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I have been promising this post for a month now and here I am finally posting! I am 13 weeks out from my first postpartum race and it’s time to start training. I am running the Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon (6.55 miles) and this is actually the first postpartum race that I ran after having Edith so it only seemed fitting to do it again. I have been struggling to commit to a race plan but finally I have settled into a plan and I am excited for it. 

Lands End - BOB - Family RUnSince I have lost a little bit of my running stamina and am basically starting at the bottom again I am going with a run/walk plan. In the past I have done Couch to 5K and when I trained for this race back in 2013 I did a plan on my RunKeeper app. While I liked both this time I decided to spend the $3.99 and download the Jeff Galloway 10K plan app. While my race is a little longer than 10K the training plan will work because my longest training run is actually 7 miles. 

I started the plan a few weeks ago but decided after a week of missing two of my runs that I would start it over again. So I am not a week in and have 12 more weeks of the training app to go which means I’ll just end up adding two of the regular short runs the week of my race to finish off the week. So here is the plan:

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 8.56.26 PM

I am hoping to fit in at least one 5k race but I haven’t come across ones that fit my plan yet- if you live in the Portland area and can suggest any that are coming up in March/April let me know. 

I have to say I am loving the 10K app because it allows you to customize your run/walk intervals and Jeff Galloway talks to you the entire time. It’s a little weird to hear his voice but he shares some tips, some words of motivation and tells you when “it’s time to run”. So far I am loving it and I am doing a 30sec/45sec interval with hopes of running a 6min/1min interval by race time. 

So there it is, my plan! I’ll update you throughout the upcoming weeks. 

Who else is training for a race? What is your favorite race plan? 

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