Welcome! My name is Lindsay and I am the 20-something writer and creator of Running With Tongs. I live in Portland, OR with my husband and daughter (oh and a second baby due 7/14). Here you’ll find many healthy and delicious recipes, cooking tips, health and wellness posts, along with my personal stories about my life including travel, fitness goals and my journey to becoming and my experiences as a Certified Holistic Health Coach.

More about me:

I am a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, plant-based healthy living blogger,  recipe creator,  and fur baby mama among other things. Over the past 6 years I have developed a passion for health and nutrition and my own desire to become a healthier person led me to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and their holistic health coaching program.

Over my 26 years of life I have always struggled with my weight and getting to the place where I felt happy and healthy. Growing up I was always fairly active participating in gymnastics, soccer and tennis but I was always heavier than most kids my age.  Over the years throughout middle school and early high school I struggled with my weight and had an unhealthy relationship with food. But in my senior year of high school I had finally found my place, had a great group of friends, was involved in a number of organizations at school and my confidence was in a good place.  I was more comfortable with my weight and headed off to university in a good space. Then everything changed.

Fall 2004

spring 2005

When I arrived at college (St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB, Canada) I was at a comfortable weight but I had a limited understanding of health and nutrition. Living on my own in the dorms and having to make my own healthy decisions proved to be difficult.  As a vegetarian living in the dorms, on a meal plan with limited vegetarian options  and lack of knowledge about nutrition my diet became bagels with cream cheese, muffins, grilled cheese, instant mashed potatoes and over cooked veggies, pasta, perogies….you get the picture – tons of high calorie, carb heavy foods with limited protein, veggies, healthy fats and fruits.  When I arrived home after my first year I had reached my highest weight ever at 210lbs.   I felt depressed, unhealthy and uncomfortable with my body.

Over the summer I was determined to eat better and was luck to find a job that kept me on my feet and running around all day.  I started my second year of university at a new school, in a new city (Boston) and made the decision to become more informed about what my body needed and how I could eat better.  Staying active wasn’t a problem either.  Living in downtown Boston, I could walk anywhere and everywhere I needed to go.  I returned home after a year of school, weighing 30 lbs less.  I kept up my good habits and went back to the same active job I had the year before and was able to start my third year of university (back at STU) at 170lb. I was happy with my weight and body and at a point in my life where I was feeling more knowledgeable about health and nutrition. It felt great to have people complementing me on my weight loss and how well I had done.  It always feels great to have the support of those close to you and know that others recognize your hard work.

Summer 2005

Spring 2006

Fall 2006

Soon after starting my third year of university I met the man of my dreams (even though I didn’t know it then) and my life was turned upside down.  He was vegan. I was vegetarian. They are similar and yet so different.  Because dining out as a vegan in Fredericton is limited and I was a poor university student, if we were going to eat together I had to learn to cook vegan. This wasn’t my first experience with veganism. I had gone vegan in high school but because I was clueless about being healthy, I ended up with a B-12 deficiency and other health issues from not eating a healthy diet.  After that I decided that vegetarianism was a better choice for me until I became more educated about health and nutrition.

When the Hubz and I met, I didn’t become vegan right away.  I started by getting my hands on any resources I could find to help me understand more about nutrition and how to eat a healthy vegan diet. The more we were together, the less dairy and eggs I consumed and I then decided it was time to give them up all together.  As I learned more about factory farming, the inhumane treatment of animals and the chemicals, steroids and other additives that can be found in animal products I became more confident in my decision. Becoming vegan brought my husband and I closer together and forced me to be more aware of what I am putting into my body.

Fall 2007

Spring 2008

Summer 2009

My desire to be a healthy vegan increased my interested and passionate for health and nutrition.  After spending a year and a half in a job I was unhappy in, I decided it was important for me to challenge myself and to start my career doing something I love.  After researching several nutrition programs, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I had finally started my journey towards a career doing something that I am passionate about.  After more than a year of studying and practicing my health coaching I am now a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  Over this time my  love and passion for health and nutrition has developed greatly and I feel like I am at the healthiest point in my life and am getting healthier everyday. Over the past 5 years,  I have maintained my initial weight loss of 40lbs. (Although, I have fluctuated a bit over the past few years due to other circumstances. You can read about those here.)

I feel great and am continuously working to be more fit and weigh slightly less.  I am at a happy place and I hope that I can show others that by eating a diet high in plant foods, healthy fats and whole grains along with physical activity and feeling happy and balanced in their lives that they too can loose weight and feel healthier.

Summer 2010

Winter 2011

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