{Pregnancy Update} 20 Weeks & Predictions

(Photos: Neil and I as toddlers)

How far along are you: 20 Weeks

How big is the baby: About the size of an cantaloupe!

Baby’s Gender: See Below.

Baby’s Name: Status is still the same- 5 boy names and 5 girls

Weight Gained: 10-12 lbs.

Clothes:  I picked up two new tops for our upcoming vacation but I really need to get myself a dress or some capris as well so I’m hoping that when we are in Boston I’ll find a few things to take on our trip.

How are you feeling: I’m feeling good. I have been a little tired out at nights and have been going to bed early which isn’t always fun since Neil has been working late; when I go to bed early that means we hardly see each other during the week. I finally took a real nap yesterday and I ended up staying up until 10pm and getting a bunch of things done, so I think more frequent naps might be in order.

What do you miss: Wearing normal clothes. Wine. Running.

Symptoms: Sore legs in the morning. Heartburn. Shortness of Breath <– I feel so embarrassed about this however it’s a normal symptom because as your uterus expands, it pushes against your lungs.

Cravings: Coconut ice cream. Thai. Lemon Water. Pears. Veggie Burgers.

How are you sleeping: I have actual been sleeping better, I found a position that is somewhat comfortable and I allow myself to sleep on my right side for short periods-about 15 minutes.

Other:  We go in for our anatomical ultrasound on March 2nd and I am nervous, this is normal right? We still won’t be finding out what we are having but the anatomical ultrasound but it will check:

baby’s growing and developing properly. This generally includes taking baby’s heartbeat, checking for physical abnormalities, confirming any suspicions of twins or other multiples, measuring the amount of amniotic fluid (to much or too little could signal a problem), checking the location of your placenta to be sure it isn’t covering the cervix, and taking lots of measurements to make sure baby is the right size for his gestational age. (If your babe measures very large or very small, you may be given a new due date! (source)

Neil and I have decided that we want to keep the sex of our baby a surprise until the birth. This doesn’t mean we aren’t curious as to what we are having so this week I decided to look at some of the ways people attempt to predict the sex of their baby without the use of an ultrasound. I was inspired by these two blogs: here and here.

The Predictions Based on Gender Prediction Charts and Old Wives Tales:

Time of Conception: GIRL
I think we conceived on the day before I ovulated. I have read that male sperm swim faster but die out sooner and girl sperm swim slower but hang out longer, so if we didn’t conceive on the day of ovulation I guess girl? All of this is a bit confusing. 

Cravings: GIRL
It is said that if you crave sweet it’s a girl and if you crave salt you’re having a boy.  I have been craving lots of fruit and coconut ice cream lately which is really abnormal for me.  I honestly have had more coconut ice cream in the last 20 weeks than I have had in the last few years.

Dreams: ??
I haven’t had any dreams (that I remember) that have been about the baby- I feel like this is really weird. 

Sleeping Preference: GIRL
I have read that you prefer sleeping on your left side, you’ll have a boy and if you prefer your right side a girl. Well if you have been following my past pregnancy updates I really can’t stop talking about how much I hate sleeping on my left side.

Morning Sickness Severity: GIRL
Apparently extreme nausea or nausea that lingers all day means you are having a girl. Well I had 12 weeks of all-day sickness.

Mathematical Formula: GIRL
You add your age (2 + 6) to your due date month (7) to your conception month (1+0). Odd equals boy, even equals girl. Mine adds up to 16. 

Chinese Gender Predictor: BOY
I used the chart on The Bump.

Mayan Table: BOY
Seems to be basically the same as the Chinese Gender Predictor.

Wedding Ring: BOY
Hang your wedding ring from a strand of the father’s hair over your belly. If the ring circles, it’s girl; if it swings back and forth, it’s a boy. (source)  We didn’t use a strand of Neil’s hair (that is too precious to remove and it’s not long enough) instead I used a string.

Hands- Soft or Dry?: BOY
If your hands are dry-boy. If your hands soft-girl. Well my hands have been dry lately…however we are having a cold dry winter in Vermont so I blame it on the weather.

Citrus: GIRL
Apparently if you’re craving citrus, you’re having a girl. Well let me tell you for the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy I couldn’t get enough citrus and although my cravings have calmed down I still love me some citrus.

Skin: GIRL
Apparently if your skin breaks out, expect a girl and my skin has been awful!

High or Low?: BOY
If baby is low, expect a boy. High, it’s a girl.–Well I am carrying low. However I have also read that where you carry is based on your body type and whether you have a good set of abs before conception.

Nature’s language:  GIRL
It is believed that nature communicates with humans through forms. In this case, if the mother’s womb is round, it is a girl. If it is pointed, it is a boy (source). I am feeling like I look pretty round so I guess girl?

Heart Beat: GIRL
Is Baby’s heart beat faster than 140 beats per minute (bpm)? It’s a girl. Less than 130 bpm? It’s a boy (source). At our 12 week appointment the heart rate was high 160’s and at our 16 week appointment the heart rate was in the 150’s.

Gut Feeling: BOY er GIRL….um BOY?
For a most of the pregnancy I have thought boy but now after all these predictors I don’t know maybe girl? I guess we’ll find out in 20 or so weeks!

TOTALS: 9 Girl and 6 Boy.

What do you predict we will have? 



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{Pregnancy Update} Week 19

18 Weeks 5 Days

How far along are you: 19 weeks

How big is the baby: About the size of mango or a large heirloom tomato

Suspicion of Baby’s Gender: Yesterday I said I can feel her kicking…so girl?

Baby’s Name: Still 5 and 5. No new ones.

Weight Gained: No idea.

Clothes:  Blargh. My clothes are getting tighter around the middle but I finally got myself a pair of Old Navy Skinny Jean Maternity Pants and I love them.  I also got a cute coat type thing as well which I love.  Now I just need to figure out a few new items for our upcoming babymoon.

How are you feeling: I am feeling pretty good. Right now I am exhausted and irritable after an extra long work day which involved me driving to and from Sugarbush (about an hour and fifteen minutes from our home).

What do you miss: I miss wine.



shortly after posting this Neil and I went out to pick up coconut ice cream: 

Symptoms: Sleeping is still not going well, some days it’s fine and others it’s awful.  SO THIRSTY- today being up on the mountain I gulped back 9 pints of water and half a bottle of orange juice over the 6.5 hours I was there….and now I’m having more.  I don’t know if you call it a symptom but I feel the baby more and more.

Workouts this week: one 60-minute walk, one 20-minute leg and arm workout and one stair stepping session

{Pregnancy Update} 18 Weeks

How far along are you: 18 weeks 1 day

How big is the baby: About the size of Sweet Potato

Suspicion of Baby’s Gender (no we are not finding out): I’m still leaning towards a boy and so is Neil.

Baby’s Name: We have 5 girl and 5 boy names picked out with potential middle names as well.  We had a bit sit down last weekend and narrowed a combined list of 20 boys names and 12 girls names down to our favorites based on the meaning of the name, the origin or the name and potential nicknames.  A few names we like got cut quickly because of nicknames that we hated like for Adeline it would be Addie which I just couldn’t approve of so we now have a small list and will narrow it down a little more the month before and then make a final decision when we meet the little one.

Weight Gained: Depends on the day and the time of day but between 8-10lbs which at 18 weeks I’m pretty happy with since my midwives say I should gain around 15-25 lbs.

Clothes:  My clothes are all getting a little snug around the waist and the chest so I am wearing more and more of the maternity clothes I have purchased (love the sales on Gap Maternity at Baby Gap- seriously tons of items for $2-10).  I also had to finally buy myself a pair of maternity jeans because the jeggings from Old Navy that were wonderful for the first 17 weeks are now getting uncomfortable due to where the elastic hits me even though they still fit.  I am also now on the prowl for some good deals on Spring clothes for our upcoming trip to South Carolina.

How are you feeling: I am feeling pretty good. Tired in the afternoons especially after having a few awful nights of restless sleep; I really don’t think I’ll ever like sleeping on my left side.

What do you miss: sleeping on my back, my stomach, my right side…basically any position that isn’t my let side.

Symptoms: Trouble sleeping. Thirsty all the time. I feel baby kicks, just little ones but they are getting more noticeable every week!

Cravings: The Beach. Gardien chik’n fingers. Chocolate Cake.

Workouts this week: one 35-minute walk, one 20-minute leg and arm workout and one 90-minute pre-natal yoga class

Babymoon update: So Neil and I finally figured out a way to take a (sort of) babymoon.  We had planned to just go to Boston for a short weekend getaway where we will be eating some tasty foods and getting massages (pre-natal for me and sports for him) and then we were going to head home and have a week off from work just to get things done around the house.  Well fast forward to this week. Earlier this week my parents informed us that they were renting a condo in Myrtle Beach for the month of March and inquired if we would like to join them.  Well unbeknownst to me Neil spent Tuesday evening researching flights and chatting with my mom while planning a way for us to meet up with them.  Well to our luck since we were already going to be in Boston we could fly out of Logan and because my loving father  agreed to drive three hours to Raleigh to pick us up because we were able to get amazingly cheap flights. So now we are spending five nights in Myrtle Beach and one night in Raleigh.  Although it isn’t the babymoon of our dreams it is just the vacation that the both of us need.

{Pregnancy Update} 17 Weeks

Week 17: Your baby’s skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord — her lifeline to the placenta — is growing stronger and thicker. Your baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip), and she’s around 5 inches long from head to bottom. She can move her joints, and her sweat glands are starting to develop. (source)

17 weeks 2 days

How I’m Changing

I can finally feel the baby move! I feel little flutters and kicks most days and now I am looking forward to the day where I feel more movement and when Neil will be able to feel them too.
How I’m Feeling
I am still  feeling exhausted and hungry.  I still am having trouble sleeping lately and toss and turn all night and usually am up by 5am.

What I’m EatingI am still on a sriracha kick but I also have been loving salads this week.  I have had big salads with kale chip crumbles and avocado a few times this week and they are so tasty.  I also have been enjoying lots of beans.

 Pregnancy Chat:

Neil and I have been trying to (slowly) get our home ready for baby and part of that is the nursery.  I know that we will be getting this crib thanks to my parents and we have a small Ikea Expedit that we will also be using, however we now have to figure out the other details furnishings and storage.  I was looking into tips and tricks for the nursery and I came across this:

Toss the junk –Having a baby often means you’re showered with gifts. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep and love everything Cousin Gertrude gave you! Take a picture of your kiddo wearing the item or playing with it, write her a thank-you note and put it in the outbound pile [<–love this idea]. As a parent you need to constantly manage both the inflow and outflow of stuff in your space, so dedicate a bag or two for things that are no longer in active use, and once they are full, get them out. Store the items that you love that make the cut for a future child, but pass others along to a mommy friend with different taste or donate them. Swimming in excess samples from the hospital? Stash a few in your diaper bag, use up the ones you love and toss the rest! You don’t need random stuff you’ll rarely use. (source)

I think that this excerpt makes a really good point – if it is just taking up space or it’s just not for you don’t keep it.  I know that many people mean well and want to give you hand-me-downs and things that they really like and while that would never go unappreciated you may just not want/like/need the item. So as I see it don’t feel bad if you decide to donate the item(s), I mean really if you kept everything you were ever given you might see yourself on the next episode of Hoarders and nobody wants that.

 For those of you who are parents or parents-to-be how do you handle unwanted/needed gifts? 
Random Facts of The Week:
  • Total Weight Gain: 7 pounds (I think).
  • Workouts:  prenatal yoga and Summer Sanders Prenatal Workout – I have also started a new workout plan that is posted on my fridge with my goals to do 2 workouts and prenatal yoga each week and a bonus day when I can. Every 4 weeks I will evaluate my progress and if I complete my 2 workouts and yoga each week I get to go to the spa for a pre-natal massage.
  • Baby Items Purchased: Lots of nursery items including a dresser off craigslist (only $50), an ottoman with storage, a lamp and a few decorations.
  • Gender Suspicions:  boy.
  • Cravings: sriracha.

{Pregnancy Update} Almost 16 Weeks

Where has the time gone? I am just now getting around to write my Week 15 pregnancy update but since I am 15 weeks 5 days today I think I will do a 15/16 week update.

Week 15: Your growing baby now measures about 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in at about 2 1/2 ounces (about the size of an apple). She’s busy moving amniotic fluid through her nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in her lungs begin to develop. Her legs are growing longer than her arms now, and she can move all of her joints and limbs. Although her eyelids are still fused shut, she can sense light. (source)

Week 16: Get ready for a growth spurt. In the next few weeks, your baby will double his weight and add inches to his length. Right now, he’s about the size of an avocado: 4 1/2 inches long (head to rump) and 3 1/2 ounces. His legs are much more developed, his head is more erect than it has been, and his eyes have moved closer to the front of his head. His ears are close to their final position, too. The patterning of his scalp has begun, though his locks aren’t recognizable yet. He’s even started growing toenails. (source)

And finally a photo of moi…

(please ignore the crazy eyes)

How I’m Changing

I am getting rounder. Duh right? I especially feel rounder in the evening after I’ve eaten all day and everyday I feel a little bit different.  Now you can finally see the physical changes and I will post a new photo each week from now on so you can watch my changes.

How I’m Feeling

I am feeling exhausted and hungry.  I am having trouble sleeping lately and toss and turn all night, this whole sleeping on my left side thing just isn’t my favorite. I end up tossing and turning from side to side to relieve my hips.  In addition to aching hips, my mind is racing a mile a minute creating lists of things I need to do to prep for the baby.  Oh and don’t get me started on the crazy dreams! Needless to say I am trying to get used to all these changes and I try to find time to sleep when I can.


What I’m Eating

I am eating everything lately! I am so hungry all the time so I have been eating small meals throughout the day. Currently my favorite things are brown rice with beans and sriracha and my husbands AMAZING pasta he made the other night with veggies and garlic <—craving this right now.
Random Facts of The Week:

The Great Debate: Babymoon

babymoon : A last vacation taken by expectant parents before a baby is born.

Ever since we found out we were expecting I have had a babymoon on the brain and I have been searching and searching for the perfect trip.   The trip must fit into our limited budget since our normal fun/travel budget is much smaller with a baby on the way and it must be somewhere relaxing.  Usually when we travel we are always on the go, running around to here and there, this time we want to just sit and relax. The other factor that we have to consider is the fact that I only have a small window of opportunity to fly and unfortunately that is February to mid-March, the most expensive time to fly south from Vermont (of course).

Ideally our babymoon would be spent somewhere like this:


Sunny, warm and on the beach with a virgin mojito in my hand.  Instead we probably will have to go with Option B:


Still on the ocean but only 4 hours driving from home and about 40 degrees colder (I don’t think we’ll be lounging on the beach.)

Either way I know we will have an amazing time together.

Did you go on a babymoon? Where did you go? 

{Pregnancy Update} 14 Weeks

I had planned on writing this post a few days ago but now here I am at 14w4d and I’m finally posting here on the new blog. I also had said that I would have my first bump photo but well the weekend got away from me and I didn’t have Neil take one so expect one at at 15 week update.

How I’m Changing

I am starting to finally look more pregnant.  I have mini bump and I’m looking forward to the day when I have a big noticeable bump.

How I’m Feeling

I am feeling really good, but pretty tired out in the evenings and I have been going to be at 7:30p-8:30p and getting up at 4:30a most mornings.  I am going to attempt to get myself into a better routine because early wake ups just aren’t working for me. I am also going to increase my workouts to 3-4 times per week and hopefully attend pre-natal yoga once per week starting this week or next.


What I’m Eating

This week I have eaten lots of salads, bean dishes and too much coconut milk ice cream.  Saturday I made a polenta lasagna which was delicious but I ended up with ridiculous indigestion which doesn’t seem to want to go away.
Random Facts of The Week:
  • Total Weight Gain: 5 pounds (I think).
  • Workouts:  um none this week. Fail.
  • Baby Items Purchased: 10 for $10 onesies.
  • Gender Suspicions:  Still leaning towards a boy.
  • Cravings: beans and creamy foods.