Prenatal Workouts: 14 Weeks

I’m almost 15 weeks! Full on into the second trimester and just like with my pregnancy with Edith I am starting to feel more energized and my morning sickness isn’t so bad (not gone yet though). It has been my goal to make it to the gym 3 days per week but so far I have been averaging 2 days per week. I spend around 45 minutes doing a combination of cardio machines while watching White Collar on Netflix.Gym Time 14 weeks

I honestly switch machines at least once during a workout because I have to take a pee break. Seriously I can’t go a workout without needing one. Last Saturday I actually had to stop when I only had five minutes left but well when you’re pregnant and you have to go…well you just have to. So when I returned for my last 5 minutes I decided to do the stairmaster. Seriously in those last five minutes I felt more of a workout than the intervals I had been doing on the elliptical! I was a hot sweaty mess.  gym time 14 weeks -1At home I have been doing my Tracey Anderson Prenatal videos and a lot of up and down our stairs. Next week I plan on getting myself on a better at home workout schedule and I am also going to start taking a prenatal yoga class. I’ve been a little nervous to start one since I haven’t tried any of the studios that offer prenatal yoga before but I guess there is a first for everything! I am hoping that I’ll enjoy my first class and be set to go to it 2-3x per month.

So those are my workouts the past week! How were you active this past week?

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8 thoughts on “Prenatal Workouts: 14 Weeks

  1. Emma

    I joined our local gym which offers a variety of fitness classes each night: kickboxing, Pilates, interval training, etc. On top of that, I have been taking full advantage of our massive amounts of snow and snowshoeing like crazy. I’m loving it!

    1. Lindsay Ingalls Post author

      Thank you! With my first it was until about 16 weeks before I started to feel better. I feel decent in the mornings most days now but afternoons/evenings are still meh.


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