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Lindsay Ingalls, a certified holistic health coach, began writing in 2006. She has been featured on Living Harvest, Live Strong, Meatless Monday and other online publications. Lindsay received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. To learn more about Lindsay visit her blog at and her health counseling site

Game Day Sweets with Blue Diamond Almonds

Blue Diamond Caramel Cups
This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. For more Game Changing Snacks, visit Blue Diamond Almonds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

While I tend to not be too interested in the game, I am all about the party and the snacks that go along with it. However, I feel like whenever I go to these types of gatherings there are tons of savory snacks but not too many sweets. And, certainly no salty sweets. I decided to change all of that this year and came up with this AMAZING (toot, toot) smokehouse caramel cup.

If I’m being completely honest, this recipe came from a failed attempt at making smokehouse almond brittle. I don’t know if it was the temperature, the use of coconut sugar or my fear of setting the stove on fire again (er… yeah It’s happened before while making brittle) but my sugar didn’t get to the right temperature so instead I made it into a yummy caramel instead. Since I recorded exactly what I was doing, I figured I’d try to rescue my failed brittle. I threw the caramel nuts into a blender, whizzed it together until it was smooth and then tasted. OMG. Amazing. Keep reading to see how to make these for yourself.
Blue Diamond Caramel Cups1

Smokehouse Almond Caramel Cups
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  1. 2 cups coconut sugar
  2. 1 cup water
  3. 6oz Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds
  4. coconut oil or coconut oil spray
  5. 2 cups of chocolate chips
  6. 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  7. mini cupcake liners
  1. Grease all sides of heavy bottom bottom pot with coconut oil or coconut oil spray. Place coconut sugar and water in the pot and bring to a boil. Boil for 3 minutes stirring occasionally - you must stay with this so it doesn't boil over. reduce heat to medium for 2 more minutes and then stir in the nuts and allow to cool at room temperature for 30 minutes. Once cooled place in a food processor or high speed blender and blend until smooth.
  2. To make the cups: Lay out 9-12 cup cake liners. Heat 1.5 cups of chocolate chips over a double boiler or in the microwave until melted. Quickly stir in the coconut oil and the remaining chocolate chips and stir until smooth. Add a large spoonful to the bottom of each of the cups. Spoon in a heaping teaspoon of the smokehouse almond caramel and then top with another layer of chocolate. Place in the fridge to set.
  3. You'll likely have extra caramel and I suggest eating it with pretzels, celery, apples or simply by the spoonful.
Running With Tongs
Blue Diamond Caramel Cups8

What are your favorite game day snacks?

Hiking | Oregon | Elowah Falls

elowah falls _8834 elowah falls _8793 elowah falls _8818 elowah falls _8829

We made it for our first hike of 2015 this past weekend. We took advantage of the mild weather and headed to the Columbia River Gorge to do a little hiking at Elowah Falls. This has been on my hiking bucket list for awhile and the falls did not disappoint. Edith insisted on hiking for a good portion of it and she just couldn’t get enough. It is so fun to take our workout outside as a family and really take in the beautiful sites so close to us. 

Unboxing: Goodebox December 2014

goodebox: December '14

I know I am a little late on the subscription box train but I just have really been getting into them lately. I love having the opportunity to try new products I have never heard of or products that I have been interested in but maybe would have never tried if they didn’t come in my box. This whole subscription box love really started when I decided to start focusing on myself and putting a little more time and energy into my skincare (or rather start having a skincare routine) and beauty routine. I am going to do a more in-depth post on this so if you have any questions please leave them in the comments. 

Anyways on to Goodebox! Goodebox is a Portland based subscription box company that curates boxes filled with healthy beauty products, non-toxic cosmetics, natural cosmetics and personal care products with the occasional natural and organic health and wellness products. Their membership plan includes monthly, bi-monthly and multi-month subscription plans. The cost per box is $19/month and the cost can go as low as $17/month if you do a multi-month subscription. You fill out a personalized profile and then you receive your box filled with 4-6 trial sizes. But first you should probably decide if Goodebox is right for you –> see here.  

I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to check the December and January Boxes (January unboxing to come). This Goodebox is the perfect fit for me because I am passionate about (trying) to clean up my beauty products and I am excited to receive not only makeup products but skincare and haircare products, supplements and other sustainable living goods. So as you can see a perfect fit for me.

Okay so let’s (finally) get on to the unboxing. I am going to share with you what I received in my box, the value of each item, what I thought of it and after sharing January’s box I’ll tell you my overall impression and whether I would purchase the box. So let’s get to it! 

goodebox: AU NATURALE goodebox: au naturale swatch
Au Naturale Organic Creme Eyeshadow in Palma – Trial Size -$3 Value 

This sample also came with a promo code for 25% off and a free sample of the creme concealer that I was disappointedly was not able to take advantage of because code expired before I received my box. If you did order something from the Au Naturale and used the promo code you also received a free sample of their creme concealer. I have to say I love this eyeshadow and have been using it regularly. It goes on smooth, is pretty highly pigmented and build-able- oh and it’s 100% vegan and natural. I have to say the one thing I am disappointed about is that it didn’t come with the concealer sample because I know at least one other subscription box that had the same sample package from Au Naturale that included both. 

goodebox: AILA
Aila Nail polish in #LIKEABOSS – Full Size – $17 Value

If you have been following me on Instagram then you know how much I love this nail polish from Aila and I have to say I just love the formula, the color and the name – – on that note Neil was like it’s not like you to #LIKEABOSS on Instagram and I had to explain to him it’s the name of this beautiful nail polish. I have to say I would love to own a few more colors from Aila; they make a really great nail polish. 

goodebox: balancedguru SCRUBME nice-and-gritty 
Balanced Guru Scrub Me Crazy -Trial Size- $4.40 value

I have to say I am kind of sad to talk about this product from Balanced Guru. While it was a good sized sample and the company is a fantastic company I just didn’t love the smell of this body scrub. It wasn’t that it didn’t work but the smell was just not right for me. I can’t even explain it but one use left my skin feeling smooth (a good thing) but I was too turned off by the smell to use it again (whomp). 

goodebox: ecojot

Ecojot Mini Notebook -Trial Size – $4.25 Value

This little notebook from Ecojot is so cute and I really love it. If you know me you know how much I LOVE notebooks so I was excited to find this in my box. However the thing is I think my love of notebooks has rubbed off on Edith and she decided that since it was just her size that she was going to take over the notebook. 


SheaTerra Organics- Extreme Body Cre’me in Bourbon Vanilla -Trial Size – $2 value

I was as little unsure of this SheaTerra lotion at first because it is just so thick but once you take a little out and work it between your hands it starts to warm up and goes on to the skin super smooth. It is really hydrating and the smell is so good, not too sweet and not too overpowering but still really nice. I carry this around in the diaper bag with me so I always have some nourishing lotion on hand. 

goodebox: december cards

Total Value: $30.65

I would say that the total value is pretty good considering the box costs $19. The nail polish alone basically made this box worth it not only because it’s a full sized product retailing for $17 but because it is simple amazing. Overall I really liked everything in this box with the exception of the scrub. I actually am adding Au Naturale to my list of brands to check out when I am in need of new makeup products and Aila when I am in the mood for a new nail color. 

What do you think of subscription boxes? Have you tried Goodebox? Do you think you’d like to?

I received this box from Goodebox as a sample in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. 

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