Blog Post Ideas // When I Need Inspiration

I have notebooks filled with blog ideas and yet I often find myself struggling to write. Often this struggle isn’t because I am feeling uninspired (although sometimes that is the case) it’s more often that I am tired out and unfocused. When this happens I look elsewhere for inspiration to help me get more focused and back on track for example my Currently posts.

I have been working on creating a resource list and have been taking advantage of Pinterest to keep track of a variety of resources.

Follow Running With Tongs’s board BLOG | Tips on Pinterest.

Other helpful ways to help me stay inspired is by hearing back from you all! So please take a moment and share with me something you’d love to read about on the blog. Maybe you’d like to read more about weekly workouts, prenatal workouts, recipes (specific, general, an ingredient), my healthy living tips, day in the life, meals, sites and eats around Portland, basically anything that you want to read- share below!


  1. I would love to read about your workouts now (and how you fit them in when you have Edith to take care of) and more about your everyday life in Portland.

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