Blog 365 // Day 4 // Out With A Bang


Good evening! This post is coming later than I had planned but it’s only 9pm PST so I am coming in just under the wire. We have been out partying the afternoon/night away and by partying I mean spending time with friends enjoying drinks and sweets and laughs. 

Neil turns 34 tomorrow and in honour of his big day I decided to plan a surprise get together with a group of our friends. I worked out a plan with friends of ours to invite us for beers and burritos, a dinner date we had already discussed doing, in order to hopefully spare any suspicion Neil might have. So our friends invited us and I secretly invited a bunch of other friends to join us. Unfortunately the Mexican food truck we had hoped to have dinner at closed so we changed the time to an afternoon event of beer/drinks and cake (and fries for those who were lucky enough to indulge). 

Neil was suspicious because it’s not a huge surprise that I like to throw him surprise birthday parties – side note this is the third or maybe fourth surprise party that I have thrown and on the years I didn’t throw one we have been on a mini vacation. Anyways he had his suspicions and of course he was right but that didn’t matter because we still had a great time chatting with friends, enjoying beers (just one for me), eating vegan chocolate mousse cake from Whole Foods and watching our girls play together (the boys are 5 and 6 months old so they just hung out). 

After the gathering we decided to head out for dinner for Neil’s birthday and we ended up getting Bamboo Sushi <– so good and then Neil and Edith wanted Salt & Straw so we indulged and shared some vegan ice cream as well. I can tell you right now I am stuffed, exhausted and happy. I am however dreading going downstairs to weigh in and take my photos for my DietBet game that I am participating in that starts tomorrow (more on that tomorrow). And now this is where I quickly have Neil take my photos and I go to bed because tomorrow is the first day back to the grind and mama needs her sleep. 

The birthday boy and his boy.

The birthday boy and his little man

Goals for the day: Successfully pull off Neil’s birthday party. Check. 

Eats of the day: Bamboo Sushi- yummmmm. Chocolate Mousse Cake – double yum.  

Quote of the day: Success is like reaching an important birthday and finding you’re exactly the same. – Audrey Hepburn

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