Postpartum Weight Loss “Plan”

Here I am at 31w3d pregnant with baby #2

Here I am at 31w3d pregnant with baby #2

I’m not going to lie I am really hoping that I actually lose the baby weight this time around. With Edith I gained around 25-28lbs and within the first 8 weeks I lost 15 of those pounds. Then I got the Paraguard IUD and quickly the weight came back on. I will also admit the Oh She Glows Chocolate Chip Cookies and the stress of moving didn’t help with my weight loss either. When we moved to Oregon I made an effort to get my diet back on track, started running 4 days per week and doing 1-2 days of strength training. Despite all of that I simply wasn’t (and didn’t) lose any of the baby weight.

1 Year Postpartum after having Edith

1 Year Postpartum after having Edith

Finally at 16 months postpartum I decided to have my IUD removed due to negative reactions to it (I’ll write more about that another time) and while I had it removed due to non-weight related reasons I was as little hopeful that I might start to see my weight go down. Well as you all know we are pregnant with #2 and due in 7ish weeks. So I never had a chance to test my theory. Also that means I started my pregnancy at the same weight I ended my last pregnancy and I have gained 20lbs so far and if you want to do the math that means I have between 45-50lbs to get back down to my baby #1 pre-pregnancy weight oh and on top of that I was already about 15lbs over my ideal weight when I got pregnant with Edith. So that is 60-65lbs to get down to my goal weight.

Summer 2011 before getting pregnant with Edith <-- also my goal weight

August before getting pregnant with Edith

Baby #2 Postpartum Weight Loss “Plan”:

  • I am not going back on birth control as we are two and done so birth control is officially all Neil *snip snip*.
  • My first priority is feeding baby #2 so for the 12 months my focus is to keep my milk supply up so I can feed my baby.
  • I plan to get back to running at around 9-12 weeks postpartum depending upon my healing this time around (with Edith it took me a lot longer to heal then I had hoped).
  • I plan to incorporate 2 days of strength training into my workout routine and light cardio once I am cleared to get back to normal activity.
  • I also plan to get back in a yoga routine since I have a 10 punch pass to a studio by our old house (and now by Neil’s new job) that I was lucky enough to get the expiration date extended until sometime in December.
  • Keep my eating in check! Postpartum/nursing hunger is no joke. Seriously when I first had Edith and was nursing non-stop I could have eaten everything in site.  This time around instead of lots of Oh She Glows cookies I’m focusing on keeping it healthy but also making sure not to be too hard on myself when it comes to having a treat here and there.
  • Drink lots of water! Nursing makes you crazy thirsty and staying hydrated helps to flush toxins out of the body and helps to prevent water weight (I know crazy right?).
  • Buy myself postpartum clothes in whatever size I have to buy. I wore maternity clothes until around 8 months postpartum with Edith because I was just waiting to lose the weight and didn’t want to spend the money on new clothes that I hopefully wouldn’t have to wear too long. The thing is that wearing maternity clothes after the first six weeks of being postpartum is just depressing. Wearing clothes that fit well and look nice is an incentive to keep with it! It’s motivating! Feeling confident in what I am wearing helps me feel good and keeps me on track so this time around I’m not going to be wearing maternity pants for months and months postpartum. I actually have been consigning maternity clothes as the seasons change so that they just won’t be in my closet ie. I won’t be tempted to wear them.

So that is my current plan. How did you deal with losing the baby weight?

The Reality Of My Day With No Sleep

bedIt’s 10pm and I’ve been asleep for a few hours already but I woke up dying for a giant glass of water and a bowl of cereal. I head to the kitchen and chug back a glass of water and then pour myself a big bowl of cereal with almond milk. I stand in the kitchen and eat my bowl of cereal and throw back another glass of water before heading back to bed. I’m back in bed at 10:15pm and asleep shortly after.

Then 3am rolls around I wake up and spend the next 20 minutes just laying there hoping to will myself back to sleep but it’s just not happening. I grab my phone and headphones and put an episode of The Office on, put my eye mask on and hope that I will fall back asleep while listening to Dwight and Jim play pranks on each other.

Well 5:27am rolls around and I’m still awake and at this point Edith is stirring. I rub her belly hoping that maybe just maybe she will go back to sleep for another 30-45minutes and that I will too because I know a long day is ahead of us. It’s 5:45am and Edith is wide awake, which means we are too.

We get ready for the day and decide to head out for a family breakfast date at Harlow where Edith and I share a delicious plate of polenta with kale, beans, tempeh and chipotle hollandaise and toast. Since finding a breakfast spot with good coffee is rare we make a quick stop at Heart to pick up coffees and unfortunately ended up getting a decaf and I know it’s better for baby #2 but this mama needed some “real” coffee today.

After dropping Neil off at work I attempted to go grocery shopping but I just couldn’t seem to focus. I picked up a few things and about 10 minutes into our trip I was feeling so tired and nauseous that I had to leave. Edith and I paid for our few random items and headed home. Next thing I know I look in the rear view mirror and see that Edith is passed out. For all you parents out there you know that 99% of the time this means that having an at home nap is out of the picture. In this case it meant no nap for me either; a nap I was counting on to make it until dinner (aka when Neil gets home).

Since then I have been in survival mode. We had a simple lunch of things I didn’t have to cook and have spent most of the day reading books and watching too much TV. Neil she be home from work soon and I hope that he can tire Edith out a bit so she goes to bed….err so we both go to bed early.

Tell me about your day!

Working Towards a Fit & Healthy Pregnancy

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 9.55.14 PMHello Second Trimester!

I went into the first trimester with the hopes of really kicking this pregnancy off with a super healthy start and honestly I fell short. The morning sickness set in hard and having an active toddler who doesn’t always like to nap through me for a bit of a loop. While this time around my food aversions were a bit more mild my gag reflex has been on over drive.

I know maybe a little TMI but I’m just going to tell it like it is. I have for the most part been able to stick to healthier eating because I still want salads, fruit, and other veggies unlike Edith’s pregnancy when all I wanted was citrus and bagels. However because my gag reflex has been so sensitive eating can be a challenge at times. Now I’m not talking vomiting (although that has happened this time which it didn’t with E) I am talking gagging like extreme gagging. Please tell me there is some other mama or mama-to-be out there that experienced this terrible pregnancy side effect. The worst part is drinking water actually triggered my reflex at times so I haven’t been drinking as much water as I should.

To top things off in the first trimester I was not getting in my workouts. A big part of this was just pure laziness. I was tired all the time due to the first trimester hormone rush and the fact that Edith went through a nap regression ie. she wouldn’t nap or would only nap on me. So getting in naptime workouts was a struggle and honestly when I did get a break I wanted to sleep instead of workout. At night I was going to bed at 7:30p with Edith because I was so exhausted.

So lets fast forward to the last few weeks. I finally am getting my energy back, my reflex has calmed down (although not disappeared) and I have been way more active. Neil and I got a couples gym membership to our local community center and it has been great because I get in a few workouts there per week and Edith and I go to the pool a few times per week. I am not getting in my goal of three gym workouts per week yet but I am working on it (right now I’m at 1-2). I also have been making more time to do workouts at home and have overall been more active while at home (ie. not sitting on the couch, laying in bed or just sitting around on the floor playing with Edith).

Now that I am feeling better I am determined to make this the most healthy pregnancy I can and somethings that I am doing/goals I have are:

  • Drink 70-100oz of water per day. I know that sounds like a lot to some of you but when you are pregnant you need to drink more water than you normally would. Right now I am closer to 64oz so I am working hard to increase that. One thing that I have been making an effort to do is to drink 1L of water first thing in the morning before I even eat. I find that this really helps me to stay on track during the day.
  • Workout 5 days per week. This is going to include a combination of at home workouts, walks during the day and gym workouts. Currently this is in the goal stage as I am consistently getting closer to 3 workouts per week. Time to up my game!
  • Bi-Weekly Prenatal Yoga (at a studio). This time around prenatal yoga is a little more challenging for me to get to due to Neil’s work schedule and the fact that many classes are during the day. When I was pregnant with Edith I didn’t have a toddler to care for as well so I was able to go 1-2x per week. This time around I am hoping to go at least every other week. I haven’t yet found a studio but I did some research this week and found two that offer a weekend class that I should be able to attend. So over the next few weeks I am going to go to both and see which one I enjoy more.
  • Eat 90% of meals at home. First trimester sickness and tiredness really put us in a downward spiral of eating too may meals outside the home or takeout meals. I would do great for breakfast, lunch and snacks but come dinner time I was wiped out. So we would turn to take out or dining out and although we tried to make healthier choices when doing so it will never be as healthy as eating at home.

What tips do you have for staying fit and healthy?

Baby #2 Updates

Let’s talk baby #2.
This time around I will not be sharing weekly updates on RWT but rather over on our family blog Naturally Family. If you have no desire to follow NF but would like to follow my pregnancy I will be posting links to my weekly updates and other baby #2 related posts under the pregnancy tab on the RWT top bar under BABY #2 (see below). Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 6.37.27 PMSo while I won’t be sharing weekly updates or other baby related things here I will be sharing my journey to have a fit and healthy pregnancy. I’ll be sharing my workouts, prenatal DVD’s that I enjoy and prenatal workout clothes (which I am in need of). I will also be talking about food and overall health. If you have questions please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer them!


Getting Back to Normal

I felt like eating something new this week!

I felt like eating something new this week!

Tomorrow is Neil’s birthday and it is also his last day of vacation which means he’s back to work full-time and it’s just me and E all day. While I LOVE having Neil home (he was off for two weeks) I am ready to get back into our normal routine. I feel like since Thanksgiving our schedule has been a bit off due to the holidays, Neil’s vacation, my parents visit and oh yeah the morning sickness.

Now that I’m feeling better(!!) I am so ready to get back into our normal morning, day, evening and weekend routine. I really never knew how much I loved a routine until suddenly ours was thrown off for such a long period. I am ready to get back to consistent workouts and to try out my new prenatal workout video.  Speaking of workouts we joined the local community center gym which means we have access to the pool, weights and cardio equipment. I’m so excited to be a gym member once again and to take Edith swimming a few days per week.

I am also feeling better which means back to regular blogging. I really have missed blogging but sitting in front of a computer screen has just added to my nausea so I have been trying to do it in short spurts but it hasn’t been very successful. Also since I’m feeling better that means I have been doing more composed meals and I am hoping to share some new recipes with you soon! I’m also taking recipe requests.

Side note I won’t be sharing my weekly pregnancy updates here this time but I will be sharing them over on Naturally Family and I recently shared some answers to readers questions regarding baby #2 if you are interested you can check them out here.