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We have wanted to go to Harvest at The Bindery since it opened at the beginning of this year.  But,  with our lack of date nights,  we just hadn’t been able to make it there for a date night dinner. I am not sure how long they have been doing brunch but we stumbled upon it by chance on Saturday. We were out and about Saturday late morning and decided that we should go out for brunch. After perusing Yelp, we saw that Harvest at The Bindery had brunch and Neil and I both squealed a little. Finally we were going to have our chance to give it a try without having to worry about getting a sitter. 


We checked out the brunch menu and instantly wanted to order almost everything on the menu. If I could have justified the cost and had three or four stomachs I just might have. But, nevertheless, we only ordered a few things and they were all delicious. 


We started off with the biscuit and jam. The biscuit, while a bit dense, was really tasty and the jam was housemade and delicious. Neil and I snagged a few bites but the kids devoured most of it.


Neil and I also shared one of their spicy dilly bloody marys and it was easily the best bloody mary I have had in Portland. We followed this one up with the spicy smoky one to share as well and while it was good the dilly was so flavorful and refreshing and the pickled veggies were amazing.


For one of our mains we shared the hazelnut french toast and it was incredible. There is something about french toast that is made with baguette that I just love. The chocolate hazelnut spread tasted better than nutella and that coconut cream on top was amazing.

On the flip side we also chose one of the savory options, the benedict. For me the true test with a benedict is how good the hollandaise sauce is and in this case it did not disappoint. I was sold just based on that. The kale and the housemade seitan were fantastic. The only thing I didn’t love about the benedict was the butternut squash. I felt like it didn’t add a lot of flavor to the dish and roasted mushrooms or a slice of tomato would have been a better addition. 2015_11_14_HarvestatTheBindery-benny

I didn’t get a photo but we also had one of the herbs hasbrown casserole but compared to everything else it fell flat. It was mushy and bit bland. I wish it had been crispy on the outside but it was essentially a mashed potato patty.

Overall we loved Harvest at The Bindery. I would recommend ordering the french toast, the benny and a spicy bloody mary with the dilly mix. 

Now we just need to get a sitter so we can go on a dinner date there! 

Have you been to Harvest at the Bindery? What did you think? What is your favorite thing to order out for breakfast/brunch?

Celebrate the Summer Solstice 2015 | Portland, OR Edition

Summer officially starts this Sunday! Whose excited? I know I am, although I feel like summer has already started and that for some reason it already feels like it is flying by. Here are a few ways to get out and celebrate the Summer Solstice; which is at 9:39am on June 21, 2015 for those who live in PDX. 

Celebrate the Summer Solstice 2015 | Portland, OR Edition |  Athleta Porltnad

Looking for a fun way to kick of summer? If you are in Portland the Athleta at Brewery Blocks​ (and I think Althleta’s across the country – check your local store) is hosting a Summer Solstice event on Sunday 6/21 from 9-11am. Join instructor Jasmine Ziska for an invigorating sun salutations class celebrating the beginning of summer.  Greenleaf Juicing Company​ will be in house sampling fresh juices.  Since this is a special day for Dads, bring the kiddos and let them have fun at our Father’s day card making station while you take class! We are camping but are planning to stop in to join the fun and have Edith join in the card making. 

Celebrate the Summer Solstice 2015 | Portland, OR Edition

Once your done celebrating the Summer Solstice at Athleta grab your bike and head across the river to North Portland for the North Sunday Parkways. Enjoy 9.5 miles of care free (except local traffic) bliss as you bike, walk or roller blade around North Portland. Plan to stop for some free ice cream, a concert in the park or a jump in the bouncy castle or maybe a little disc golf or zumba. 

Celebrate the Summer Solstice 2015 | Portland, OR Edition

If yoga and biking aren’t your thing than just get out and spend some time in nature. You don’t need to live in Portland to do this but if you do why not head to Forest Park and explore the trails? There are so many beautiful trails and it’s the perfect way to celebrate the start of summer. Might I suggest starting at the Audubon Society and heading up the Wildwood Trail to Pittock Mansion for beautiful views and if you time it just right you just might be able to fit in a few sun salutations at 9:39am to ring in the Summer Solstice. 

Disclaimer: Athleta provided me with a free top and yoga mat in exchange for sharing their event. I think it’s a great event and was happy to share. All other events are ones I chose to share. I received no compensation for this post. 

SPRING FAVORITES | Food | Sriracha Almonds, Tidbit Food Farm, Nature’s Bakery

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds
SPRING FAVORITES | Food |  Sriracha Almonds, Tidbit Food Farm, Nature's Bakery
Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds. When I was pregnant with Edith I must have gone through about five bottles (maybe more) or sriracha. I was obsessed with having it on everything and just couldn’t get enough. While it’s almost three years (yes my baby is turning three in three weeks) since I was pregnant with Edith my love for sriracha shines on. To say I was eager to try the new Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds was an understatement and let me tell you they do not disappoint.
SPRING FAVORITES | Food |  Sriracha Almonds, Tidbit Food Farm, Nature's Bakery
These almonds have a nice spice to them without being too over the top and they are bold, savory and have just a bit of a nice vinegar tang. We brought these hiking with us last weekend and between the three of us (Edith included) we finished off 3/4 of the tin. We would have finished off the entire tin but we had to practice a little restraint since we had brunch plans but oh it was hard.

These are a great hiking snack, moving snack – ooo these would be so good tossed into some popcorn with a little vegan butter and nutritional yeast – and these would be great for a cocktail party. Basically these are just good. I know I’m rambling but they are. 
SPRING FAVORITES | Food |  Sriracha Almonds, Tidbit Food Farm, Nature's Bakery
Tidbit Food Farm & Gardens. I am embarrassed to say how often we head to this food cart pod (and how many more trips we already have planned) but after the first visit we were hooked. The first time we visited we had vegan waffles, ramen and salad – all were so delicious. On our last trip we got an amazing vegan burger from Earth Burger and oh the fries and the smoothie – they were so good. We also went back for another salad from Garden Monster; a bit on the pricey side but so good (try the vegan ranch). I love the layout of this food pod, all the vegan food options and the location. Tip: If you can’t find a seat grab your food to go and head one block down to the park. 

SPRING FAVORITES | Food |  Sriracha Almonds, Tidbit Food Farm, Nature's Bakery

Tidbit Food Farm – Earth Burger

SPRING FAVORITES | Food |  Sriracha Almonds, Tidbit Food Farm, Nature's Bakery

Tidbit Food Farm – Salad Monster

Nature’s Bakery. I figured I should end my food favorites with the snack that we don’t leave home without these days. We have been devouring Nature’s Bakery fig bars for the past few months. We received a stock for our snack dates over on Naturally Family and we have been eating them ever since. I have to say I was a fan of these bars before we received samples but we got to sample the soon to be released gluten free bars and OMG they are simply amazing. 

SPRING FAVORITES | Food |  Sriracha Almonds, Tidbit Food Farm, Nature's Bakery

The regular whole grain bars are delicious but the gluten free bars are soft and moist and oh so good. I’m thinking I need to go get one to snack on right now just writing about them. They are a fan among everyone in our family and our snack date groups. Just so good. 

What foods are you loving right now?