Currently | 12.21.15

Ingalls-Fairweather 2015-114

Doing: Recovering. Last Wednesday the kids and I were driving home from going to see a local kids musician and we were stopped at a red light when someone rear ended us. Luckily, we had no major car damage and the kids and are okay. As a result of the accident I have been dealing with a lot of pain on my right side and all need chiropractic work. On top of that the kids are having some trouble sleeping since the accident. Long story short life has been thrown a little off track. I had intentions of getting out a fun report on my latest body composition exam and a few gift guides which just haven’t happened. Hoping to get life back on track this week.

Thinking about: All that we have to deal with regarding this accident. The holidays coming and how messy our house is. 

Watching: I have been finishing up NCIS lately and watching a variety of YouTube channels. 

Looking forward to: Neil being off work for 10 whole days! Getting back to normal life, workouts and feeling better. 

Reading: I am currently (still) reading Yell Less, Love More

Loving: Coffee. 

What are you currently doing, thinking about, watching, looking forward to, reading and/or loving?

As always this post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

Currently. 11.6.15

Doing: It’s currently 6am and I am sitting on the couch going through emails while Alder climbs on me because Daylight Savings you win. I am attempting to get through as much work as I can before the big one wakes up.

Thinking about: All the things that I need to do today which include clean the house because we have a new sitter coming so Neil and I can finally go on a date night, I  need to pickup snacks for the house, I need to get everything ready for an all day event I am going to tomorrow and I need to do about 30 loads of laundry. Oh and I need to locate my phone that fell behind the bed.

Watching: I just finished my yearly Gilmore Girls watch and now I am back on to NCIS which is one of my favorite shows but I hadn’t seen it in years until it finally returned to Netflix. When I don’t fall asleep putting Alder to bed at 7:30p Neil and I have been watching The Flash.

Looking forward to: Date night. Seriously this is a rare thing for us but we are working on changing this and fingers crossed this sitter works out. 

Reading: I am currently reading Yell Less, Love More.

Loving: Going on hikes/walks. Sweaters. Fall make-up. Coffee.  

Whatare you currently doing, thinking about, watching, looking forward to, reading and/or loving?

As always this post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

Currently 11.17.14

Forest Park Hike breastfeeding

Doing: Sitting on the couch with my snuggly boy while Neil makes us breakfast. Also trying to plan out our week and get a little bit more organized. 

Thinking about: This is the last week of DietBet and well (not surprisingly) I am not close to my 4% weight loss goal. I say not surprisingly because to lose 9 pounds in one month as a breastfeeding mom is much more of a challenge.  Like I said before DietBet wasn’t just about losing the weight (which I have lost some of) it was also about making some healthy changes so right now I am thinking about what else I can do this week. 

Watching: Lately Neil and I have been really into watching The Good Wife. We are finishing up the first season right now and I am really loving it. 

Looking forward to: Next week! Neil will no longer be working on contract and will be fulltime as of the 24th (wahoo for him right?!) and that means our trip to Seattle next week will be so much more fun and relaxing. That being said for my local PNW friends if you have suggestions for Seattle please let me know because we didn’t love it our first time around but are really wanting to get the most out of this trip. 

Reading: I’ve been reading I’ll Seize The Day Tomorrow by Jonathan Goldstein.  For my Canadian friends and CBC radio listeners you probably know him his from WireTap show and if you enjoy listening to that then you will love this book. It is seriously hilarious to read and it has short sections so as a busy parent it makes reading in small spurts easy. 

Loving: Weekends with my little family especially when we get out and hike or go to the farmers market. 

As always this post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

Currently. 10.7.14


Doing: Watching Gilmore Girls and passing a baby with an upset stomach back and forth. Also listening to Edith over the monitor as she makes all the sounds from the Potty book.

Thinking about: How much clutter this house is right now. We had an Ikea order dropped off yesterday which set into motion getting more things unpacked, furniture put together and other furniture moved around but with two kids and work the whole process takes a lot longer.  Things are coming along however and I am really loving our dining room area; now we just need to get ourselves a new dining room set.

Watching: see doing.

Looking forward to: The weekend! We are going to do some fruit harvesting with some other PDX bloggers and I can’t wait! We will be harvesting grapes and maybe apples. Then it’s off to dinner at a friends house and then Sunday I am getting my hair cut for the first time since April (!!).

Reading: I’ve been reading some preschool homeschool/activity books as I prepare for preschool homeschooling this winter.

Loving: I am loving all things pumpkin right now and it’s kind of crazy because I don’t usually go for the whole pumpkin spiced everything craze but this year the I’m all into it. I am also loving Neil for finally getting Alder to calm down and fall asleep – poor boy has an upset stomach I think (insert sad face).

As always this post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

Currently 9.14.14

Artichoke Blossom

Doing: We have moved into our new home and we are slowly getting settled in. We have unpacked most of our boxes and we are down to those boxes that I just don’t want to open and the ones that have things that I don’t know where to put the things in them. While our place is bigger the storage isn’t great especially in the kitchen. We have no place to put our small appliances and no pantry so right now we are using bookshelves from our office which means we are lacking storage in the office. Oh the fun of moving. I have to say we do really like our new place though and it’s so nice to be closer to Neil’s job.

Thinking about: How behind I am on so many projects. While we are settling in to our new place it also means that projects have kind of taken a backseat. I am thinking I need to get back on track. I am also thinking about getting back to regular workouts.  I am spending the next two weeks slowly easing back into things and then I am planning to start back run/walking per suggestion of my doctor/midwife.

Watching: I haven’t really been watching much but last night I broke out the Gilmore Girls. There is something about Autumn that makes me want to watch Gilmore Girls and without fail you can find me taking out the first few seasons that I have on DVD by the second week of September.

Looking forward to: Our trip to the Coast next weekend. I am so excited to get to the ocean.

Reading: I picked up a few preschool homeschooling books and otherwise we are reading a lot of books about the potty over here. Loving: I am loving Trader Joe’s chocolate coconut milk ice cream, spaghetti squash and Saturday mornings lounging in bed with my little family of four.

As always this post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.