Currently 12.23.13

Merry ChristmasThinking about:  Cleaning my house. Yeah I know not to exciting but after our holiday party Saturday my house needs a good cleaning. I’m also thinking about sitting on the couch, drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies.

Feeling: Tired. Nauseous at times. Pregnant.

Watching: I finished all the Supernatural on Netflix and now I am anxiously waiting for the last season to make it to Netflix. I haven’t really been watching much besides The Office (for the milionth time) and Neil and I have been keeping up with Top Chef.

Reading: I haven’t been reading much besides children’s books with Edith.

Looking forward to: The next two weeks! Neil is off for two whole weeks and I am thrilled to have him home. He has been working insane hours and this is a very necessary break.

Making me happy: My husband, family and friends and all their support for baby #2. Holiday parties. Christmas movies.

This post was inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 5.46.26 AM

p.s. I am doing an official pregnancy announcement on Naturally Family soon so if you have any questions you’d like me to answer please let me know!


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