sticky.  I have been trying to keep cool with the hubz tonight but we have a ton of packing to do which means we can’t sit in front of our one fan.  It also meant that going for a run today just wasn’t going to happen.  I know, I know but you can stop re-reading that last sentence because yes I said a RUN. I have been trying to get myself motivated and to run a few days a week because I’d like to run a 5K in the next few months.  I am not a runner and although I am pretty active I am not as a aggressively active as I’d like to be so I’ve slowly been working at building my strength and endurance.  Hubby and I have also decided to try out the Insanity workout; now you can gawk and go what is she nuts?

Tonight was a pretty easy dinner as I had pulled out some great local frozen whole wheat pizza dough from the freezer last night so it was all ready for me to cook up tonight.  I topped our pizza with marinated artichokes, spinach, vegetable pasta sauce, 1 vegan sausage, mushrooms, nutritional yeast and Italian Garlic Gold.

With this I enjoyed a nice glass of seltzer and Cheribundi – it’s amazing.

After doing some super packing/cleaning we sat down with a cup of chocolate almond banana ice cream.

Q: Have you tried the P90X or Insanity workout? How about another workout one?

Hot Hot Hot

I know I have been a little absent over the last few days and I am warning you now I probably will be over this week.  Don’t worry though I will be back in full force next week. This past weekend as you saw we were gone camping with friends and this week we have been pretty busy because we are going away this next weekend as well.

Originally we were heading to Acadia National Park to do some more camping but the weather seems like it might be less than desirable so we will be spending the weekend in Portland Maine for our 2 YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Time passes by so fast it feels like just yesterday that we were getting married.

So lets talk about food; this week has been all about the curry from curry chickpea salad sandwiches, curry noodle bowls and curry with chickpeas and rice.  I know I’m on a curry kick and it’s crazy because it’s been 90F here all week but I’ve still been loving the hot hot hot food.

Q: Have you been Portland ME? What are you favorite things to do?

Recipe: Curry Chickpea Salad


  • 28oz can of chickpeas, drained
  • 5T reduced fat vegenaise
  • 3 stalks of celery chopped
  • 1/2 red bell pepper chopped
  • 1T dijon mustard
  • 2t curry powder
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/4 cup raw cashews
  • 1/4 cup raisins


Add the chickpeas, vegeanaise, celery, bell pepper, mustard, curry powder and salt and pepper to a food processor and pulse until everything is combined, but still chunky.  Add in the cashews and pulse a few more times just to break the pieces up.  Pour the mixture into a bowl and stir in the raisins.  Serve on top of a salad, with crackers or in a sandwich.

Early Bird Special

Hey Bloggies! I know I have been a little absent the past few days but I am back in full force.  This morning I was feeling something savory so I cooked up on of my favorites: Cheezy Grits!

At work I had a horrible K-Cup of Chai Tea which I shouldn’t be surprised as to how bad it was.  I was being optimistic though but it was a huge FAIL.

For my lunch I brought some trail mix, a banana and a Vega Shake & Go…..which also turned out to be an epic fail.  I really wanted to like the Vega Shake but it just was too sweet and had a funny taste.  I just couldn’t get into it so I am thinking that it might go okay will unsweetened almond milk, spinach and banana but this defeats the purpose of shake & go.

After work I met my Momma for an iced tea and to pick up some camping chairs for our guest.

Since lunch was a pretty huge fail I was so hungry after my tea that I called the hubby and told him I’d be home in 40 minutes so he better the rice on and steam up a few sweet potatoes. When I got home I poured myself a nice glass of wine and prepared our Early Bird dinner.  For dinner we had brown rice, sweet potato, garlic broccoli and cashews and caramelized onions topped with nama shoyu, gomasio and sriracha.  Now we’ll be off to shuffle board and then it’s into bed by 7.

Actually I am working on finding the motivation to make cupcakes and pack for camping.