Blog 365 // Day 9 // Fitness Friday + Workout

Happy Friday! 

This is one of those weeks where I am thrilled that it’s Friday and the weekend is here. We didn’t have a bad week, more of just an off week and I’m ready to recharge and start next week fresh. It always seems the first week after a vacation (Neil was off for 10 days) is a little funny so hoping that next week we get back into our normal routine. 

Alright lets talk Fitness Friday. This week wasn’t exactly as active as I had planned. I only ended up getting in two runs so a big whomp to that. Basically I just did make time for it no other excuse than that. This week I focused on getting things done around the house during my hands free minutes (from holding a baby, wiping noses, kissing boo-boos) I spent catching up on the tower of dirty dishes, organizing the cupboards and cleaning up the main living area and the playroom. 

So now that we talked about (what little) I did this week lets start on plans for next week:

  • S. – Workout from my Lorna Jane MNB Diary
  • Su. – Run
  • – Run
  • T – Workout from MNB Diary
  • – Run
  • Th – Workout from MNB Diary
  • F – Workout from MNB Diary

My Lorna Jane MNB Diary has four circuit workouts to try so I am going to do all four this week and see how it goes. While I don’t have the workouts I will be doing to share with you, you can give this (similar) one a try.


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