New Sites

The Hubz has been working on a new site for my Health Coaching however due to his accident things are a little behind so I took it upon myself (with a little help from him) to work on a temporary site. I decided I needed to get off the IIN provided site and so far I am liking what I have come up with. I am going to spend some time this weekend working on things more but I just wanted to give you a peek at the new site.

Another new feature: Host An Event At Home!

Girls Night IN: Healthy Happy Hour

Host a Healthy Happy Hour! Invite your girlfriends over for a night of nutritious appetizers, delicious smoothies and mocktails, and your favorite sweet treats with a healthy twist! In addition to these tasty treats you will participate in a variety of activities to help you de-stress from the long week!

  • Cost: $25 per person (4 person minimum)
  • Location: Your home! (In the Burlington, Vermont Area; I will travel to different areas of VT for an additional fee)
  • Available: Friday and Saturday Nights.
  • Duration: 3 hours

Contact me to schedule your Heathy Happy Hour.

Slowly Getting Back…

to normal.

For the first time this week I am up early because I want to be. I didn’t have to wake Neil up every 2 hours last night and I finally slept through most of the night. I’m still run down and Neil is still having headaches and is weak but things are slowly improving. Yesterday I went back to work which was difficult because I was scared to leave Neil and because I was just so exhausted it was hard to get back into the routine. I am happy to say Neil is getting back to eating and keeping food down (win!) and we went on a half mile walk yesterday.

I am hoping to get back to my normal(ish) routine over the next few days.

Again thank you for all the support!

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

I might be a little MIA the next few days. Neil had a little accident and I had to rush home early from my IIN conference this morning. Neil has a concussion and fractured eye orbital and some minor internal bleeding. The short story is He went over his bike handles when breaking down a hill; the back break malfunctioned and wouldn’t release. He has to stay over at the hospital tonight for observation and has to have another CT scan. Luckily he has a private room (with a view) and I can stay. I am exhausted but so glad he is okay.


Playing Catch Up

Since I have basically not been around any weekend for the past 2 months it’s time to play catch up.  I have Health Coaching work, Immersion, house cleaning, reading and a number of other things to do this weekend on top of the fact we (for some crazy reason) planned two concert outings for this weekend. So I’m taking the weekend off from blogging. I’ll be back Monday with a Weekend Wrap Up Post.

While I am gone Catch Up On my latest Posts:

25 Goals Update

Back on my 25th birthday I made a list of 25 things for my 25th year. Now there is only one month left to accomplish these goals and I still have a lot to do. I also noticed that I was pretty ambitious last year in setting goals to travel the world; this won’t happen again for next years 26 in 26.

  1. Run a 5K DID IT! read about it here
  2. Try Bikram Yoga
  3. Do an overnight hike on the Long Trail. Did it! read about it here 
  4. Visit Montreal (again)
  5. Visit Ottawa (again; first time ever with Hubz)
  6. Visit Toronto (again; missing my bff)
  7. Visit Key West because the Hubz
  8. Visit Chicago- a place the Hubz and I have both never been
  9. Attend the Healthy Living Summit (Didn’t happen this year)
  10. Start my Health Counseling Business This is right on track and going well! I have completed my program and I am certified! Check out mywebsite!
  11. Create an e-book of my recipesI have created TWO e-books already this year!
  12. Laugh more. I have been doing a lot of this
  13. Do more yoga.

  14. Work on my writing skills. I am working on this!
  15. Get all the stamps in my VT Brewers Passport Stamped
  16. Go to a driving range and hit some balls
  17. Read 10 new books. I have read 8 books and a bunch of new cookbooks
  18. Update my blog with a new fun look. Done but still a work in progress.
  19. Eat more oatmeal. Done!
  20. Drink more green monsters
  21. Call my girlfriends more. Doing!
  22. Get a massage* DONE
  23. Get a pedicure
  24. Get a facial (see the trend- love the self care)
  25. Final outfit our house so that it is “grownup” and organized. almost done with this! Done!

So besides all of the excessive travel desires I am staying pretty much on track! So excited to see how much I can accomplish before August!

Okay so recap of what I still need to do to complete my goals (travel excluded):

  • Try Bikram Yoga
  • Go to the driving range and hit some balls
  • Read two books (I am finishing one right now so only one more to go)
  • Drink more green smoothies
  • Get a pedicure
  • Get a facial
  • Get all the stamps in my VT Brewers Passport Stamped (probably won’t happen)
My 26 in 26 goals are going to be a little more accomplishable a not be a million trips; what was I thinking?