Currently 2.18.14

Currently Craving: Another Date Night.

Currently Craving: Another Date Night.

Thinking about: So much, where should I start? Thinking about all the prep we need to do for baby #2. Thinking about an upcoming trip we are taking. Thinking about how I should see if the next session of swim classes has opened for sign-ups yet (for Edith). Thinking about the laundry I need to do. Thinking about how I need to go through my overflowing inbox and to do lists. Thinking about how leftovers from dinner might turn into a second dinner instead of lunch (hungry pregnant lady).

Feeling: Feeling better everyday. I still have afternoons that are less than desirable but overall the negative side effects of pregnancy are getting better. I am also feeling pretty lucky to have an amazing husband and child.

Watching: I have been watching the Olympics. Honestly I am not much of a winter Olympics fan but this year I am really into it. Also since we were snowed in for a few days recently I caught up on all the Parenthood episodes available on Netflix and Neil and I have been catching up on White Collar and The Black List.

Reading: I have been reading lots of cookbooks and trying to catch up on blogs.

Looking forward to: The weekend not for any special reason but simply because Neil is taking full advantage this week of some amazing concerts that are coming through Portland right now so I’ll be happy to have him home for the weekend.

Making me happy: Edith. Seriously this kid is hilarious and such an amazing little one to watch grow. I know every mom says this about their kid but I don’t care it’s true.

What are you doing currently?

This post was inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

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