Breaking In New Fitness Gear: Sweaty Betty

I have been breaking in some new lounging err I mean fitness gear around here lately. I don’t know about you other SAHM’s out there but I tend to live in my yoga pants and running tights. Who am I trying to kid though? If you ask my husband I have been living in these two things for the past year plus.

Since I have been living in my old gear I have definitely been long over due for some new duds. Sweaty Betty generously sent me a pair of their Sculpt Workout Capri. Doesn’t the name just make you feel guilty not actually getting a workout on when you are wearing them?

Honestly these are some of the most comfortable workout capris that I have ever sat on my couch and nursed in.  When I’m not lounging in them I have been wearing them out for walks with E and for in home workouts.  They have been really great although a little on the light side when it comes to outdoor workouts in the winter.

Disclaimer: Sweaty Betty sent me these capris at no cost. All opinions are my own.

Breaking In New Fitness Gear: Anhu

Is anyone else sad that hiking season is basically over? I didn’t make it out once this year and it’s a huge bummer because Neil and I have become really big fans of hiking. Last year we did an overnight hike on the Long Trail and it was amazing and then I got pregnant so no hiking this past spring for me and then of course Edith arrived and well no hiking this late summer/fall for me either.

Although I haven’t been out hiking we have been taking advantage of the nature trails around the area. It is great to get back to nature and Edith is in love with being outdoors. There is nothing more calming (besides a boob in her mouth) than being outside in the fresh air.

One thing I hate to do is wear my running shoes for trail/nature walks so I was excited when Anhu generously sent me a pair of their (vegan) Orinda trail shoe. My pair of trail shoes were basically destroyed from hiking and I was in need of a new supportive shoe.

I know it’s not a ‘must’ to have multiple pairs of shoes for different adventures but I really love having a special shoe for trail walking. These ones have great traction, are light weight and dry fast when they are wet which is essential.

Do you wear special shoes for hiking or trail walks?

Disclaimer: Anhu sent me these shoes at no cost. All opinions are my own.

Goal #6 is to increase the intensity of my workouts

Goal #6 is one that I am finding to be the most challenging.

When I was making my plans for postpartum fitness (back before I actually had a baby) I had these grand plans of run/walking the half marathon that I had signed up for (before I knew I was pregnant).  I thought that around 4-6 weeks I would doing low intensity workouts and even start run/walking.  By eight weeks I would be back to consistent running and attending a weekly postpartum yoga class and of course getting out for daily 2-3 mile walks with Edith.  Here we are at almost 20 weeks postpartum and I have been on five runs and the only yoga classes I have attended are baby yoga and I don’t think taking three deep breaths and sounding ‘om’ once counts as yoga practice.

The only workout I was consistently doing were walks with Edith which occur 4-6 times per week and are usually 1-1.5 miles; so not exactly what I had hoped but it’s something. Then about four weeks ago I started Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp and although I feel like it has helped me to get back into a better routine I know that I haven’t been doing the workouts to the fullest.  I know I have a million excuses but it is really challenging to fit workouts in with a demanding 4.5 month old and a husband who works long hours.  At this point I am able to 10-20 minutes at a time and some days that’s all I can fit in.

Goal #6 is going to take some time and dedication to accomplish.  It is also going to involve working out a better plan with my husband so that both of us have adequate time to workout 4-6 times per week.  Right now my fitness intensity is around a 2 and I’d really like it to be at more of a 6 while I am still breastfeeding.

Speaking of breastfeeding that is also a factor that is making fitness a challenge.  I have been having issues with my supply (that’s for another post over on Naturally Family) and so I have to be mindful of the intensity of my workouts as well as making sure I am eating adequate calories and staying hydrated.  As you can see this goal faces a number of obstacles, however these are all obstacles that I know I can work through to get myself to the fitness level that I once was, and who knows maybe even increase that level.

So now is the time when I talk about the action steps that I am going to take to actually accomplish Goal #6

  • Make time. I know that I could make more time to workout.  This means I need to sit down and compare schedules with Neil so that we both have time carved out for our own fitness activities.  I know that I could do earlier morning workouts or even late night but I don’t.  It’s so easy to sink into the couch after putting E to bed, especially after a particularly long day and/or night. On the other hand if I do my workout instead of sinking in I know that I will be able to help myself to have more energy to make it through those tough days, so as much as I dread an early or late workout it’s either that or some mediocre workout that I try to fit in between playing, feeding, and changing diapers.
  • Try out 24 Hour Fitness. Down the road from us is a 24 Hour Fitness gym and often you can get free trial memberships.  I think it’s time for me to try it out and see if I can make it work because getting out of the house, away from the baby, the computer and household chores may be just what I need to get back to my fit self. Why haven’t I done it yet? Well honestly it kind of frightens me.  It’s in a strip mall, I would have to go early in the morning or late at night and who knows who is at the gym at that time and I really hate going to the gym alone but I have no one to go with me (I know suck it up and do it).
  • TBD. More steps to be determined as I go along.

Do you struggle with balancing life and workouts? Do you have any suggestions?

Another Get Off The Couch Update

I have never spent so much time sitting on my ass in my life it’s crazy.  Having a baby takes up so much of my time and this little girl loves to eat so we spend about 70% of the day on the couch or in bed nursing (also in that 70% is my time sleeping and eating).  So what about the other 30% of the day-and this is all just a guess because I haven’t totally tracked it- maybe I should?

During the 30% of the day that I’m not sleeping or nursing or eating myself I am trying to focus on doing more things that get me moving.  I really hate just sitting on the couch especially when I have to because it’s where E likes to nurse but it’s like quick sand once you sit down you just sink in and it’s really hard to get back up (yes we have tried nursing in the carrier and it’s okay but not my or her favorite place). One of the greatest things I have done for myself is sing up for the Best Body Bootcamp, it’s keeping me motivated to workout and not only am I working out 5 days per week I am also finding myself being more active in other ways.

Not only am I getting consistent workouts in I am also getting out a few days a week with E for playgroup and baby yoga and we get out almost daily for walks. Beyond playgroup, baby yoga and walks I have been spending a lot more time babywearing at home so that I can move around hands free with E and we are spending a lot more time on the floor together working on her rolling and tummy time and more time on my feet dancing with her. It seems to be working out well for both of us because I move more and E naps more because she gets tired out more easily. Now just to figure out how to convince her to sleep somewhere other than in my arms….

Q: New moms how do you get off the couch?

Q: Are you participating in BBB? What is your favorite move?