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I first started practicing yoga at home using DVD’s and podcasts and as I became more confident in my ability I started to attend classes. Nowadays, I find that the amount of time I spend on my practice goes in waves. Sometimes I practice every day of the week and other times it’s only once per week. When I was pregnant with Edith I had the most consistent practice and not only did it keep me active while pregnant but it gave me confidence in my body, strength, and a sense of community. 


While I didn’t practice as much yoga during my pregnancy with Alder I have returned to a regular yoga routine, especially gentle yoga for post run stretching. The problem is, and this may be TMI for some of you so if it is skip to the next paragraph, but as a postpartum mama sometimes in the early months you just need a little extra security so I’m thankful for the creation of things such as  Stayfree® pads, kegels and pelvic floor physical therapy. Luckily yoga has also helped me to strengthen up all of those muscles I forgot I had when I was pregnant and hopefully I won’t need to use anything for extra security, of course until that time of the month makes its impending return. 


These days making it to the yoga studio isn’t the easiest but I have a few times since Alder was born and hope to get out more as the months go by and he gets to be a bit older. While I can’t make it to the studio that doesn’t mean that I’m not practicing, it’s actually quite the opposite. I have been using My Yoga on Gaiam TV for going on four months now to get my dose of yoga in each week. Some days I do a longer practice and most days I go for a quick post run stretch. I am thankful I am able to find time to quiet my mind and relax my body even if it’s just 15 minutes at home in between building block castles and changing diapers.  


New year, new you! Yoga is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and who better to lead the yoga-lution than you. Inspired by athletic wear, Stayfree® pads feature flexible layers that move with your body from child’s pose to side crow. Visit to find which product best fits you or visit our Facebook to learn more about our mission. Also, don’t forget to use your Stayfree® purchase to get a 30-Day membership to My Yoga on Gaiam TV and access FREE yoga classes online now through March 12!


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