Currently 5.23.14

IMG_7790Doing: At this moment I am working on 8 weeks of meal plans because I am officially crazy. Seriously not sure what has motivated me to do this but I have spent the week (yes week) working on this. I must be nesting.

Thinking about: How long we are going to need to boil our water and how much water we should stock up on. Oh what am I talking about? We have an E.Coli contamination of our water here in Portland. AWESOME, right?

Watching: I have been watching Royal Pains on Nextflix and Neil and I have been watching The Following <– have you watched this yet? Seriously insane!  

Looking forward to: The long weekend! So glad to have Neil home for three full days. I’m also looking forward to a BBQ with friends on Saturday. I think this is the first weekend in years that we haven’t gone out of town for the long weekend so it will be nice to relax.

Reading: Unlike many other Currently updates I actually have been doing a good amount of reading. I read The Casual Vacancy and then I just finished Orange Is The New Black. Right now I am reading The Book Thief and The Conscious Parenting. I loved both The Casual Vacancy and Orange Is The New Black (and no I haven’t watched the series-yet).  Would you be interested in mini book reviews?

Loving: Lemonade. Daily Burn. Maxi Dresses. Full Panel Maternity Shorts. 

As always this post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.


  1. I love this post! What a fun idea. And glad to hear you liked A Casual Vacancy, I have a sample on my Kindle but haven’t started it yet.

    • I really wasn’t sure about it at first but I ended up really enjoying it. It actually helped me get back into reading something other than children’s books (I have a 22 month old) or cookbooks.

  2. I heard about the water issue today – it’s one of the few times I’m glad to have an address outside the city proper. Sure hope they get that cleared up fast!

  3. mdott922

    I’ve heard that the water boiling thing is going to be lifted tomorrow, so it shouldn’t be TOO bad…..

    • No it wasn’t too terrible just wasn’t great when I heard about it had no car and it was pouring out so going out to get bottled water to drink was a challenge but luckily my husband came home from work early!

  4. Marlynn @UrbanBlissLife

    I started watching The Following and then just couldn’t stomach it anymore. It was too much for me, and I normally have a fairly high threshold for that kind of thing. Maybe it’s TOO well done 😉 But I do say YES to maxi dresses! I’m not a shorts-wearing type of person, so thank goodness for maxi dresses this time of year 🙂 Have a great weekend, Lindsay!

    • I find myself watching it while doing other things like checking in on blogs or answering emails – I think it helps to take the focus off haha. It has gotten to be a little bit TOO much at times but then we get get sucked right back in!

      I’m not normally a shorts person but this pregnancy + a toddler has turned me on to maternity shorts and I actually found one pair that I like. Post-pregnancy you probably won’t find me in shorts again.

  5. dressthisnest2013

    This water contamination thing is crazy. I feel like a pioneer, boiling my water (and I don’t enjoy life on the prairie). I have been wanting to check out The Following. Thanks for your 2-cents. If you like crime shows, I would recommend The Killing (also on Netflix). Have a great holiday!

    • So we liked the first season and we are on to the second and the first 8 episodes seem like a bit much with the violence and killing but of course right when we were going to move on to something else we get hooked back in and want to find out what happens next so we are going to at least finish the season. The Killing is on our list of shows to watch and I have started it a few times but then my husband says YOU’RE WATCHING THAT WITHOUT ME! and then I stop and then we never watch it haha. We have Amazon prime as well and are going to check out Orphan Black and we started watching Justified a long time ago and are going to start that up again. We are preparing ourselves for late nights with a new baby.

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