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Fitness Friday | Grokker

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Grokker.

So it’s no secret that I am really making an effort to get back to regular workouts.  One thing that I am finding however is that getting out of the house to workout is a bit of a challenge to coordinate with two kids.  That being said I have been trying to find ways to fit in a workout at home, even if that workout is only 20 minutes long. I mean a short workout is better than no workout, am I right?

Well that’s when the new health and wellness site, Grokker, comes into play. I tell you I have been hearing about this site for a few months now because Neil can’t stop talking about it.  He asks me weekly if I have tried it out yet and every time my answer is not yet, until now that is.

grokker yoga

When the opportunity to work with FitFluential and Grokker came my way I decided that this was the perfect time to finally check out what all the hype was about. To top it off Grokker is also hosting the October Fitfluential 4 Weeks to Wellness Challenge on their site so it provided me with even more incentive to get working out and participate.

The 4 Weeks to Wellness Challenge provides you with weekly workouts and healthy recipes to try.  The one thing I appreciate is that they offer alternatives for the day as well because sometimes I just don’t want to yoga and would rather do a HIIT workout. Also to be honest the recipes videos just aren’t my thing so I’d rather sub a quick workout for one of the recipes and focus on my own recipes. Hey, I’m not saying the recipe videos aren’t well done, they just aren’t for me.

So far I have done the:

Yoga for Beginners – Sun Salutations (18 min)

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.20.08 PM

Metabolic Meltdown (23:02)

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.21.28 PM


Yoga for Kids: Beach Fun (18:53)

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 3.06.18 PM

Edith has become so interested in yoga and has to get out her go-ga mat almost everyday.  She has a toddler yoga book that goes through a variety of poses that she follows along with so I figured that she would love to do go-ga with mama (or dada).  She went nuts for this video and I can see us doing this a few times per week.

grokker kids yoga

While I might be short on time to go out to the gym or to a yoga class I can always find 20 or so minutes in the day to do a workout video even if that means doing yoga for kids with Edith. I currently am using the 14 day free trial of Grokker but I plan to buy a subscription after this time because I really do enjoy using it and find it helpful for me to keep up on my workouts. I have been slipping in a quick workout during naptimes or right after Edith goes down for bed. I need to get my butt up and out of bed in the morning and work on fitting in my workout then but for now this works. I like not having to fumble with a DVD I can just turn my computer on (I need to get this linked up to my ChromeCast which would make it even easier) and choose which workout I want to do. Easy peasy.

Have you tried Grokker? What to do you think?

For those of you who are still wondering what exactly Grokker is here is a little more info:

What is Grokker?

Grokker is the community driven content network offering high quality, expert-led
videos in three key wellness areas: yoga, fitness and cooking. Grokker makes it
easy and enjoyable for enthusiasts to discover valuable content and seamlessly
organize and share choice topics, experts and opinions with a larger like- minded

How do they choose content?

Grokker offerings must pass strict editorial, quality, and taste standards, with
category managers actively curating a selection of the best tutorials on each
topic available from other Web sources. All content available on Grokker has
been viewed and vetted, as well as categorized and tagged by its editors.

I haven’t tried them yet but Grokker also offers group classes if you are the type of person who really thrives on a community centered workout this might be something for you:

What are Grokker Group Classes?
Grokker group classes are a new feature for the network, which promotes
community-driven wellness through a portfolio of high-quality, in-house produced
fitness, yoga and cooking videos. Grokker group classes allow fitness
enthusiasts to engage with each other and the trainers themselves via online
chat, bringing the group fitness experience right to the users’ living rooms.

The Group Class Experience
Group classes offer Grokker members a way to benefit from the social and
accountability elements of attending a live class, without any of the downsides of
commuting to a gym or studio. At the appointed time, Grokker members join the
class from the Grokker homepage. Upon entry, they are announced in the chat
window and can join in the pre-class chat with other Members. The video class
begins playing precisely at the stated time and after class is complete, members
may continue their chat discussion with fellow class-goers.



I call this “the real plan” because back in June when I wrote my postpartum weight loss plan those were all just ideas of what I would like to do. Now here we are 7+ weeks postpartum, have dealt with my postpartum realities and I’m ready to take on the task of refocusing on my health.


Photo from this weekend. 7weeks1day postpartum with Alder (baby #2).

I am currently 20 pounds away from my pre-baby #2 starting weight and I am 40 pounds away from my pre-baby #1 starting weight.  Add in another 15 pounds that I had hanging on me before my pregnancy with Edith bringing the grand total to 65 pounds away from my happy weight (I’d say I’m about 80 pounds from my idea weight but that’s a whole other plan).

Right now I have three goals based on the above considerations. Goal 1: Lose 20 pounds. Goal 2: Lose 40 pounds. Goal 3: Lose 65 pounds. Now I’m not setting a timeline but I will say that I’d like to accomplish goal #3 by December 2016.

August before my pregnancy with Alder.

August before my pregnancy with Alder.

So let me start off by saying my first priority is nourishing my baby boy and taking care of myself. I am nursing and it’s going great and here are no plans to stop anytime soon so I needed to take that into consideration when I created this plan. So here it goes (based on my original postpartum weight loss plan) …

I plan to get back to running at around 9-12 weeks postpartum. Based on my original plan I said 9-12 weeks postpartum and I’m actually feeling pretty great. I have days that are better than others when it comes to healing ie. I still have some light spotting and soreness when I am overly active but have been cleared to start run/walk at 8 weeks postpartum  That being said I am planning to start couch to 5k (or something similar) next weekend. I am terrified but also excited to get back at it. My plan is to slow (not like that will be hard) and just ease myself back into running.

I plan to incorporate 2 days of strength training into my workout routine and light cardio once I am cleared to get back to normal activity. I haven’t started strength training but my plan is to start this week.  What I have been doing is lots of walking and just this weekend a little bit of hiking. Oh and running up and down three flights of stairs many times per day is getting my ass in shape. So that all being said I’m keeping up with the walking and will be incorporating in strength.

I also plan to get back in a yoga routine. This starts this week! I signed up for my first postpartum class for this Monday night and I can’t wait to get back in the studio. I am starting back slowly with some restorative yoga and let me tell you I just can’t wait. I am going to be doing one class weekly or bi-weekly until my punch pass runs out.  I am also planning to do at least one at home sesh per week.

Keep my eating in check! Bah. This has seriously been the hardest. Nursing is no joke and my appetite is often off the charts. Combine that with a busy toddler, trying to keep house and limited time I haven’t been doing my best at eating well. I have been eating far too many sweets and not enough fruits and vegetables. The plan is to BUY more fruits and vegetables because if we have them in the house we will eat them. The second plan is to buy/make less desserts.  The third and probably most important thing is to menu plan so that #1 and #2 can be successful.

Drink lots of water! When I was pregnant with Alder I had no problem downing (reusable) bottle after (reusable) bottle of water. For some reason postpartum I have been struggling with this despite always being thirsty. My goal is to drink, drink, drink and drinks some more water. Cut back on the coffee and up the water intake.

Buy myself postpartum clothes in whatever size I have to buy. This is easier said than done but I did it. I bought myself (with some gifted from my parents): three bottoms (one of which is already too big), six tops and two pairs of shoes because my feet also grew. I was also sent a few nursing tops for review.  My follow-up to this plan is to continue to buy clothes in whatever size I am at the time aka as I lose weight. I have the next size down in a lot of clothes and as soon as I lose a little weight and my hips (hopefully) shrink a bit they will fit me and then after that I will have to buy all new clothes because I have nada.

Have Fun and Enjoy Life. Stop focusing solely on the number and focus on how I feel. I have two beautiful, healthy children and an amazing, supportive partner and they need met to happy and healthy and to enjoy life with them.

NetartsTrip2014-CapeLookoutEverybody NetartsTrip2014-CapeLookoutCrazyEyes


Run Edith Run!

Neil had his second of three 5 dollar 5k‘s this past Sunday. At each of the 5k’s they have a kids fun run to kick off race morning and at the first 5 dollar 5k we just watched but this time Edith wanted to run. We woke up bright and early, got out the door 15 minutes later than planned (aka the new normal) and we headed to our old neighborhood for Neil’s 5k and Edith’s first race. We parked and as soon as she was out of her carseat she was ready to run.  Edith was raring to go so Neil headed to the starting line to check in while I tended to Alder. When I finally arrived to the starting line I saw this:


Seriously dying! I know she’s mine but come on how cute is she all done up with her Nike’s?

$55kedithsmiles $55kfinishline

As she arrived at the finish line E got a little distracted by my parents who were standing just at the end (as you can see above). I have to admit I teared up as E and Neil came into view and headed toward the finish line. I loved witnessing this moment and it just got me excited for the future.


E had an absolute blast at her first race and she spent the remainder of the day talking about how she ran and how she wants to run again.  She is so excited for the next race in October and I couldn’t be more thrilled that she is so enthusiastic about running right now.

Check out more photos and a video over on Naturally Family.

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