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{Giveaway} Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

The following post is sponsored by Girls Gone Sporty on behalf of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. All opinions are my own.

12week3 I’m so excited to share with you an awesome giveaway that two lucky readers will win!

As you may remember this past October I took on the challenge to participate in Michelle Bridges 12-week Body Transformation 4-week program. This program included one week of prep and four weeks of of meal plans, workouts plans, mindset videos and lots of support from Michelle, her team and other participants.

After just four weeks I could really see and feel a difference in my body and my mindset on fitness and eating. I lost a little weight, my clothes fit better, I had an increase in energy, I got back on track with my workouts and the program helped me to eat more mindfully. You can check out my posts here:

This is one program that I ACTUALLY STUCK TO. While I had a few off days I hoped right back into things and I followed through with the four week program and I saw results. I found the prep week to be essential to my success because it helped me prepare for the weeks ahead. I was able to get myself in the right mindset and ready to take on the challenge rather than just jumping in. The workouts were just what I needed to stay on track with my workouts and I loved how flexible they were as well allowing me to chose my setting (indoors, outdoors, gym). Lastly, it was great to have others to connect with via the forums so that I could ask questions and find support to help me push through the hard days. Now you can take my word for it or you can see for yourself what this program is all about and luckily two readers will have their own chance to experience the full program for themselves!

michellebridges So the Pre-Season of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Round 1 is currently in session and open for sign ups! Since Round 1 of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation kicks off February 3rd, 2014 and continues for 12 weeks the giveaway will be open until January 26th so that you have a full week to prepare! The awesome part is that everyone who signs up for Round 1 starts together and and finishes together so you will be taking on this journey with other participants who are ready to get their lives on a healthier track.

Other important facts about Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation:

  • Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformationn program is delivered online by Michelle herself, where she will be your trainer, coach, and mentor at a cost much lower than a personal trainer. The cost is $19.99 per week of $199 one-time-payment
  • Pre-season: Like any great journey, preparation is the key! Michelle has designed 12 Pre-Season tasks to set members up for success and get the most out of their upcoming 12WBT Round 1. Every few days of Pre-Season, a new task will be unlocked for members to complete. Don’t worry these task are EASY to fit in and like I said above they were essential for me to stay on track so don’t overlook them!
  • Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation is not a one size fits all program. It’s customizable based on your fitness level and goals such as weight loss, running or strength training. It is even customizable for those who are breastfeeding or pregnant!

Check out the success stories on YouTube:

So here is the moment you’ve been waiting for and I am so excited to have the opportunity to offer 2 of my readers full Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation memberships.

Giveaway ends January 26 at midnight EST. Enter below.

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{Review & Giveaway} Laptop Lunches

As you can see from my posts over the past week I have really been enjoying my Laptop Lunches Bento.  Although I no longer have to take a meal to work with me I love creating lunches for Neil and plus a laptop lunch box is a perfect fit since he is a senior java developer.

Neil has taken all of these lunches shown to work with him and everything stayed in place with no leaking! He even brought it in his backpack when he biked to work and there were no issues!

I love how there are little compartments for each food which makes it great for packing the main lunch and snacks all in one place.

There really isn’t much that I don’t like about this lunch box except I would make  it a little taller because although my apple could fit in the lunch box wouldn’t close with it in it.

The Giveaway (closed):

Please leave a separate comment for each entry. Also note the additionally entries only count if you complete the mandatory entry first. Giveaway ends 9/23/2012 at 8pm EST.


Laptop Lunches is giving one lucky reader a $25.00 gift certificate to their store!

Mandatory: Head on over to the Laptop Lunches website and tell me what you would buy with the gift certificate.

Additional Entries:

- Like Laptop Lunches  on Facebook

- Follow Laptop Lunches  on Twitter.

- Tweet: “I want to win @runwithtongs @laptoplunches giveaway”

Boba Baby Wrap & Giveaway!

When we first found out we were pregnant I knew immediately that we would be the type of parents who would take on the practice of babywearing.  As we learned in our Natural Baby Care Class there are a number of benefits to babywearing which just made us more excited to try it out.

Did you know?*

  • Babies that are held/carried often cry less.
  • Babies that are held/carried are calmer.
  • Babies that are held/carried are better sleepers.
  • Babies that are held/carried nurse more frequently.
  • Babies that are held/carried have better digestion, especially those who experience gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Babies that are held/carried develop better.

Once we decided to babywear we had to then figure out which carrier would be the best for us to use.  There are so many different types of carriers (you can read about them here) it can get really confusing and honestly expensive because I really want to try them all but alas I have to reign myself in and only try a few.

Since Edie is so tiny our options have been more limited on which carriers are safest due to the weight minimum of many carriers, many are 8lbs which I am happy to say Edie should be up to now or at least soon. So to start out with we have been using the Boba Baby Wrap which I am happy to say Neil and I have both really been enjoying.

The Boba Baby Wrap is the perfect wrap style carrier – with its unique fabric blend and the no-guesswork tying, the Boba Wrap is a great choice for beginners and advanced babywearers alike. The simple design of this baby wrap, free of buckles, straps or buttons makes it perfectly comfortable for both you and your baby. By evenly distributing the weight of your child, there is no time limit to how long your baby can stay in the wrap, so you may calm and sooth your baby with your warmth, your voice, your movement and your heart beat as long as you are both content! (Source)

It took Neil and I a few tries to get the fit right but after watching a few videos and following the instructional photos we finally figured out how to do it correctly.

What I love about the Boba Baby Wrap:

  • The fabric is light which is great with how hot our summer has been.
  • Edie feels secure in it.
  • Edie sleeps in the wrap leaving my hands free to do other things.
  • I can wear it anywhere.  I love to wear it out because Edie sleeps in it and I can walk around without having to push a stroller and it leaves my hands free to eat, drink or shop.

What I don’t love about the Boba Baby Wrap:

  • It takes some thinking ahead when I am planning to wear it out.  I have found that the best way for me to prepare is to put it on before we head out so when we arrive at our destination I can just take Edie out of her car seat and place her in the wrap.  Prior to doing this I would end up dragging the long fabric on the ground as I tried to wrap it around myself.  It’s not a huge deal but I just wish it was a little more convenient to put on quickly.

Overall we love our Boba Baby Wrap and one day when Edie is bigger we hope to try out the other styles of carriers that Boba have to offer.


Enter for your chance to win a Boba Baby Carrier, and one of two Boba Wraps! All products can be seen at With Boba products it is easier than ever to enjoy Freedom Together as a family and Boba wants YOU to get a chance to use their products. To enter to win, “Like” them on Facebook (, follow them on Twitter ( and follow them on Pinterest! (

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*Source: From Babywearing: The Benefits and Beauty of This Ancient Tradition by Maria Blois, MD (Pharmasoft Publishing, 2005) found in excerpt from Mothering magazine.

Disclaimer: Boba provided me with their product at no cost. I was under no obligation to review them if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway.

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