Currently. 10.7.14


Doing: Watching Gilmore Girls and passing a baby with an upset stomach back and forth. Also listening to Edith over the monitor as she makes all the sounds from the Potty book.

Thinking about: How much clutter this house is right now. We had an Ikea order dropped off yesterday which set into motion getting more things unpacked, furniture put together and other furniture moved around but with two kids and work the whole process takes a lot longer.  Things are coming along however and I am really loving our dining room area; now we just need to get ourselves a new dining room set.

Watching: see doing.

Looking forward to: The weekend! We are going to do some fruit harvesting with some other PDX bloggers and I can’t wait! We will be harvesting grapes and maybe apples. Then it’s off to dinner at a friends house and then Sunday I am getting my hair cut for the first time since April (!!).

Reading: I’ve been reading some preschool homeschool/activity books as I prepare for preschool homeschooling this winter.

Loving: I am loving all things pumpkin right now and it’s kind of crazy because I don’t usually go for the whole pumpkin spiced everything craze but this year the I’m all into it. I am also loving Neil for finally getting Alder to calm down and fall asleep – poor boy has an upset stomach I think (insert sad face).

As always this post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

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