Blog 365 // Day 18 // Weekend Update

It’s Sunday night and I am wondering where the weekend has gone and I’m thankful that tomorrow is a holiday and that Neil is off tomorrow. This weekend was kind of a crazy one that actually started off particularly lazy. Saturday it was pouring out so we spent the morning at home just lounging around in our PJ’s until just after nap time. After nap we headed straight to coffee because we found ourselves without any Saturday morning so come afternoon we were ready to enjoy a cup of coffee. After we secured our coffee it was time to head to IKEA.

Can I just tell you how much of a love/hate relationship with IKEA? I love it but then a toddler + IKEA = so much fun and sometimes just so many tears. This trip had a bit of both but we successfully left with only a few things we hadn’t planned on (rather than the cartful that usually happens) and only a few tears were shed. We ended up spending far too long at IKEA, which always happens, and ended up breaking our “no eat out in January” rule and went to Veggie Grill on the way home. 

Sunday was spent just as lazy, well lazier actually. We spent the morning reorganizing our bedroom, which now feels significantly bigger despite there being a new toddler bed added to the room (yes we all sleep in the same room). Besides that we did hardly anything until close to 5pm when we decided to check out Grocery Outlet where pleasantly surprised at what we found. While you have to be picky but there are actually some really great finds and this time we found some cashew butter, Earth Balance, Amy’s soups, Kiss My Face body wash and about 6 more bags of things. Check out a sneak peek of my cart. 

We ended up making it a late night with a Target run and finally got Edith to bed and sat down for dinner and The 100 at 8:30pm. Now it’s time for wine, popcorn and more of The 100 before heading to bed and enjoying Neil’s day off tomorrow. 

What did you do this weekend? Who has the Monday holiday off? 

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