Pregnancy | The Third Trimester Checklist

Throwback to 28 weeks pregnant with Edith

I don’t know how it happened so fast but this last pregnancy is coming to it’s end and I am feeling the push to get things ready for this little ones arrival. My pregnancy with Edith had me preparing months in advance and anxiously waiting her arrival. The weeks ticked by so slowly and by the end we had our short list of names picked, the nursery furnished and decorated, and a stocked fridge and pantry ready for her to arrive at any moment.

With Alder we were way more relaxed but again prepared with the things we needed for his arrival Earth side and meals were prepared in the fridge and we had a line up of a few friends who offered to bring by meals.

This time around however we have two very lengthy lists of baby names, our small home never seems to stay clean and “ready” for the baby (because we all know the baby cares), and overall I just feel a bit anxious (and of course excited) about this babes arrival. 

To help ease the anxiety I have created a list of things still to do to prepare for this babes arrival. 

  • Stock My Pantry
    • Fill with nutritious snacks and easy to make meal ideas for postpartum and for my husband and littles.
    • Make a batch of granola.
    • Organize teas and infusions from The First 40 Days into jars (also buy jars and ingredients for infusions).
    • Prepare labor aid beverages.
    • Have easy snacks and meals prepared for birth (we are doing a home birth so food that is easy for my littles, husband and midwives to each).
  • Fill My Freezer
    • Batch cook broths, soups and hearty stews. <– this one I can almost check off! Today I made immune boosting broth, a kabocha red lentil soup and a batch of quinoa and green lentils that I will cook up with some broth to make a porridge. 
    • Put together some healthy freezer meals for the family like these dairy free stuffed shells that have become a postpartum freezer essential over the years. 
  • Put together easy lunch and dinner meal ideas for my husband 
  • Get this baby to flip —> chiro, acupuncture, spinning babies (taking suggestions)
  • Create My Nest (aka get our room ready for baby)
    • Ask Yourself: What do we need for the space(s) in our home to be comfortable? 
    • A safe place for baby to sleep <– check
    • A chair to bounce/rock baby <– check
    • Diffuser for bedroom <– check
    • New Sheets 
  • Confirm Placenta Encapsulation (need to do this ASAP)
  • Prepare postpartum oils, salves, ect. 
  • Put together my birth kit of essential oils
  • Decide whether or not we she hire a postpartum doula
  • Talk with hubby about the questions that might come up
    • How will we divvy up baby/littles responsibilities?
    • Social Life Expectations – what does this look like?
    • Plan out dates/ways to connect in and out of the house 
    • How can we (I) be more compassionate and gentle especially when lack of sleep and stress come into play? 
    • What postpartum needs/expectations do each of us have? What do we expect from others? 
  • How can I honor myself?
    • Where/how will I fit time into my day/week that is for myself? (ie connecting with other mothers, meditating, fitness, quiet alone time) 

What is/was on your third trimester to do list? Anything you think I might be missing? 

Weekend Links

This weekend none of us are sick, we have a date night planned and I’m heading to my first yoga class in over a year. Despite the rain I think that this is going to be a pretty wonderful weekend. I thought I’d share a few things I came across this week. Enjoy! 

We’re gearing up for more rain and these yarn activities to keep us busy. 

Sipping on ombre smoothies to jazz up this rain weekend. 

Proof you can have fashion and function while nursing. 

What should you really pack in your hospital bag

It’s time to whip up a batch of your very own kombucha

Quick and easy vegan lunch ideas for your littles (or yourself). 

Lessons in perfectionism (hint it’s okay to make mistakes). 

My favorite VT based t-shirt company has their kids shirts on sale for $5 off and if anyone was wondering baby #3 needs this onsie so s/he can match with the older littles. 

Babylist is my new favorite spot to keep a running list of things we need/want for baby #3.

Swooning over these ombre spray bottles

Dreaming about the days when I can sip one of these Spring cocktails

Enjoy your weekend! 

A Late 2016 In Review

A little (late) 2016 in review. This was the year that I really returned to myself and started to focus on my interests and passions. I found myself diving into the world of essential oils, something that I had been putting off for years out of fear of the unknown and the cost of investment.

What I didn’t realize back in January 2016 when I took the plunge was that I was investing in myself. Investing in my health and wellbeing as well as my families. This spiraled into me focusing on other passions such as my health coaching that had taken a backseat to motherhood and life. It also had me expanding my health coaching into essential oil education.

Additionally, I have felt empowered to focus more on my partner and love of my life and together we found a babysitter whom we love and we have a date night at least twice per month but usually three times.

Along with more focused time with my partner we spent the year really focusing on quality time with our kids exploring Portland and the PNW.

I have devoted more time and effort to my relationship with friends and have found myself surrounded by a group of really amazing people. People whom I have come to respect, love and whom I can rely on for support.

While this isn’t to paint a perfect picture, because things are by no means perfect, it is to say that when you take the time to follow your interests, explore new things and rededicate yourself to the things/ones you love life can be so much richer.

So cheers to 2016 and I look forward to what 2017 has to bring (especially this babe who will be joining us in June). 

What are some of the highlights from you 2016?