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#LJInspired Insta Challenge

Lorna Jane has done it again. As you know I love her clothes and I’m obsessed with my MNB planner so of course I was thrilled to hear she is releasing a new book -Inspired.


In this inspiring coffee table book you can expect to find

  • Honest & authentic advice from Lorna Jane Clarkson on finding your personal style, dreaming big and balance
  • Nourishing recipes that look almost too good to eatp;
  • A glimpse into the inspiring LJHQ office
  • DIY beauty recipes like you’ve never seen before
  • Exclusive Q&A’s and features from iconic women who INSPIRE us
  • Chapters include: It starts with Believe, Dream Big, Style, Beauty, Happiness, Life at Lorna Jane & more…

I can’t wait to get my copy of Lorna Jane Inspired! Pre-order yours today:

#LJInspired MadLibFill in this blog prompt mad lib for a chance to win a copy of Lorna Jane’s new book, Inspired! Get our own copy of the;mad lib here –> #LJInspired MadLib Template, fill in the blanks with your own answers, and make sure to share your link, tagging @LornaJaneActive @FitApproach and hashtag: #LJInspired #SweatPink in all of your shares! 

Love IG as much as I do? Join me starting on Monday, July 13th for a fun 5 day #LJInspired Instagram Challenge hosted by @FitApproach & @LornaJaneActive.

Here are the daily prompts:;

  • Day 1 (Monday, July 13th): How do you dream big? #sweatpink #LJInspired @FitApproach @lornajaneactive
  • Day 2 (Tuesday, July 14th): What’s your fave healthy swap? #LJInspired #SweatPink @FitApproach @LornaJaneActive
  • Day 3 (Wednesday, July 15th): Who inspires you? [Tag 2-3 friends!!] #LJInspired #SweatPink @lornajaneactive @fitapproach
  • Day 4 (Thursday, July 16th): What does happiness mean to you? #LJInspired #sweatpink @fitapproach @lornajaneactive
  • Day 5 (Friday, July 17th): What makes you an #LJInspired girl? #sweatpink @LornaJaneActive @FitApproach

And don’t forget to join me (and@FitApproach @LornaJaneActive) on 7/21 from 5:30-6:30 pm PT for a fun #LJInspired #SweatPink Twitter party for another chance to win prizes & a copy of Inspired:

This post is sponsored by  Lorna Jane. All opinions are my own.

8 Ways to Enjoy Almondmilk

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk.

8 Ways to Enjoy Almondmilk

I have a tendency to be a little erratic when it comes to my grocery shopping. There are very few items that are guaranteed to be on our shopping list every week but Blue Diamond Almondmilk is one that always makes the list without fail. We use almondmilk for so many recipes or simple in our cereal or as a beverage to drink. Here are 10 ways that we like to enjoy our almondmilk. WeekendSnapshots-Milk Bubble Blowing-4

1. A big cold glass. I’ve never really been a huge milk drinker of any kind but sometimes a nice cold glass of almondmilk is in order. Cool, creamy and a perfect snack.

2. In your favorite cereal. We don’t do dairy around here so almondmilk is our liquid of choice to wet our cereal. Edith and I love to drown our cereal in almondmilk while Neil likes to use the least almondmilk possible to wet his. 

3. In mac and cheeze. If you have been a reader for a while you know that mac and cheeze is a weekly occurrence at our house. My favorite version involves almondmilk, nutritional yeast, shredded vegan cheddar cheeze and spices. 

4. A dipper for cookies. I grew up with cookies and milk and still as an adult I love to enjoy a glass of almondmilk with my cookies especially chocolate chip cookies.Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almond Lactation Cookies

5. Smoothies! This one is probably pretty obvious but there is nothing better than a creamy smoothie made with almondmilk. I love almondmilk, banana and chocolate protein powder because it tastes just like a milk shake.

6. In sauces. I use almondmilk as a milk alternative in dairy heavy sauces such as the mac and cheeze I mentioned above or a béchamel sauce to name a few. Side note the unsweetened almondmilk works really well to make a béchamel; once made use it for a yummy vegan lasagna or add pesto for a creamy pesto pasta.

7.Acai Bowls.Who else is on the acai bowl train? I can’t get enough of them. My favorite base is acai, banana, strawberries, vanilla protein powder, almond butter, almondmilk and ice; simply blend and top.

8. Lastly Almondmilk is perfect for……
Milk Bubble Blowing-1

…blowing bubbles in. 

[Recipe] Dairy-Free Chocolate Protein Shake with a Hint of Honey Vanilla Almondmilk

 [Recipe] Dairy-Free Chocolate Protein Shake with a Hint of Honey Vanilla Almondmilk - @RunningWithTongs

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk.

We have been having some crazy hot days around here and when it’s 80F I really have no desire to cook or really spend any amount of time in my hot kitchen. So, whenever that happens I bring out the blender and start whipping up smoothies and shakes. This week Neil and I were all about the chocolate “[almond]milk shakes”. 

Our milkshake bases always start with a heap of frozen bananas and a non-dairy milk from there we like to mix it up depending on what we have on hand or are in the mood for. This week we had a carton of Almond Breeze Almondmilk in the Hint of Honey-Vanilla flavor so that is what we used as our liquid for our shakes. We also added in some chocolate protein powder and in this particular one a chocolate peanut butter but most of the time we use almond butter. 

 [Recipe] Dairy-Free Chocolate Protein Shake with a Hint of Honey Vanilla Almondmilk - @RunningWithTongs

Dairy-Free Chocolate Protein Shake
Serves 2-4 (depending on how hungry you are)

Blend until completely smooth. 

*Tip 1: Freeze your bananas when they are super spotty because that is when they are the sweetest and easiest to digest. 

**Tip 2: For a shake start with 16oz of almondmilk and add more as needed. If you are more into a smoothie/thinner consistency than start with more almond milk. 

I found the Almond Breeze Almondmilk in the Hint of Honey-Vanilla to give this smoothie a subtle extra sweet taste. I tasted it on it’s own as well and it’s sweet but a much more mellow sweet – perfect for smoothies and shakes. 

 [Recipe] Dairy-Free Chocolate Protein Shake with a Hint of Honey Vanilla Almondmilk - @RunningWithTongsWhat’s your favorite warm weather breakfast? 

Are you a thick smoothie/shake fan or a thin? 

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