Learning to Commit to Myself

Random photo for fun

Random photo for fun

I have a problem with following through with things. Not all things rather goals or challenges I set up for myself. I just can’t commit to myself .I don’t know what it is but when it comes to committing to myself I start a task and tend to lose steam about 25% of the way in and by the half way point I give up. At least I can say that I follow through 90% of the time (hey I’m only human) to commitments that I have to others.    

I finally came to terms with this a few months ago and have been making an honest effort to follow through. The first challenge I had for myself was my DietBet* challenge. I did this because I wanted to get myself back on a healthy path. I knew I couldn’t lose the 4% body weight  healthfully while nursing but I did know that I could get myself into a better place and I did it. I followed through and while I didn’t see a big drop in the numbers I did in the way clothes fit.

My second challenge to myself has been to participate in the #Elf4Health challenge this month. I love having the connection with other participants and my own elf and I have committed to giving daily updates on my Facebook page regarding each of the tasks. This has been such a great challenge to participate in and I’m so glad I opted in and have followed through. I have made more time for myself, focused more directly on my health and fitness and have made connections with others. This challenge is not over but with only a few days left I can say that I already know that this is a success.

My third challenge is one that I did because Neil decided he wanted to do a juice til 4 cleanse. Now I did not juice til 4 with him due to the negative side effects that a cleanse can have while nursing but I did agree to challenge myself to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables I ate and have no coffee, gluten, processed foods, or alcohol for four days with him. I did it! But even more notable is that HE DID IT! My husband spent the last 4 days doing a juice til 4 cleanse and I have never been so proud of him, okay maybe I have but still this is huge, if you know my husband you might know his will power to pass up free treats is low and he is notorious for being one of those “well I worked out so..” type do people and yet he did his. 100% committed did it. He feels great, isn’t craving the crap that he was and just overall is feeling like the restart button has been pushed. I feel better too and just like him cut the cravings for processed food and sweets. 

What Have I Learned? Committing to myself feels good. I have been feeling successful and healthier both mentally and physically. That being said I am thinking that monthly challenges for myself might be a good thing to try. I have done this in the past and they have helped me out a lot but I also have learned that I do this better when I can do it with others. So that being said who wants to take on some monthly challenges with me? I am thinking starting January doing a monthly health or fitness challenge would be fun. I know that incentives help so I am thinking a giveaway at the end of each challenge for those who finish a challenge might be a fun addition. That being said who is interested and what kinds of challenges would you want to participate in? 

*For full disclosure I made $0 off the entire game after deducting Neil’s entry into the game. 


  1. It is a great feeling to follow through with a challenge!

    The best one I’ve ever done is the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I’ve always had a sweet tooth problem, even after cutting out grains and dairy (and still when I was raw vegan and ate fruit all the time), until we did a 21 Day Sugar Detox last January. (Well, actually, until we did the second one in June–then it really stuck!!) And I’ve realized the only “detoxes” or challenges I’m interested in are ones I could do forever if I had to, like a Whole30–not like the juice fast I did for a week once (and didn’t go to bathroom the whole time!).

    They have a Facebook group and a new group starts on the first Monday of every month, so it’s a great thing to start at the beginning of the year after the holidays! Bunch of info here. http://balancedbites.com/2013/12/how-to-get-started-on-the-21-day-sugar-detox.html There’s a book but there’s tons of info online, too.

    Here’s to the new year!

  2. One of my favorite bloggers, Nicole Antoinette at lifelessbullshit.com, talks about commitments and setting yourself up for success. She is fantastic and an excellent writer.

  3. it can really be hard to commit to things, i find that i have the same problem. recognizing it is a great step and then recommitting to yourself is the best next step!

  4. Congrats! I have a problem of not following through on personal commitments because I take on too many other commitments, but I’m being forced to take on a healthy “challenge” of my own in the new year, so I will be watching your blog for inspiration!

  5. Way to go on following through! The small changes make the biggest difference and it sounds like you know where to hone your strengths to lift your weaknesses. Go get it!

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