1. ALL THE CHOCOLATE! YUM. I hadn’t even heard of thrive market… now I’ve gotta hop on over there and check it out. Basically anything that keeps me from the grocery store is a winner in my book.

  2. I recently made my first Thrive Market order as well! They definitely have some good brands and looks like good prices on some things. I got some coconut aminos as well, some toothpaste, and some wild caught sardines, but since we don’t eat very many processed foods at all it’s probably not a necessary source for us! There wasn’t *that* much we needed. But it’s great that it’s there!

    So funny, I didn’t even realize there *were* food haul videos on YouTube!!

    • Yeah they do have some great things but because it’s a membership program you do really have to consider how much you will use it. It is nice to have though!

      Also yes food hauls are huge on YouTube along with What I Ate Today videos. We are a food/diet obsessed culture.

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