Drinking Macaroons For Breakfast

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning; I think it’s because I got way too much sleep. Once I finally pulled myself out of bed and showered I decided to have some breakfast.  You’ll never guess what I had…..SOYGURT.  Today I had peach with oats, flaxmeal and banana.  I also made myself a cup of White Coconut Cream Tea from The Art of Tea. I just took a sip of it and this tea taste like a macaroon.  It’s like a cookie in a warm liquid form without all the sugar, fat and calories.  What can I say it’s a dream in a drink.

After this is all gone it’s time to get a bunch of house work done before I head off to work.  I look forward to the days when we don’t have to commute 45 minutes each way to work and when I don’t have to go in 3 hours before I have to be to my work…..or stay 3 hours after.  You might be wondering why we commute and well I used to work in the city that we live in right now so we decided to get a place here but I left that awful job back in December and now I work in Burlington with my hubby (he’s always worked there) and we have to commute until July 1st when our lease is up. WAHOO can’t wait to move.

Q: Do you rent or own? How long have you lived in your current home? How many places have you lived in the last 5 years? We rent and have lived in our place for going on 2 years.  However in the last 5 years I have lived in 8 different houses/apartments….crazy right!

A Picnic On The Waterfront

It was beautiful this afternoon so I decided to expand our walk into a lovely picnic on the water front.  Hubby has been working so hard at work lately it’s time for a little romance.  I picked up a wonderful spread of food from Healthy Living and Fresh Market and grabbed a blanket from the trunk of the car and we headed out for a walk. Hubby was so delight and surprised it was a great afternoon and BEAUTIFUL! We had lots of amazing food from snap peas with tamari almonds, baguette, olives, dolmas, artichokes, veggies, babaganoush, red wine and vegan truffles.

Wonderful food and a beautiful view.

Q: What do you do for your significant other to show your love and appreciation?