Update: My Fitness Bucket List

Almost two years ago I posted My Fitness Bucket List and to be honest I haven’t looked back at it since. I wrote it a month before Edith was born, seven months before moving cross country and 19-months before being pregnant once again. So needless to say things have changed a bit.

Cheers to an awesome month of running!  Now let's do this!

First off lets review of what my goals where:

  • In 2012 I wanted to attend postpartum yoga. Well that never happened. I ended up taking Edith to baby yoga but never made it to a postpartum class.
  • In 2012 I had grand plans of run/walking the Disney Wine & Dine Half at four months postpartum. Well that just didn’t happen at all. Despite my low expectations timing just wasn’t right for cost, travel and racing. Side note Neil & I was originally going to run the Disney Half in January 2012 but in October 2012 Neil got in a major bike accident which led us defer to the Wine & Dine and then I oops I got pregnant.
  • In 2014 I wanted to run the Vermont City Marathon as a relay team with Neil. Well we ended up moving across the country in January 2013 and well here I am pregnant again.
  • Sometime between June 2012-2017: participate in the Vermont 100 on 100, attend Wanderlust once again, participate in a Ragnar Race (specifically the Key West one) and do the Expedition Everest Challenge with Neil.
  • Lifetime Goal: Hike the entire Long Trail.

I have to say I had some pretty lofty goals. I mean seriously run/walk my first half just four months postpartum after NO running during my pregnancy?? Was I serious? While others were not unreasonable it’s more unlikely that I will be able to do everything on my original list in the time frame I set out purely for financial, travel and family reasons.

So what does my updated Fitness Bucket List look like?

  • April – July 2014: Stay active during the remainder of my pregnancy by getting out for walks, doing prenatal yoga at home and strength workouts.
  • Early Fall 2014: Get back to being active starting as soon as I am cleared for activity and am feeling physically ready. Starting with lots of walking, strength training and yoga.
  • Late Fall 2014: Start C25K or similar run/walk program. Continue with strength training and yoga.
  • 2015: Run a 5K and a 10K.
  • 2016: Run a 5K, 10K and half marathon.
  • 2017: Run a Disney half marathon.
  • 2018: Participate in a group relay race (Ragnar, VT 100 on 100, Hood to Coast, ect.)
  • Lifetime: Hike the entire Long Trail.
  • Lifetime: Take a Barre3 Class.
  • Lifetime: Try paddle boarding.
  • Lifetime: Run a race in every state (no specific length).

What is at least one thing on your Fitness Bucket List?

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3 thoughts on “Update: My Fitness Bucket List

  1. TrailSnail

    I got to check off one of my bucket list items last year (hike through the Enchantments in a day, woohoo!), and having that goal in mind really helped keep me active all summer. Two others things on my list are to hike the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier – I really should have done that before becoming pregnant – and to run a trail ultra, most likely “just” a 50k, because come on. I’ll also try a 25k first just to make sure I don’t hate it. :^)

    Your new goals sound great and realistic given the circumstances! I hesitate to plan anything specific for this summer beyond “stay active” since I have no idea what pregnancy is going to bring – I’ll just keep walking, doing easy, slow hikes, and try to get my butt to prenatal yoga once I feel safe that I’m not going to puke in class (morning sickness has returned with a vengeance).

  2. chareatsgreens

    Sounds like a good revised plan!! I think my long-term goals are to keep increasing in the amount of half marathons I run. Last year I ran 2, and this year I want to run 3. I want to just keep improving on my running as much as I can!

  3. Keeon

    One thing on my fitness bucket list is back packing across Europe. I just need to set a date so that I can cross it off the list one day.


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