Run Edith Run!

Neil had his second of three 5 dollar 5k‘s this past Sunday. At each of the 5k’s they have a kids fun run to kick off race morning and at the first 5 dollar 5k we just watched but this time Edith wanted to run. We woke up bright and early, got out the door 15 minutes later than planned (aka the new normal) and we headed to our old neighborhood for Neil’s 5k and Edith’s first race. We parked and as soon as she was out of her carseat she was ready to run.  Edith was raring to go so Neil headed to the starting line to check in while I tended to Alder. When I finally arrived to the starting line I saw this:


Seriously dying! I know she’s mine but come on how cute is she all done up with her Nike’s?

$55kedithsmiles $55kfinishline

As she arrived at the finish line E got a little distracted by my parents who were standing just at the end (as you can see above). I have to admit I teared up as E and Neil came into view and headed toward the finish line. I loved witnessing this moment and it just got me excited for the future.


E had an absolute blast at her first race and she spent the remainder of the day talking about how she ran and how she wants to run again.  She is so excited for the next race in October and I couldn’t be more thrilled that she is so enthusiastic about running right now.

Check out more photos and a video over on Naturally Family.

Weekly Meals & Workouts | 2

Photo from this past weekends hike.

Photo from this past weekends hike.

Weekly Workouts:

Saturday: Family Walks

Sunday: 2 Mile Hike to Wahclella Falls Hike See more photos here.

Monday: Family Walk

Tuesday: Family Walk

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Off

Weekly Eats:

This week I didn’t do as good of a job at photographing all my meals (seriously I don’t know how some bloggers do it) but I did get a few shots. I haven’t discussed our budget or meal plan yet but that is coming up next week. We did things a little different this time around so I’ll be sharing the pros and cons of that and what we have learned this month. Until then here are some of my eats this week!

Weekly Eats- Eggplant Pasta Bowl
Eggplant Pasta Bowl (recipe to come)
Weekly Eats- Falafel Bowl
Falafel Bowl –> Falafel Recipe Here.
Weekly Eats- Burrito Bowl
Black Bean Burrito Bowl –> Inspired by this recipe.

Smoked Paprika Home Fries (find out where you can get the recipe here)Morning Star- Meatless Monday- Buffalo FriesBuffalo Chik’n Fires (recipe here)

Other things I ate this week included Ethiopian from an awesome food cart for lunch, homemade pizza, mega veggie sandwich, tofu salad sandwich, gluten free mac and cheese, banana bread and Neil’s Thai leftovers from our foodcart lunch.

Weekly Meals & Workouts

Happy Friday! With all the beautiful weather going on here in Portland this week seemed to go by fast! We have been enjoying the extra light at night and the sunny weather. That also means lots of really great walks with Edith and Neil.

Family walk & 20 weeks pregnant!

Family walk & 20 weeks pregnant!

Weekly Workouts:

Saturday: Off. We did a short (1/2 mile) family walk but that was it because it was a pretty dreary day.

Sunday: Family walk.

Monday: Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Video.  I seriously love this prenatal workout and I loved it when I was pregnant with Edith. I usually do the express workout which is almost a half hour because when I’m home with Edith that’s about as much time as she allows me.

Tuesday: Off. Tried to get Edith to go for a walk but she was protesting being outside (weird child).

Wednesday: Nice long walk to the park for a picnic and then a round about walk home.

Thursday: Walk with Edith in the Boba Carrier on my back one way and front the way home. Seriously this pregnant lady can’t do front carries anymore I was dying by the time I got home.

Friday: Today’s plan is Summer Sanders’ and then a family walk this evening.

You can check out my review of Summer Sanders’ prenatal video here.

Weekly Eats:

So this week I stayed on task (for the most part) for all of our meals. I actually just cooked up the very last of our produce for our lunches today since last night after a long day I decided to get Edith and myself takeout since Neil wasn’t going to be home until after bedtime. Otherwise I used up all of what we purchased for produced with the exception of a few onions.


Meatless Monday- Cashew Tofu Stir FryDinner: Cashew Tofu –> Recipe here.

Weekly Eats - Creamy BeansDinner: Creamy White Beans, Zucchini Fries & Red Leaf Lettuce with Tahini Dressing

Weekly Eats- Stir Fry Veggie RiceDinner: Stir Fried Veggie Rice & Cheezy Edamame Pods

Weekly Eats- PicnicDinner: Picnic- Roasted Chickpeas & Cauliflower, Quinoa & Tahini Cabbage Slaw

Weekly Eats - Baked Banana Oatmeal Muffins & TeaBreakfast: Baked Almond Banana Oatmeal

Weekly Eats - Leftover Cashew TofuLunch: Leftover Cashew Tofu stir fried up and topped with avocado and Franks

Chickpea Flatbread

Lunch: Chickpea Flatbread (recipe to come) with tahini sauce and sauteed mushrooms and onions and a huge red leaf lettuce salad with red wine vinaigrette

Not Pictured: Edith and I had tofu scramble one day for lunch but it was too ugly to share a photo of and most of our lunches were just a repeat of dinner. Also last night for dinner Edith and I shared a lemongrass tofu banh mi and fresh salad rolls. Breakfasts not featured included a bagel with toffutti and quinoa with veggies.

What do you eat this week? How did you get your body moving?

What My Toddler Wears: Reebok VentureFlex


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Reebok and FitFluential. Edith and I both received sneakers as compensation. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

Usually I’m blogging about my own fitness gear but today it’s all about Edith. Recently she received her very own pair of Reebok VentureFlex and she is in love. Seriously this girl is crazy about shoes, I mean if she could wear them all day and night she would but these seem to be a favorite of hers. Every morning before we even get dressed for the day she grabs those shoes brings them to me, sits down and asks me to put them on her.


The VentureFlex, which is just for toddlers – girls and boys sizes 2-10, is more than just a cute shoe that Edith loves they are an overall great shoe. Reebok’s Ventureflex has an incredible flexible outsole, a sock liner tool which helps you quickly size your toddler’s foot and also a wide toe box. One feature I really appreciate is that the shoe offers a good amount of flexibility while still being supportive.

Reebok VentureFlex - great for climbing slides!

Reebok VentureFlex – great for climbing slides!

Although we were provided these shoes for free I have to say that as soon as Edith grows out of them I will be buying her another pair. These shoes have proven to be perfect for walks to the park, running around the playground and they have even made a trip to the science museum where they were worn while doing some crazy water play (yes they dried fairly quickly).  Overall a winning shoe and perfect timing as she had just grown out of her first pair of sneakers.

P.S. This product is available at Finishline in store and online at

Fitness Friday: Holiday Races

So I did something a little crazy Wednesday. I signed up for a 5k on November 16th. It’s 15 days away. Oh and I just got back to running after 3 months off. Crazy.

So despite being a little nutty I decided to sign up for this race.  I have 2 more weeks to train and which will be a total of 3 weeks (I started back up this week). Anyways I’m not running this race for speed or to PR but rather to get out and have fun because it’s The Ugly Sweater Run!

I figured it would be a good way to kick off the holiday season plus it was only $17.70 on Living Social with a discount promo code. I mean really how could I not sign up? Plus I recruited Neil to run it with me since strollers are allowed. Bonus: you also get an Ugly Sweater Run knit hat, stick-on mustache and Two Sam Adams beers (Winter or Boston Lager, or Angry Orchard Hard Cider) <– I am a fan of any race with beer at the end.

So now I need to find ugly sweaters for the three of us, lace my shoes up and get serious about running and get ready for a fun time!

Who else is running holiday races? I am thinking about running another Holiday 5k (sans stroller and sweater) in December but haven’t committed to one yet. I also wish I could run the first night 5k but staying up to midnight on New Years Eve hasn’t happened in many years.

Fitness Friday: October Workouts & New Clothes

So I wish I was checking in to say that I was totally on top of my workouts but I’m not. I am four days into October and have only one one T25 workout. Not a great start but not the end of the world either it just means I need to step up my game. What I am happy to say is that I have been out and active the days that I missed T25.

t25 week 1

I did go shopping today. Clothes shopping. Honestly I have been dreading going clothes shopping because nothing fits well and honestly the tag size gets to me, but today that was different. So I am still far from being back to my pre-pregnancy weight but I am getting there. I even bought clothes a size smaller today and I have to attribute that to my new home.  We are now in a super walking friendly area and well a 19lb baby who likes to be worn on walks helps add to my workout. Just goes to show you even just a little extra movement can help make progress!

What did you do for a workout this week?

My New Running Routine

Before having a baby I could go out for a run just about whenever I felt like it.  Training for a race was no problem because I only had work, home and Neil to worry about not another little (demanding) human being. Nowadays workouts involve a lot more preparedness with a lot less planning.

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 9.09.47 PM

When Edith first arrived I tried to plan for workouts, carve our time in my day or try to workout in the evenings but as I quickly learned babies are unpredictable and exhausting.  After “missing” workout after workout because either my scheduled time didn’t workout or I was exhausted by the end of the night I knew I had to figure something else out.

Nowadays I put my workout clothes on as soon as I wake up so that I am ready to fit a workout in whenever the window of opportunity opens (or maybe I just put them on because who doesn’t love to wear leggings). I also am taking advantage of the BOB and I would say 99% of my runs are done during the day with Edith in the BOB. Actually now that I think about it I haven’t been on a solo run since moving to Oregon. I could wait until Neil gets home from work to run but honestly by the end of the day I just don’t want to run and I still have dinner to make and a bedtime routine to follow with Edith.

So, I am running 3-4 times per week logging around 6-10 miles right now with plans to increase a little bit each week.  I am also registered for three races, yes THREE! I have a 5k that I am running in April with Edith in the BOB (Neil is running the 5 miler so I’m on BOB duty), I have a quarter marathon in May and another 5k in August.  It feels so good to be back on track with my running and in a real routine even if that routine is less predictable.

How has your running routine changed over time? How do you make time to run?