Blog 365 // Day 6 // Case of the Mondays


Get ready for rambling….

I never really disliked Mondays, I always thought of them as a new day, a new week, a fresh start. That was until I had kids and realized that Monday is now that day of the week when I am once again on my own, Edith refuses to nap, nothing ever gets done and well basically I have learned not to plan on anything for Mondays. I actual overtime came to dread Mondays and by the end of the day I was ready for a glass of wine and a maid.

Don’t get me wrong this post isn’t complaining about Mondays because while I dread the no nap I am actually learning to embrace Mondays. Instead of Mondays being the day that I dread I actually am trying to go with the flow and take Mondays as they are, a day to send time with my littles. While I still try and check things off my to-do list and I attempt to get Edith down for a nap I also have come to terms with the fact that 90% of the time Edith won’t nap and I might not get anything on my to-do list done. Instead of feeling frustrated and like a failure (that’s an entirely different post) I have decided that I am making Mondays the day that I will soak up the time with my littles; a time where I focus on them and me and not on the pile of dirty dishes or mountain of laundry. 

This year is about letting go. Letting go of expectations (or at least the over the top ones). Letting go of things (like literal things we have just too many things). Letting go of fears and instead letting in life, love and happiness. Focusing on what I can control and letting go of those things that I cannot. 

I guess you could say one of my goals this year is to let go. I have a number of other ones as well that I’ll share with you in a non-365 blog post. 

Who else deals with the Mondays? How do you deal with them? 

Goals for the day: Get outside. Do 2 loads of laundry. Do 2 loads of dishes. 

Eats of the day: Roasted sweet potato topped with sauteed kale, cherry tomatoes, tahini sauce and zatar (I really should have take a photo- p.s. if you’d like to see What I Ate Wednesday post let me know in the comments below). 

Quote of the day:Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 1.35.56 PM


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