Currently 8.4.14

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Doing: A whole lot of sitting/laying around and nursing because well thats what one does at 3.5 days postpartum! If you didn’t already know I gave birth to a nice big baby boy on Friday morning and you can read his birth story here. Besides taking it easy I have also been trying to balance life with a newborn who needs me to feed him and a toddler whose world has just been changed overnight – any transition tips would be great! We or rather Neil is also working on finishing packing because we move in 12 days (!!!!).

Thinking about: Everything we need to do in the next 12 weeks and wondering how E will do with the move. Unfortunately we had little control over the timing of all this and of course it all happens at once.

Watching: We have been watching Cover Affairs which I love but we haven’t really found another show that we are into right now. Neil and I also watched Divergent the other night and it was seriously the first time in months that both of us stayed awake from start to finish … too bad the movie was just okay.

Looking forward to: Being healed! I hate not being able to be up and doing things like playing with Edith or cooking or helping pack but right now I know its best I take it easy so I heal more quickly. Also looking forward to moving and getting settled in to life as a family of 4.

Reading: Nada. Besides children’s books.

Loving: Neil <– seriously amazing husband, father and partner. Also loving our two kids (crazy to type that). And loving all the kind words and support via FB, IG and Twitter regarding Alder’s birth. 

As always this post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.


  1. Mom

    I love the pictures of Edith and Neil in the kitchen. Her faces are so adorable. Wish we were
    there to help with the packing. Glad you are resting some and taking it easy. I wish you guys
    the best on your move. It will be nice when Neil is closer to work and can get home earlier.
    Love you.

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