Fitness Friday | barre3 Anywhere Challenge

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Take four 60-minute workouts per week
Do one 10-minute outdoor workout per week
Try one new summery barre3 recipe per week

You guys I can’t believe it’s almost June (and I’m still not back to running). This month I have been focusing a lot on my physical therapy exercises and taking advantage (when I can) of ClassPass.  So that leads me to June plans. I am going to continue with PT for now and I’m still working at getting back to running but my big fitness plans are to participate in the barre3 Anywhere Challenge. 

As many of you know I have been really into barre workouts lately and have been doing barre3 online workouts for the past few months and I also have attend a few barre classes this month (unfortunately not barre3-yet). That being said when I saw barre3 post about their June challenge I immediately went and signed up to participate (it’s $15 for a month of the online program but if you already have a membership it’s “free”).

While you could do all your workouts online with the exception of the 10-minute outdoor workout you could always drop into a studio and try out a class. I am really hoping that I can make it to a live class in June (fingers crossed) until then I’ll be sticking to online classes. There are so many new classes that I haven’t tired yet but I probably will turn to some favorites which include Post Baby Bounce Back and Studio Fit

Who wants to join me this month? 

*This post is not sponsored. I paid for my own barre3 membership through June. 


  1. I love when workouts are available online. I am really good at talking myself out of going for a walk or run, but if I am getting active in my home without having to worry about getting myself put together just to workout (what’s up with that anyway??) than there is no excuse and I am much better at sticking to my workout regimen. Cheers!

  2. ourdebtfreefamily

    This looks really fun! I’m sure I would love it since I grew up dancing. And I’m with Danielle — always love when I can do a workout at home. It’s way more convenient. Have a great weekend!

  3. Yay Lindsay! I am so happy you are going to jump in and do this with us. I am here for you. Doing PT + barre3 is magic. You can bring all that PT wisdom right into your barre3 practice.

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