My Big Fat Revenge Giveaway!

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It’s that time again! Are you an emotional eater? Were your parents your role model for health and nutrition? Check out this sneak peak from Oxygen’s My Big Fat Revenge and tune in tonight at 9pm EST.

Giveaway {Closed}:

Leave a comment telling me about a time you felt discouraged while attaining the goal of bettering yourself.

One winner will receive the following ($500 value).

  • (1) $150 Whole Foods Gift card
  • (1) Fitbit ($100 value)
  • (1) $100 AMEX
  • (1) $150 Lulu Lemon GiftCard

The giveaway is open to US residents only and will be selected randomly from the comments. Giveaway open until October 28th. Winner will be announced in my My Big Fat Revenge finale post on October 29th.


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  1. My goal was (and is still) to to decrease negative self talk, however, I was recently critisized at work and the negative talk began again. I felt like a failure! I had to get alot of strength to pick myself back up and continue my journey

  2. I have always had a perfectionist approach to life, that I am no longer claiming. I worked so hard to “have the perfect body” that I was basically at a crossroads to losing everything I cared about in my life. I learned that I needed to GAIN weight, and I felt discouraged. I felt discouraged through the entire process, and though I’ve learned to create a moderate balance and have repaired anything I almost lost, I still get twinges of being discouraged, but have to remind myself that I am HEALTHY, HAPPY, and my body is as wonderful as I believe it to be. There’s no perfect. There’s progress, there’s work involved, there’s positive self talk, but there’s no perfect. I love your story, the big fat revenge posts, and want you to keep rockin’! 😀

  3. Elena

    I felt discouraged while attaining the goal of loosing weight after I had a baby. Nothing seemed to work until I started running.

  4. Sarah

    I used to have an eating disorder and was obsessed with losing weight. Looking back, I was a slave to my own body because I was so obsessed with it and was so dissatisfied with the way I looked, I didn’t appreciate or enjoy the beautiful, healthy body that I’ve been given and all the things that my body could do. I’m so happy that phase is over and I’m able to be happy with my body, and taking care of it better.

  5. Jay T.

    I just ran a marathon and it was so satisfying to accomplish a goal I had set for myself. I felt lazy at times and there were days when I didn’t train as I had planned, or had to drag myself out the door but I logged in over 500 miles in training.

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