Fitness Friday: October Workouts & New Clothes

So I wish I was checking in to say that I was totally on top of my workouts but I’m not. I am four days into October and have only one one T25 workout. Not a great start but not the end of the world either it just means I need to step up my game. What I am happy to say is that I have been out and active the days that I missed T25.

t25 week 1

I did go shopping today. Clothes shopping. Honestly I have been dreading going clothes shopping because nothing fits well and honestly the tag size gets to me, but today that was different. So I am still far from being back to my pre-pregnancy weight but I am getting there. I even bought clothes a size smaller today and I have to attribute that to my new home.  We are now in a super walking friendly area and well a 19lb baby who likes to be worn on walks helps add to my workout. Just goes to show you even just a little extra movement can help make progress!

What did you do for a workout this week?

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