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How Local Can You Go? | Local Food Challenge + Giveaway

Eating local is something that is pretty important in our house. We make an effort to purchase locally produced products and locally grown produce and we are lucky that we have so many great farmers markets in the area and that the grocery stores we frequent the most such as Whole Foods has so many locally produced products and fruits and veggies.  For the month of August we [our family] are putting even a greater focus on eating locally and we are participating in the Oregon Food Bank Local Food Challenge

LFC poster_no events_8x10.jpg copy

The Local Food Challenge is an opportunity for you spend one month really focusing on where your food comes from and to track how much you spend while you do it. Here are a few things to think about before and during the challenge:

  • Local food supports the local economy: Money spent on local food stays close to home and is reinvested in the community.
  • It’s easier on the environment: From helping to maintain farmland and open spaces to reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Locally grown food is full of flavor: Food grown nearby is less likely to have lost nutrient value since the time between harvest and market is shorter.
  • It builds community: Shopping at a farmers market can encourage you to explore the neighborhood, make new friends or reconnect with old ones.

I would say in July we probably only spent about 25% of our monthly grocery budget on local products/produce. So for the month of August we are taking the Oregon Food Bank Local Food Challenge and we are challenging ourselves to spend 50% of our food budget locally. It might be a bit of a lofty goal but I think ultimately it will force us to eat more whole foods and shop the farmers markets and farm stands around us more often. 

Don’t worry you don’t have to have a lofty as a goal as us. You can participate in the Local Food Challenge  with goal to dedicate at least 10% of your food budget on foodsgrown, raised, or caught within 200 miles of where you live. For the average person that’s just $5/week. We’re excited to join Oregon Food Bank for the Local Food Challenge , a month long initiative to eat locally August 1-31. Register today and make a commitment to eat local!



To make shopping locally easier Whole Foods is kindly offering a $50 Gift Card for one lucky RWT reader. Also if you are local to Portland don’t forget to check out one of the Whole Foods Meet The Makers events going on this month. 

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8 Ways to Enjoy Almondmilk

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk.

8 Ways to Enjoy Almondmilk

I have a tendency to be a little erratic when it comes to my grocery shopping. There are very few items that are guaranteed to be on our shopping list every week but Blue Diamond Almondmilk is one that always makes the list without fail. We use almondmilk for so many recipes or simple in our cereal or as a beverage to drink. Here are 10 ways that we like to enjoy our almondmilk. WeekendSnapshots-Milk Bubble Blowing-4

1. A big cold glass. I’ve never really been a huge milk drinker of any kind but sometimes a nice cold glass of almondmilk is in order. Cool, creamy and a perfect snack.

2. In your favorite cereal. We don’t do dairy around here so almondmilk is our liquid of choice to wet our cereal. Edith and I love to drown our cereal in almondmilk while Neil likes to use the least almondmilk possible to wet his. 

3. In mac and cheeze. If you have been a reader for a while you know that mac and cheeze is a weekly occurrence at our house. My favorite version involves almondmilk, nutritional yeast, shredded vegan cheddar cheeze and spices. 

4. A dipper for cookies. I grew up with cookies and milk and still as an adult I love to enjoy a glass of almondmilk with my cookies especially chocolate chip cookies.Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almond Lactation Cookies

5. Smoothies! This one is probably pretty obvious but there is nothing better than a creamy smoothie made with almondmilk. I love almondmilk, banana and chocolate protein powder because it tastes just like a milk shake.

6. In sauces. I use almondmilk as a milk alternative in dairy heavy sauces such as the mac and cheeze I mentioned above or a béchamel sauce to name a few. Side note the unsweetened almondmilk works really well to make a béchamel; once made use it for a yummy vegan lasagna or add pesto for a creamy pesto pasta.

7.Acai Bowls.Who else is on the acai bowl train? I can’t get enough of them. My favorite base is acai, banana, strawberries, vanilla protein powder, almond butter, almondmilk and ice; simply blend and top.

8. Lastly Almondmilk is perfect for……
Milk Bubble Blowing-1

…blowing bubbles in. 

Cooking & Eating in The Great Outdoors – A Call For Help

Cooking & Eating in The Great Outdoors

We have caught the camping bug and we are just running with it. We have already been yurting and tenting and we already have plans for more tenting and also a stay in some vintage trailers. I’m also currently searching for more tenting spots and have plans do a little cabin/yurt camping this Fall/Winter (yay for heated cabins and yurts!) While I am thrilled to be camping I still haven’t quite figured out the whole cooking/eating thing. I either am too ambitious, too boring or I over pack. 

Last night we met up with friends and our littles to see a local children’s musician. After the show we headed out from dinner and since we both had just arrived home from camping that day we of course got to talking about our camping trips and the topic of food came up. When asked what we made I was really wishing I could have share some really fun and creative meals but instead all I could say was veggie dogs and veggie chicken sandwiches – can we say boring?

While I wish I was sharing a bunch of tips and inspired recipes I am instead asking (begging) for your help. Go crazy in the comments and share your favorite camping recipes, tips and foods. TIA!

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