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#StyleNeverStops: Reebok Skyscape Maternity Style

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. All opinions are my own.

Reebok Skyscape’s are crafted borrowing the materials and soft molding process used to create lingerie <– doesn’t that just make these shoes sound sexier and well make you feel a little bit more sexy when wearing them? Huge bonus when you are 24 weeks pregnant with #2 and are showing like you are 30 weeks.

Reebok Skyscape Pregnancy Style #Fitfluential via Running With Tongs I have recently reached a point in my pregnancy where my feet hurt if I have a busy day of standing or walking and all I really want are a pair of super comfortable shoes but I also want to pretend to be fashionable. Insert the Reebok Skyscape a shoe that looks cute with most everything and is light weight (only 5.0 ounces) and has Skyspring technology aka they are designed to help support the foot and provide ALL DAY comfort.

Reebok Skyscape Shoe Shot #Fitfluential via Running With Tongs I love the low cut design and they are perfect for wearing without socks (I have tried them with socks but prefer them without). I was concerned at first that wearing them without socks would result in blisters but I’ve been wearing them sans socks for weeks now and haven’t experienced any rubbing or irritation. Yay for seamless construction!

Reebok Skyscape #Fitfluential via Running With Tongs

I have a very limited wardrobe right now so most of the time you can find me wearing them with the outfit above. I also love them with jeggings (best creation ever), maxi skirts or yoga pants (because lets be honest I spend 90% of the time in yoga pants).

Outfits I’m currently coveting that would go great with my pink Reebok Skyscape Shoes:

Reebok Skyscape

FYI: I will be sporting these shoes with everything for the remainder of my pregnancy (and beyond) so this is not going to be the last you see of these shoes.


Bonus Facts: not only are they cute but they have some traction so I don’t have to worry so much about slipping and falling, a concern that I have right now when rainy Portland streets are wet combined with pregnancy balance. Oh and did I mention you can throw these shoes in the washing machine?? Perfect for muddy park days!

Pregnancy Cravings & Pure Leaf Iced Tea

Current pregnancy cravings: berries, doughnuts, raspberry jam and crackers, lemonade, and iced tea.

While I avoided caffeine almost completely during my first 15 weeks of pregnancy I have been enjoying small amounts (8-12oz cup; 4-5 days per week) in the form of coffee or tea during my second trimester. While I usually enjoy hot coffee or tea I have been craving iced beverages specifically sweet iced tea. While I try to go unsweetened for the most part I have been enjoying a cup or two of Pure Leaf Lemon Iced Tea which is lightly sweetened.

lipton pure One of the benefits of tea is that calms me down especially when the stresses of raging pregnancy hormones and a teething toddler takes over. I also like knowing that while I’m sipping on tea I am also taking in antioxidants and helping to fight free radicals in my body.

Like I said I prefer an unsweetened tea but have really been enjoying the fresh brewed taste and light sweetness of the Pure Leaf Lemon. It’s super refreshing and an 8oz glass satisfies my pregnancy iced tea cravings, plus I can pretend that it’s sunny and 80F while I sip on it rather than 55F and raining.

Side Story: Pure Leaf Lemon reminds me of the instant Lipton’s Lemon Iced Tea that my grandmother used to make in huge batches during the summer. Every sip is like being at grandma’s however rather than instant this tea is fresh brewed.

What is your favorite flavor of tea? Do you prefer hot or cold?

pureleafPure Leaf is real brewed iced tea, which means it’s brewed from REAL tea leaves picked at their freshest, never from powder or concentrate. The result is a refreshing iced tea with perfectly balanced aroma, body, and flavor. Learn more at

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12 Vegan Pasta Dishes for Your Sunday Night Dinner

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by All opinions are my own.

Sunday dinners were never a big deal when I was growing up and even today we don’t do anything special but since working on this post I am thinking Sunday night pasta dinners sounds like a good idea. I remember growing up and watching TV shows and movies where Sunday pasta dinner was a thing and always wished that we did that in our house. So here are 12 recipes I plan on making (or making again) for our new Sunday Night Pasta tradition.

A little bit about these recipes:

  • The Super Quick Tomato Basil Cream Pasta has been a favorite for years. This recipe was featured back in 2008 on the blog VeganYumYum and I have been making it ever since. I often make this for omnivores and it is a huge hit!
  • The first time I had the Dairy-Free Spinach Stuffed Shells was actually right after Edith’s birth. A friend of ours brought them over as a baby meal and we have been making them ever since. I make these about every other month and often for potlucks and dinner parties. I also plan on making a batch (or two) for baby #2 freezer meals.
  • I am obsessed with pesto so the Tofurky Aritisan Sausage Pesto Pasta is one of my favorites to make.

Do you have a Sunday Night Meal tradition? What’s your favorite pasta recipe (share link below)?

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