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#StyleNeverStops: Reebok Skyscape Maternity Style

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. All opinions are my own.

Reebok Skyscape’s are crafted borrowing the materials and soft molding process used to create lingerie <– doesn’t that just make these shoes sound sexier and well make you feel a little bit more sexy when wearing them? Huge bonus when you are 24 weeks pregnant with #2 and are showing like you are 30 weeks.

Reebok Skyscape Pregnancy Style #Fitfluential via Running With Tongs I have recently reached a point in my pregnancy where my feet hurt if I have a busy day of standing or walking and all I really want are a pair of super comfortable shoes but I also want to pretend to be fashionable. Insert the Reebok Skyscape a shoe that looks cute with most everything and is light weight (only 5.0 ounces) and has Skyspring technology aka they are designed to help support the foot and provide ALL DAY comfort.

Reebok Skyscape Shoe Shot #Fitfluential via Running With Tongs I love the low cut design and they are perfect for wearing without socks (I have tried them with socks but prefer them without). I was concerned at first that wearing them without socks would result in blisters but I’ve been wearing them sans socks for weeks now and haven’t experienced any rubbing or irritation. Yay for seamless construction!

Reebok Skyscape #Fitfluential via Running With Tongs

I have a very limited wardrobe right now so most of the time you can find me wearing them with the outfit above. I also love them with jeggings (best creation ever), maxi skirts or yoga pants (because lets be honest I spend 90% of the time in yoga pants).

Outfits I’m currently coveting that would go great with my pink Reebok Skyscape Shoes:

Reebok Skyscape

FYI: I will be sporting these shoes with everything for the remainder of my pregnancy (and beyond) so this is not going to be the last you see of these shoes.


Bonus Facts: not only are they cute but they have some traction so I don’t have to worry so much about slipping and falling, a concern that I have right now when rainy Portland streets are wet combined with pregnancy balance. Oh and did I mention you can throw these shoes in the washing machine?? Perfect for muddy park days!

Update: My Fitness Bucket List

Almost two years ago I posted My Fitness Bucket List and to be honest I haven’t looked back at it since. I wrote it a month before Edith was born, seven months before moving cross country and 19-months before being pregnant once again. So needless to say things have changed a bit.

Cheers to an awesome month of running!  Now let's do this!

First off lets review of what my goals where:

  • In 2012 I wanted to attend postpartum yoga. Well that never happened. I ended up taking Edith to baby yoga but never made it to a postpartum class.
  • In 2012 I had grand plans of run/walking the Disney Wine & Dine Half at four months postpartum. Well that just didn’t happen at all. Despite my low expectations timing just wasn’t right for cost, travel and racing. Side note Neil & I was originally going to run the Disney Half in January 2012 but in October 2012 Neil got in a major bike accident which led us defer to the Wine & Dine and then I oops I got pregnant.
  • In 2014 I wanted to run the Vermont City Marathon as a relay team with Neil. Well we ended up moving across the country in January 2013 and well here I am pregnant again.
  • Sometime between June 2012-2017: participate in the Vermont 100 on 100, attend Wanderlust once again, participate in a Ragnar Race (specifically the Key West one) and do the Expedition Everest Challenge with Neil.
  • Lifetime Goal: Hike the entire Long Trail.

I have to say I had some pretty lofty goals. I mean seriously run/walk my first half just four months postpartum after NO running during my pregnancy?? Was I serious? While others were not unreasonable it’s more unlikely that I will be able to do everything on my original list in the time frame I set out purely for financial, travel and family reasons.

So what does my updated Fitness Bucket List look like?

  • April – July 2014: Stay active during the remainder of my pregnancy by getting out for walks, doing prenatal yoga at home and strength workouts.
  • Early Fall 2014: Get back to being active starting as soon as I am cleared for activity and am feeling physically ready. Starting with lots of walking, strength training and yoga.
  • Late Fall 2014: Start C25K or similar run/walk program. Continue with strength training and yoga.
  • 2015: Run a 5K and a 10K.
  • 2016: Run a 5K, 10K and half marathon.
  • 2017: Run a Disney half marathon.
  • 2018: Participate in a group relay race (Ragnar, VT 100 on 100, Hood to Coast, ect.)
  • Lifetime: Hike the entire Long Trail.
  • Lifetime: Take a Barre3 Class.
  • Lifetime: Try paddle boarding.
  • Lifetime: Run a race in every state (no specific length).

What is at least one thing on your Fitness Bucket List?

Fit Pregnancy | Latourell Falls Hike

We have really been trying to get out and take advantage of the beautiful weekend weather here in Oregon. Two weekends ago we hiked up to Wahclella Falls and had a great time so this past weekend we decided to hike Latourell Falls.While I knew that this hike was going to be more challenging I didn’t expect it to be quite as much of a challenge as it was for me.

LatourellFalls_6245 LatourellFalls_6242
When choosing a hike I was looking for something that was had an elevation gain no more than 550ft and was between 2-3 miles round trip. Well, Latourell Falls hike has an elevation gain for 540ft and is 2.4 miles round trip. I thought this would be the perfect hike! Well it was a great hike but shortly into it (I’m talking about a half mile in) it really started to kick my ass. Who knew a 540ft elevation gain was really a lot more than I thought? To top it off the hike begins at a higher elevation than the Wahclella Falls Hike and add in that I’m a week further along in this pregnancy which also makes hikes more challenging.

LatourellFalls_6255 Anyways I brought my hiking polls with me just in case I decided that I might need a little extra support and when we reached the half mile point and I realized we still had to go up and up and up before we started to go down (a little more up) and then down, down, down I decided that it was time to take them out. Looking back at things I should have started with them from the beginning because it this hike started with a pretty steep incline right from the start, at least there are lots of switch backs; if we had been in VT doing this hike we would have been going straight up!

By the time we reached the half way point I was slowly treking along behind Neil who was wearing Edith. Feeling proud that at nearly 22 weeks pregnant I was out there hiking but also feeling a little embarrassed at just how slow I was going and remembering back to the 10-15 mile hikes that Neil and I used to do back in VT where to be quite honest the trails were considerably harder in comparison.

LatourellFallsTwoForFitness_6289 We completed the hike and it felt great but let me tell you that all future hikes will be ones in the easy category with a 400ft or less elevation gain because while I managed to do this hike I know that as my pregnancy progresses that hikes categorized as ‘easy’ are a better option for me!

Q: What are you favorite types of hikes? Have you hiked in Oregon?

P.S. This is the link to the hike we did around Latourell Falls.

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