Pantry Challenge Check-In

Hey Bloggies! This week has been pretty crazy the moving is coming along pretty well but there is still so much to do! We are lucky that a good friend of ours is letting us store as much stuff as we can in her basement which will be great and we are hopping that means we don’t have to get a storage unit.  Oh moving how ready I am for it to be over and it’s only just begun.

One of the benefits of moving has been the pantry challenge and it has been going great for us. We have been cleaning out the refrigerator, freezer and cupboards and I’m proud to say our fridge and freezer are almost empty.

Yesterday we picked up our first CSA and I am excited to see what dishes I can come up with using all these yummy ingredients.

This Week’s Vegetable Share Contains:

2 lbs Nicola Potatoes; 1 Bunch Baby Beets w/Greens; 1 Bunch Bright Lights Chard; 1 Bunch Green Kale; 1 Bunch Curly Parsley; 1 head of Romaine Lettuce; 1 tomato; 1 bunch of sweet basil; 1 bag of string beans; 1 bag squash puree (frozen)

Here are some yummy meals we’ve eaten this week:

Creamy Garlic Scape Pesto Pasta

Seitan Sandwich, Roasted Potatoes and Steamed Kale w/nooch

{ Upcoming CSN Product Review }

Last year I had the pleasure of working with CSN and doing a giveaway for one of their products, a Bodum French Press, so this year I’ve been given the opportunity again and will be doing a review this time.

Did you know that CSN has tons of great products for every room in your home? One of my favorites are these Bathroom Vanities which I could only dream of having one day in our own home.  However the ones in our new apartment are a huge improvement over our last two places.

I have a couple products that I have my eye on, I will have that review for you soon!

Busy Weekend & Pantry Challenge Week 2

This weekend we have been busy with packing and cleaning our apartment that I unfortunately haven’t had time to blog until now.  We are moving in a few weeks …to my parents …I know not what we planned but our apartment won’t be ready to move into until early/mid July so we are going to be homeless.  We have to put all of our belongings in storage so we are hoping to do that ASAP.

This weekend I have been having major cravings for vegan grilled cheese so both Saturday and Sunday morning I had a yummy vegan grilled cheeze and a Bubbies pickle.

After a yummy breakfast it was time to head to the farmers market to pick up the items for our pantry challenge. I found a number of great items from Pete’s Greens organic produce stand and some snap peas from another organic farm stand. We also headed to another farmers market where I picked up some more organic produce.

  • Pak Choi $2.50
  • Red Russian Kale $2.50
  • Red Bliss Potatoes $1.50
  • Purple String Beans $1.75
  • Snap Peas $3
  • Garlic Scapes $2
  • Strawberries $6
    • Total: $19.25 ( I also cheated a bit because we needed bananas for banana soft serve and lunches so I bought $4 worth of bananas from the grocery store)—New Total: $23.25
  • Q: How is your pantry challenge going?

Saturday lunch was baked sesame tempeh with roasted broccoli and Alexia waffle fries with a sriracha aioli.

Dinner on Saturday was leftover tempeh with pak choi and curry noodles, unfortunately so hungry that I forgot to take a photo.

Lunch today was wonderful.  My parents came down to help us pack and brought green beans, potatoes, broccoli and mushrooms which I made into a lunch along with the beans I cooked up. We had balsamic roasted broccoli, soy roasted green beans, mashed potatoes with mushrooms gravy and a trio of beans.

Dinner was great as well- I used up the last of the beans I cooked up and formed them into bean burgers which I baked in the oven along with carrot fries (my new obsession) and then I cooked up some kale with a little garlic and tossed with a large pinch of nutritional yeast.

Alright Bloggies I am exhausted after this crazy weekend so I am going to catch up on some episodes of Parenthood and enjoy an evening treat.