Big Happenings


I know I have said this before but isn’t it true when it rains it pours? Well we haven’t even hit the rainy season here in the Pacific Northwest but we are drenched. This month has been crazy with opportunity and big happenings.

As most of you know I am sort of obsessed with babywearing and although I don’t talk about it too much on RWT you can find me tweeting, instagraming, chatting about it on Facebook and blogging about it over on Naturally Family. For a few months now I have been thinking about becoming a babywearing educator and what do you know a local instructor was hosting a (last minute) educator certification course. Since the instructor had no plans of holding another course anytime soon and I really don’t have the time or money to travel to Utah for the course I jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately Neil couldn’t take of work so Edith had to attend the four day course and it just happened to be right before our family getaway so needless to say we had a busy week.

To top it all off the week before my babywearing instructor course we happened to find a new rental. I know you’re thinking um didn’t you just move? Well yes we did but Neil got a new job (he was on contract now full time) so we are moving closer to his work. If you aren’t familiar with the Portland rental scene it’s brutal. Basically if you find a place you have to apply for it immediately and be ready to move in within about a week. So here we are back from our weekend away and we are in full on packing mode. Right now I am taking a much needed break from packing and cleaning to write this blog post while Edith naps.

For the past 8 months we have lived in a part of town that we hate, in an apartment that just didn’t feel like home, Neil was working on contract at a job he didn’t care for and then he found a job that he really enjoys but the commute has taken a toll on our family time, my work time, our workout time, our alone time and our partner time.

So here we are moving to a new beautiful townhome and I am starting a new journey as a babywearing educator. It’s a crazy time here right now but I’m so excited for our new beginning. Our home is in an area of town that is extremely walkable, it is closer in style and location to our dream home and I can already feel the stresses of Neil’s daily 3 hour commute starting to burn off. It’s amazing how just changing our career focus and living somewhere that makes you happier heals your soul.

What is happening in your life? Please share I’d love to hear!


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